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  Lieutenant Eileen Boerne, SD
DL Lt Boerne SD 201806.04
The Aldrin was dispatched to the Chertan Prime system, where we were to
make first contact with the species know as the Chix'alk. I was at the
science console, review the minuscule amount of data the we had on the
unknown species. I was also trying to determine what type of technology
was used by the Chix'alk to contact Starfleet.

I had the message pulled up on my terminal, and was replaying it to see
if I could determine anything that could be used by the universal
translator to increase our chances of making a good first contact.

The message was "Request to promptly exchange experience and
information." There seemed to be no inflection withing the message. It
was very monotone.

When we arrived at the designated location, there were no life signs on
the planet. 1st Lt Briggs and Lt Vir were able to determine that there
were life signs on the second moon. We navigated to the terminus of the
moon, then continued around the moon until we spotted a large building
that was glowing faintly with an unknown energy.

Lt Briggs was able to contact the Chix'alk, only to have them attack us
with some type of sonic pulse.

We retreated to the outside of the solar system.

While the officers were having a quick meeting, I reviewed the events
that took place prior to, and after, the attack.

When the Chix'alk communicated with us, their voice was completely
monotone, just like the message. However, there was an added visual
element to their speech.

When they greeted us, it was with one word, Greet. This was augmented
with by the left eye of the person changing color from an aqua color to
gray. The upper horn on the left side of his face also made an identical
color change.

The right eye, along with the lower horn, changed from aqua to a bright
orange color. After the word was spoken, the eyes and horns reverted
back to their original aqua color.

The Captain replied to the monosyllabic communique with "We come at your
request, for an exchange of information." The being replied with one
word, that being "Exchange." This time, the left eye and upper horn
changed to black, and the right eye and lower horn changed changed to
green. Again, they reverted back to an aqua color.

The being spoke again, uttering the word "Meet", with the left eye and
upper horn changing to black, but the right eye and lower horn changed
changed to yellow.

The Captain introduced Commander K'h'evok to the being, and he replied
with the word "Leader."  The colors that were displayed were gray and
yellow. As the Commander stepped forward and told the alien that we
would "visit you on your moon," the being uttered one word, "Leader,"
accompanied with the colors red and green. This time the colors were
more vivid than any previous display.

The alien turned and spoke to someone next to his side. This was
immediately followed by the sonic pulse that hit the ship.

I have assigned myself the task to determine if the display of colors is
used to augment their communication.

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