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PL Lieutenant Morgensen "This Isn't How I Left It..." Part One

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen
[Stardate ]

"This Isn't How I Left It..." Part One
PL: Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen, Acting Chief Sec/Tac
SD: 201808.13

The Aldrin... the ship that Magnus had spent the last few months aboard... was gone.  The Ares... ALSO gone...  He couldn't help but to think he played some part in the loss of both vessels.  It boggled his mind, thoughts of 'What if...?' and 'Did I do everything right?' bombarded his senses.  When he woke, he found himself staring at a somewhat familiar scene...  'Why does this place look so familiar to me...? No, it couldn't possibly be... the Hephaestus?!'  Struggling to sit up, he looked around carefully once again, and sure enough, it was the same vessel he served upon fresh from the Academy.  A modified Prometheus-class vessel with some of the most advanced weapons systems ever placed on a single ship... and was decomissioned, officially, only a few months back... but why?  He looked around himself again, and saw several of the members of both the Aldrin and Ares crew among him in the Hephaestus's Sickbay, but no one else seemed to be conscious. Doctors and nurses continued to monitor lifesigns of those incapacitated.  Everything seemed to move in slow motion around him.

"Easy, Lieutenant... you've had quite a bit of trauma..."  One of the Doctors had addressed him, moving to his side and easing him back onto the biobed.  "This is the Hephaestus... this isn't real.  It can't possibly be real..."  "Relax, Lieutenant... yes, this is the Hephaestus, you're familiar with it...  I read your file."  "But it was decommissioned..."  "Yes, and re-launched last month."  He shook his head gently, still too confused by his surroundings, struggling to determine the course of events.  "The Aldrin... she's gone, isn't she?"  The Doctor only lowered their head and sighed.  Magnus did the same, and closed his eyes, fighting off the whispers in his head.  "Where is Fleet Captain Na'al? Where's the rest of my crew?"  "Rest, Magnus... We'll get a more accurate head-count once the Fleet reaches Starbase 561."  The gentle sound of a hypospray and the slight pinching at his neck, and Magnus couldn't reply faster than the sedative given to him to put him to sleep, other than a couple words...  "I must... must..."
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