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PL Commander K'h'evok SD 201806.04

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander K'hevok
[Stardate ]

K'h'evok had just stepped forward to communicate with the uniquely hued
alien, when the Aldrin was hit with what appeared to be a sonic pulse.
This was not supposed to happen. The communique that they had originally
received, although short, was well formed and to the point.

"botjan!", he exclaimed outloud. The translator that was build into the
communicator on his lapel immediately translated it to "Shields!", which
was almost a mute point, since Lt Cdr Rhaik had already initiated the

Internally, however, there was a different conversation going on.

"cha qul! pu'HIch qul! yuQ Duj mup!" (Fire torpedoes! Fire phasers!
Strike the planet with the ship!)

"Po klau ein-veh lu au ya'akash na' etwel gol'nev? tor ish-veh tor-yehat
ik etek vesh' ri ken-tor? lau etek ma tar-tor vel ik au nahp vesh' wuh
nashiv-tor?" (Why harm someone when they asked for our help? Is it
possible that we were not understood? Might we have said something that
they thought was an attack?)

"Du bolau ma gla-tor wuh kur rubah t' ish-veh bezhun heh stonn lu au
stariben." (You must have seen the color changes of their eyes and horns
when they spoke.)

"Ish-veh rolaya lau nam-tor natya kuv ein-veh vesh' tor nashiv-tor
ish-veh ha-kel." (Your reaction might be different if someone was to
attack your home.)

"Po ri tor du nah-tor k' ozhika na' wuh rubah?" (Why don't you think
with logic for a change?)

"Du nam-tor ni sahris tor bae'cok wuh'rak heh ri ya'akash deshkau po' du
bae'cok." (You are so quick to act first and not ask questions after you

"Ikap'uh t'du ru'lut heh nah-tor!" (Shut your mouth and think!)

K'h'evok stood there for a moment as the seethed in silence. Then the
Aldrin headed for the outskirts of the planetary system. While underway,
he decided to enter a duty log.

De'wI'! tagh QonoS yaS cha'DIch!" (Computer! Begin second officers log!)

Computer> Please rephrase your request.

"Sos'eh i dang ar'kadan tor variben tor wuh tum-vel." (Perhaps I should
try to talk to the computer.)

"yIjatlh!" (Talk)

"Tum-vel palikau wuh lap-fek na' wuh wuh svi' a'fic." (Computer begin a
log for the third in command.)

Computer> Please rephrase your request.

"qatlh maHvaD yajbe' De'wI'?" (Why the computer does not understand us?)
"Po wuh tum-vel tor ri ken-tor etek?" (Why the computer does not
understand us?)

Commander Khevok
Chief of Engineering
USS Aldrin
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