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  Commander K'hevok, SD
DL Commander K'h'evok SD 201806.11
The Aldrin had not sustained any appreciable damage, other than to
perhaps fray the nerves of some of the crew.

The senior officers had a quick meeting while we were at the edge of the
Chertan planetary system.  Science and Engineering had been working to
decode a message that was received, but that effort stopped when it was
decided that there would be an all-personnel meeting in the conference room.

Commander K'h'evok chaired the meeting, which consisted of requesting
input from the entire Alpha shift that was on duty during the Chix'alk
encounter. The premise was input received from each crew member would
provide valuable information on how to proceed with a second first
contact attempt.

In attendance were Fleet Captain Naal, Cersei, Lieutenant Commander
Rhaik, ShaeLin, Lieutenant Carter, Jason, Lieutenant Morgensen, Magnus,
Lieutenant Vir, Emry, First Lieutenant Briggs, Amber, Doctor Mallister,
Tytian, Lieutenant Boerne, Eileen and myself.

Captain Cersei Naal stated that we would want to attempt to contact the
Chix'alk again, perhaps with a clearer statement that there are many
leaders aboard the Aldrin.

Lieutenant Commander ShaeLin Rhaik said "We haven't completed our
mission. We can be better prepared, and attempt again."

Lieutenant Jason Carter followed by stating "We know they aren't nearly
as warp-capable as we are, and they've been relatively quiet until
recently." He continued with "I'm curious to know how, and why, they've
suddenly made contact with us... and what their intentions are with the
pulse. My only other concerns right now is to try and keep the Aldrin
from taking any further impacts."

Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen responded with "I feel as though the actions
taken towards us should not go unanswered, but we can't assume their
intentions to be hostile. According to reports, the damage sustained was
minimal, even without our shields up or our main deflector at maximum
power. It's likely, given higher precautions, they might not even
scratch us if they make a second attempt." He added "I have to say I
agree with Carter. It does seem odd that a civilized species had been so
silent until recently, and so far we've found they are primitive. That
does bring into question the strange phenomenon we encountered prior to
making contact, regarding the glowing building."

Lieutenant Emery Vir stated that he agreed with Carter and Morgensen.
"As a civilized species, I would think that they would have tried to
make contact before this. I'm concerned about the abandoned cities as
well. I would want to know what caused that and was that the reason
there has been no communication. And a word of caution, How do we know
the people that we contacted are those that are supposed to be on the

A good point was presented by First Lieutenant Amber Briggs. She stated
that "This could just all be a misunderstanding. We should try again,
perhaps after studying the colors that they used during contact."

Finally, Dr Mallister stated that he would be interested to know why
they abandoned Chertan Prime, followed by the question, " We could
investigate that for some background?"

Lieutenant Carter asked if we have the opportunity to scan the building
in question for any extended duration?

It was brought to my attention that Lt Boerne had not been asked to
provide input. Upon querying her, she replied that she had been studying
their brief communications, and believed we do not fully understand how
they communicate. "Better communication would help us and them," she stated.

After the meeting was adjourned, Captain Cersei and I discussed the
statements that everyone had provided, and, in summary, that we should
definitely attempt a first contact scenario, provided we are capable of
cautiously proceeding with greater communication abilities.


Commander Khevok
Chief of Engineering
USS Aldrin
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