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PL Lt Eileen Boerne SD 201806.24

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
[Stardate ]

Chix'alk: Colorful language

The Science Team, along with Engineering crew, worked together to
develop devices that would assist the UT in providing decent
translations between FS and CAL (Chix'alk Augmented Language). These
devices would be worn either over the head (like a headband), or around
the neck like a necklace. The devices would monitor FS, and provide
visual cues to the Chix'alk.

For the CAL, the computer, CASSI, will monitor visual communications and
provide auditory equivalents to the UT. For auditory communications,
CASSI would translate what was initially thought to be static, into
verbal cues. The colors that have been used so far, (along with their
possible meaning, based on the context of their first communication) are:

Upper horn/left eye: Emotion
    Red: Anger
    Black: Positive
    Gray: Unknown, possibly Indifference, or negating the style of the

Lower horn/right eye: Sentence type:
    Orange: Statement
    Yellow: Question
    Green: Exclamation

The list of colors grew slightly as the teams were testing the devices:

Upper horn/left eye: Emotion
    White: Fear
    Blue: Sadness

There is a potential for further colors, and possibly shades of the
colors, that will provide further communications elements.

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