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PL Cdr K'h'evok SD 201807.15

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander K'hevok
[Stardate ]

Program Reboot

Gideon Salieri had run a program on the holodeck that had a security
override applied to the program. We decided that a very thorough
investigation of the program was justified."

After all, the fate of the Aldrin, the fate of the crew, the fate of our
house, our family, is at stake.

Vok: "Nafai, K'h'e, uf tor du lof etek tor ik? k' wuh baik Tlingansu yut
t' stau yi ya'akash deshkau?" (OK, K'h'e, how do you purpose we do that?
With the traditional Klingon way of kill then ask questions?)

K'h'e: "vay' 'e' Qu' mr. salieri vIvoqbe'." (I do not trust anything
that Mr. Salieri does.)

Vok: "Ish-veh tor saudau yeht ik wuh torai t' gideon salieri vesh' ri
eifa wuh dvubolek ik did gluvaya fan rom dungi tor wuh aldrin." (It does
appear true that the actions of Gideon Salieri were not those the
motives that did show any good will to the Aldrin.)

K'h'e: "vaj ghotvam ghun qet 'ej chaq qaS nuq qIlmeH pIj maH Qochbe'
maH." (Then we agree we should run the program and determine what may
have happened.)

Vok: "Etek vesh' ri kup tor satalau ik k' wuh nosh-nisaklar.  Etek
bolaya tor ne'hal-tor etek vi' wuh tumaya." (We were not able to
determine that with the diagnostics. We need to immerse ourselves into
the program.)

The trip to the holodeck was swift. K'h'evok's determination to uncover
whatever devious action, or actions, that transpired while Gideon was on
board the Aldrin, was relentless. Upon arrival to the holodeck, his
determination to get this over exceeded his personalities' desire to be

"Computer. Recall the last program initiated by Gideon Salieri.
Authorization K'h'evok Delta Alpha Mike."

Computer: "Program ready. The program will initiate when you enter."

Upon entering, we were greeted with a simulation of Marielle Deniaud.
She was standing on a beach, apparently waiting for Gideon to appear. In
this instance, Gideon appearing was an impossibility.

"Computer. Can you create a simulation of Gideon Salieri, and modify the
current program to incorporate the activities that transpired when the
original program was executed?"

Computer: " I can create a simulation of Gideon Salieri. However,
authorization to recreate the activities that transpired between Mr.
Salieri and Ms. Deniaud require a higher authorization than is currently

"Computer. Recreate the activities that transpired between Mr. Salieri
and Ms. Deniaud, authorization K'h'evok Lima Zulu Zulu."

Computer: " Authorization to recreate the activities that transpired
between Mr. Salieri and Ms. Deniaud denied. Joint authorization with
Captain Naal, Cersei Anya required to activate."

K'h'e: "De'wI'. HoD cersei anya naal vItu'!" (Computer. Find Captain
Cersei Anya Naal)

Vok: "K'h'e. Khart-lan naal dungi ri kal-tor nash tor nam-tor ovsoh."
(K'h'e. Captain Naal will not allow this to be done.)

K'h'e: "'e' yIjatlh maH gideon salieri yu' jIH.!" (I demand that we talk
to Gideon Salieri.)

Vok: "K'h'e. "Yi variben tor gideon salieri." (K'h'e. Then talk to
Gideon Salieri.)

"Computer. Create a simulation of Gideon Salieri. Search through all
related records and modify the program to have the simulation respond
accordingly. Authorization K'h'evok Lima Zulu Zulu."

Computer: "Working..."

K'h'e: "qatlh nep ghaH jIHvaD Sovlu'chugh vIneH!" (I want to know why he
lied to me.)

Vok: "I aitlun tor fai-tor po t'nash-veh kashek nohv did ri ar'kadan."
(I want to know why my mind meld did not work.)

Computer: "Simulation Gideon Salieri Response ready."

K'h'e: "vIHtaHbogh poH!" (It is about time!)

Vok: "Ik torek vesh' ovsoh svi' wuh riolozhikaik wak nentu. Ish-veh
vesh' wuh shorter wak nentu do i ka'pra." (That process was completed in
an illogical time frame. It was a shorter time frame than I calculated.)

The holodeck simulation of Gideon Salieri stood there, looking at Khev
with a questioning expression on his face. Khev returned the stare with
lips curled in disgust, along with one eyebrow raised. Both Khev and
Salieri started to say something, when the computer interrupted the silence

Computer: "Commander Khev's presence is requested on the Bridge
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