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  Commander K'hevok, SD
DL Cdr K'h'evok SD 201807.07
Chix'alk Talk

A week has gone by, and the crew aboard the Aldrin has made tremendous
advances in communicating with the Chix'alk. And, so many things have

One of the most significant advances was the ability for CASSI to able
to perform real-time translation of the Chix'alk Augmented Language
(CAL), making near normal communications is possible. On the rare
occasion there is some misunderstanding, both the Chix'alk and
Federation were aware of this, and stopped to clarify any misunderstandings.

After determining the reason that the sonic blasts were attracted to the
Aldrin, it followed reason that something similar was attracting the
sonic blasts to their planet, Chertan Prime. It turned out to be an old
shuttle, from the United Federation of Planets, that had crashed on the
planet years ago, and was abandoned when the ship that was carrying it
was bombarded with sonic pulses.

This also explained the rapid technological advancements of the
Chix'alk. They had dismantled the shuttle, and, after many years of
study, were able to reassemble it, activate it and learn from it.

However, by activating the shuttle, they unknowingly created the
situation where the sonic pulses were attracted to the shuttle. They did
not associate the pulses with the activation of the shuttle, but thought
they were being attacked by some unknown force. They abandoned the
surface of the planet, and instead devised a way to reside inside their
primary moon, using technology that they had gleaned from the shuttle's
archaic records.

To achieve their goal of transporting through their primary moon's
surface, a large building was erected on the second moon that could
transport the Chix'alk between the planet and the hollowed sphere inside
the primary moon.

WIth the discovery of the source of the sonic pulses, and the revelation
that the abandoned shuttle was attracting the pulses, plans are in the
making for the Chix'alk to return to the surface of their planet.

Once the most pressing obstacle of the sonic pulses was resolved,
discussion turned to the possibility of the Chix'alk becoming a member
of the United Federation of Planets. Prior to their making a firm
decision, they requested that a cultural exchange be cultivated between
their species and a representation of the Federation species. Precisely,
they requested that a typical familial group from the Aldrin be assigned
to their community, and a typical familial group would reside on the
Aldrin. The time span for this exchange would be a minimum of one week,
and a maximum of one month. If they were satisfied that the two species
could coexist, then they would consider aligning with the United
Federation of Planets.

After some consideration, the one referred to formally as Okieek'Droga
Hani'koncirmu, and informally as Droga, insisted that Commander K'h'evok
be one of the representatives. Droga explained, to the best of his
ability, that the Commander was a unique specimen that could possibly be
similar to one of their family members. Further discussions resulted in
Lt Boerne being chosen for a similar reason.

Droga would not comment further about his selections, only stating that
they would allow the Aldrin crew to perform full physical and mental
evaluations once they were aboard the Aldrin.

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