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PL Commander K'h'evok SD 201806.17

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander K'hevok
[Stardate ]

K'h'evok sat silently in the 1st officer's chair, reviewing the various
logs and reports that were streaming across the PADD that he held firmly
in his left hand. For a normal person, the PADD would have to be gripped
firmly with one hand, while the other hand was used to steady the device
and operate it at the same time. This was not the case for the
Klingo-Vulcan with the large hands, which were over-sized even by
Klingon standards. He grasped the PADD with his left hand, and reviewed
the data repeatedly, trying to grasp mentally what was transpiring.

Internally, a conversation was in progress, with the first statement in
Klingon, "salieri vIvoqbe'!" ("I do not trust Salieri!")

"I isha ri tor sahrafel saleiri." ("I also do not trust Saleiri.")

"wa'logh Qochbe' maH 'op Doch." ("For once we agree on some thing.")
After a moments pause, a slightly softer Klingon voice appeared. "qatlh
ghaH vIvoqbe' jIyaj. qatlh ghaH wej yIvoqQo' SoH?" ("I understand why I
do not trust him. Why do you not trust him?")

There was a long silence, then the question was presented again. "qatlh
Sep bID wej yIvoqQo' SoH?" (" Why do you not trust the half breed?")

This time the silence was less lengthy. "Au tehnau wuh kashek nohv. I
kupi ri gla-tor wuh yeht'es. Tra' vesh' wuh vihpan ik dang ri ma vesh'
tra'" ("He resisted the mind meld. I could not see the truth. There was
a block that should not have been there.")

"chaq bIqanchoH'a'." ("Maybe you are growing old.")

Again there was a long pause, a silence that both felt and not felt,
sensed and not sensed. Then, suddenly, there was a forceful thought that
seemed to overpower the Commander.

"Du vesh' wuh vihpan! Du! k' ish-veh gu'gelik kashek, ish-veh pthak t'
ri hasu svi' tash! I kupi ri gla-tor salieri fai'ei t' du!" ("You were
the block! You! With your dark mind, your fear of not being in control!
I could not see Salieri because of you!")

Silence was the response, the only response that could be had by someone
who had just been accused of interfering with a mind by the use of a
mind. What if it were true? Was this the cause of their false belief?

"chaq bIqanchoH'a'." ("I fail to see how I could block your mind.")

"Etek lau ma wuh pavesh tor ar'kadan va'ashiv. Gla-tor kuv du nam-tor
wuh aishan t' wuh kashek nohv vihpan." ("We may have the chance to try
again. See if you are the cause of the mind meld block.")

"maHvaD qama' vIlegh chuqmey je HoD vIpIHpu'." ("I do not think the
Captain will allow us to see the prisoner.")

"Wuh khart-lan bolau kal-tor etek tor gla-tor salieri. I ma tor fai-tor
ra wuh yeht'es nam-tor, kuv ish-veh nam-tor salieri ik vihpan wuh kashek
nohv, il kuv ish-veh du vi vihpan wuh kashek nohv" ("The Captain must
allow us to see Salieri. I have to know what the truth is, if it is
Salieri that blocks the mind meld, or if it you who blocks the mind meld.")

"vIqIch, vulqangan." ("I will work with you, Vulcan.")

"Etek ma tor ar'kadan teretuhr, il etek dungi cease tor nam-tor,
Tlingansu." ("We have to work together, or we will cease to exist,

Commander Khevok
Chief of Engineering
USS Aldrin
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