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PL Commander Eileen Boerne SD 201806.04

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
[Stardate ]

After we were hit by the sonic wave, the Aldrin moved to the outer area
of the Chertan solar system. While there, I did a quick compilation of
the events that took place while we were near the Chix'alk. As far as
the cryptic conversations went, I decided to study what went on during
that brief encounter.

As far as communications, there were the following exchanges:

Captain Naal opened the conversation with "Greetings. I am Fleet Captain
Cersei Naal of the USS Aldrin, starship for the United Federation of

The alien responded with one word, "Greet." When that word was spoken,
the color of the left eye and upper horn changed from an aqua color to
gray. The right eye, along with the lower horn, changed from aqua to a
bright orange color. After the word was spoken, the eyes and horns
reverted back to their original aqua color.
Captain Naal responded with "We come at your request, for an exchange of

The alien responded with "Exchange." The left eye and upper horn changed
to black while the right eye and lower horn changed to green.

The unusual conversation continued, with each word of the alien being
accompanied by the color changes.

As far as actions: were concerned, the following occurred:

The Aldrin orbited between the planet and the moon.
It then moved between the moon and the sun.
A standard hail was given, with no response.
An older frequency was used to attempt a hail, which was responded to.
Towards the end of the conversation, K'h'evok stepped forward. As he
did, he mentioned visiting them on their moon.
This apparently triggered something, as the alien spoke to another, and
we were hit by the sonic pulse.

After reviewing these events, I pulled up the original communique that
the aliens had sent to us. As it was playing, I noticed a few  silent
spots in the recording. I requested to have the recording before any
"cleaning up" had been applied to it, and discovered that the original
recording had the same types of static, in the same spots, as the latest

This may indicate that the "static" may be some form of communication in
itself, and may be related to the color changes that occur during their
communications with us.

I will have to study this further.

Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
Chief Science Officer
USS Aldrin
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