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PL Lt Eileen Boerne SD 201807.02

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
[Stardate ]

Chix'alk: Colorful language, part 2.

While Commander K'h'evok was trying to communicate with Droga, I
continued monitoring and analyzing their language. It was becoming more
apparent that their spoken words, even though some of them were not
nouns proper, they seemed to treat the words as nouns.

The actions appear to be inferred. For example, Commander K'h'evok
informed Droga that the Aldrin crew would like to meet with the
Chix'alk. The response was "    (Black) Aldrin (Green/!) (Gray) ship
(Orange/.) (Brown) moon (Yellow/?)". It appears that the Black color
indicates a Positive undertone to the word "Aldrin", with the Green
color signifying an Exclamation. K'h'evok then told Droga that an away
team would be sent to the moon. Droga responded with "(Black) Team
(Orange/.) (Gray) ship (Orange/.) (Gray) moon (Orange/.)" If the Black
color indicates a Positive undertone to the phrase "Team", it is
possible that the Orange signifies a Statement. It is also possible that
the Gray color suggests a neutral nuance to the phrase.

With that in mind, the second phrase, "(Gray) ship (Orange/.)", could
mean that an neutral ship, possibly a less significant one, which would
be smaller, like a shuttle, was indicated. Following this logic, the
"(Gray) moon (Orange/.)" phrase would translate as a smaller body, like
the moon, was affirmed.

Then when K'h'evok told Droga that we would send an away team to the
moon, Droga spoke the sentence, "(Gray) Coordinates (Orange/.) (Gray)
Aldrin (Yellow/?)", as if he (if Droga is indeed a male), were asking if
the coordinates should be transferred to the Aldrin.

A new color, brown, was introduced into the mix when we contacted the
Chix'alk upon our return from Rura Penthe. When we established contact,
Droga responded with "(Brown) Greet (Green)". The green color, which we
have established indicates an Exclamatory remark, was of a darker shade
than we had originally registered. I will have to confer with the
Science team to determine what the Brown color signifies.

I myself will be quite relieved when CASSI is able to translate this odd
language more fluidly.

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