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  Commander K'hevok, SD
DL Commander K'h'evok SD 201806.04
We were in command of the Aldrin. Captain Naal was in her ready room,
reviewing our assignment. We instructed the helm to set a course for
Chertan Prime, at warp 5. Our ETA was 10 minutes.

Upon arriving at the planet, the Aldrin entered standard synchronous
orbit around it. There was no life signs on the planet, only a lot of
abandoned buildings, power plants, and signs of cities. This did not
appear to be caused by any natural disasters, or contamination.

There were life signs on the secondary moon of the planet. We instructed
the helm to navigate to the opposite of the moon, where we discovered a
large building that was emanating a faint glow. Lt Briggs attempted a
standard hail. There was no response. An attempt was made using an older
frequency, which resulted in an alien being presenting itself on the

Attempts at communicating with the alien resulted in the Aldrin
receiving a sonic pulse from the building. LtCdr Rhaik immediately
raised the shields. We then retreated beyond the planetary system, where
we held a brief meeting.

During the meeting, we were again contacted by the Chix'alk.

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