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  Commander K'hevok, SD
DL Cdr K'h'evok SD 201807.14
Before we released Gideon Salieri to the prison system on Shosia III, he
ran a program on the holodeck that had a security override applied to
the program. Normally we do not investigate program overrides, but, in
this instance, since it was not only activated while a convicted
criminal was on the premise, it was activated by the criminal himself,
we decided that a very thorough investigation of the program was justified.

We ran every level of diagnostics available, but there were not any
indications of any anomalies in any of the programs, interfaces or
interconnections. We requested that CASSI implement heuristic algorithms
and scan the same systems, and all interconnected systems. CASSI
likewise did not detect anything outside of normal parameters.

In conclusion, the safety of the systems of the USS Aldrin, as well as
the it's crew, an all non-crew, appears to be threatened by nothing.

Commander Khevok
Chief of Engineering
USS Aldrin
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