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  Lieutenant Commander ShaeLin Rhaik & Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen, SD
J/L - Morgensen/Rhaik. Opportunity Doesn't Knock Twice

Magnus stretched a bit and let out a gentle sigh as he entered the Security office, PADD in hand with reports on inventory and shift rotations, as well as details on patrols throughout the ship.  Routine business as it were, as he made his way around the office and rearranged a few miscellaneous items and tidied up the space. He knew it would only be a few minutes before ShaeLin arrived as planned, and he wanted to use the time wisely.  A quick pass by the replicator allowed him to retrieve a glass; old-fashioned root beer, no foam. His gaze went to the timepiece on his wrist, then to the door, and he took a seat as he sipped the glass with a content release of air.

She tapped on the panel outside the door to the officially vacant Chief of Security’s office and stepped inside once it slid open for her.  ShaeLin Rhaik stood almost six feet tall, with blonde hair and hazel eyes. At first glance, she might be considered Nordic herself. Her cool expression and slight frown were indicative of an uncaring attitude, though it couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Her gaze shifted over the office and then to the officer behind the desk. She walked silently to the opposite side of the desk and held her hands behind her back as she studied Magnus. It was several moments before she spoke, her voice a low mezzo-soprano with the crispness of command.  “Lieutenant Morgensen. You wish to be considered for the open position of Chief of Security and Tactical.” Her brow raised in silent demand of his explanation as to why.

He straightened in the chair and cracked his neck back and forth, then stood and offered a handshake.  “Yes. I feel as though I have the capabilities to run the department better than what we currently have.  I originally came aboard as the Assistant Chief underneath our former department head, and during the short amount of time I’ve been here I feel as though I have accomplished more than he did, as he relied strictly on the cooperation and loyalty of those beneath him.  In light of recent events, I’ve found that the Karmanori perform admirably, but I’ve yet to see anyone but Winnekta step up, and even he hasn’t been acting to my ideals of what a Chief should be doing… he’s not outspoken about the mission or the crew nearly enough to convince me.”

There was a moment of hesitation before ShaeLin reached and shook the man’s hand, though the physical contact was extremely brief.  The tension in her shoulders relaxed when she stepped back from Morgensen. “So you believe a competent Chief of Security should be loud?”  She continued to study the man, silently cataloguing everything that he said for further dissection later. Her hands remained held behind her back as she watched his response.

Magnus shook his head, and couldn’t help but chuckle.  “That isn’t what I said, Commander. A good Chief should be outspoken, not loud.  He should voice his compliments and concerns openly amongst those appointed above and beneath his command, to keep both his Captain and his subordinates and equals informed.  The best way to prevent a conflict, or outright chaos, is through presence, and by voicing an opinion, the rest of the crew is kept informed that the department is doing everything according to the mission, and in Security, the safety and well-being of the ship and crew should be the highest priority…  Since I came aboard? I haven’t heard anything from anyone in Security in regards to that matter. Being a Security Chief doesn’t mean being a hard-ass, excuse my language… it means being considerate of the feelings and needs of the crew, whatever they may be. Keeps morale high.”

Her jaw remained set as she stared at him and digested his words.  It was unfortunate that the man believed her security department to be in such a state as he portrayed.  Magnus had simply arrived at a time when Commander Salieri had already begun his downfall and ShaeLin was focused on Gamma shift.  “Tell me how you intend to lead if you cannot keep a supportive role. The actions that I have witnessed and read in reports are indicative of- a ‘trigger finger,’ a ‘hothead.’  How will you react when your captain gives you an order you don’t agree with?”

His face grimaced.  He knew she referred to conflicts with Salieri.  “When I first came aboard, I was extremely loyal to the crew.  That loyalty hasn’t changed, only my loyalty to my inferior Chief.  Where I saw him lacking in his responsibilities, I stepped up to face the challenges head-on without a moment’s hesitation.  I discovered the truth behind his personal affairs, and I filed reports about them, which were dismissed as personal affairs…  Unknown to us all until it was too late what the reality would be.” He sighed softly and gestured for her to have a seat, taking his own as he sipped his glass.  “It’s shameful to admit that I developed personal relations to such an extreme that it, perhaps, played a role in Ms. Deniaud’s death… but I feel it is a responsibility for a Security Chief to have the same level of personal interaction with the ship’s occupants as it is the Captain’s responsibility to have that connection with their crew, at least their Senior Officers.  I noticed a flaw in the command structure on Alpha Shift, and I took the actions appropriate to investigate further and report my findings as necessary… but I will not simply allow myself to be physically attacked by anyone, superior or not. An attack on an officer unprovoked like what had occurred in the Lounge is against Starfleet regulations… Gideon should’ve been removed from his post and reprimanded then.  And he wasn’t.”

She’d heard about the incident in the arboretum and was present to properly dispose of the broken and discarded weapon.  “Deniaud was weak. It was her own responsibility. She killed herself as much as Salieri did.” ShaeLin shook her head. “Skatert'yu doroga. (Good riddance.)”  The counterintelligence director adjusted on her feet but did not move to sit down. Her gaze remained focused on Morgensen. “As with all vessels within the Fleet, there are some matters that are not known to all.  Commander Salieri’s situation was one of them. You do not have all the information, therefore your assessment is one sided.” She dipped her chin in acknowledgement to him. “What Salieri once had with the Security team made them the cohesive unit they are today.  They remain a good group of officers.” Her brow raised in his direction. “Have you attempted to integrate with them? Or are they tainted because they were once under Salieri’s command?”

“I do not hold anyone in a viewpoint of negativity due to the individual actions of their counterparts.  They were as blind as I was to the reality of who their Chief was outside of this office. I have the utmost respect for the Karmanori.  They’re one of the finest details I’ve met in my career when it comes to their skills… with the exception of Rico. Granted, he tries his best, but… he struggles to keep up.”  A soft chuckle escaped him, and he shook his head. “I have to give him credit for his effort, though. Lately I’ve found my focus on the mission. Before that, it was on the loss of a life.  I had a few moments of bonding with the rest of the Karmanori, but not as much as I would like.” The glass raised again, and he took a sip from it once more, lifting the PADD in his hand, looking over the roster and reports.

Eto ne bylo poterey, (It was no loss.)” she murmured to herself.  ShaeLin shook her head and waved dismissively. “Ensign Suave remains as part of a deal made with Commander Nazir.  Perhaps now that Salieri is gone, his continued presence on the Aldrin could be reevaluated.”  The Corolian raised a brow and watched Morgensen looking over the PADD.  She hummed quietly and nodded. “Your request will be considered, Lieutenant.  At this time, however, you do not meet the requirements to stand as Chief of Security and Tactical.  I will be watching your performance and if you achieve the rank of First Lieutenant, I will be inclined to revisit my decision.”  Her hands slid from behind her back to her sides and she took a step toward the door. “In the meantime, I will assume the position.”  She paused and looked over her shoulder at the Scandinavian. “Show me you want it more than the others. Prove to me you deserve it.”

His face grew stern and his expression went to one of slight annoyance.  “If I didn’t know any better, Commander… I would’ve thought I already HAD the position, just not the title.  I’ve been handling inventory, patrol, roster reports… Re-designing the patrol routes to optimize them. Granted, my experience is in starship offensive and defensive capabilities and hand-to-hand combat, but my record does not dictate my capability to adapt, as I’ve had to demonstrate several times since coming aboard.  Honestly I still think my actions with the Dumoe should’ve earned me merit, not a removal from my post… With all due respect, I feel like my efforts on this ship have gone under-appreciated since I came aboard.”

Her body swayed with the motion of her stopped retreat from the office.  Hazel stared in silence. It was several minutes before she replied. “Is that why you joined Starfleet?  To get a pat on the back?”

Magnus gave a growl beneath his breath, and rolled his eyes deliberately.  “Why I joined and why I’m on this ship are my own reasons, and not something that should have any concern for anyone else.  I’d rather it not be mentioned or brought up. Regardless as to whether or not I hold the official title or not… until an official notice is made concerning the position, I will continue to act as if I already have the post…--”

ShaeLin frowned and turned to face Morgensen square.  “I’ve already informed you that I am taking the position until another officer meets the requirements.”

His gaze fell slightly, and he looked over the PADD before returning his gaze to hers.  “If I didn’t know better, you already had a position as Director of Counterintelligence.  I don’t think it’s a wise decision for you to manage that position AND department head for Security, so, again with all due respect…  You have enough to handle as it is. Consider me a blessing in disguise. You wanted me to prove I deserve the post? Then give me the opportunity.”

It took everything in her not to raise her brow.  Slow breaths barely moved her chest as she continued to study the security officer.  “You’re obstinate and annoying,” she declared under her breath. “You have your opportunity, Lieutenant.”  ShaeLin furrowed her brows and shook her head as she turned to make her way out of the office without another glance or word.  Once outside, she stopped at the panel and tapped again before continuing out of the Security department.

Magnus couldn’t help but to smile and give another smartass remark just before the door closed.  “Seems that would make two of us.” He spoke the sentence softly, but made sure it was JUST loud enough for her to hear as the doors shut, leaning back and crossing his arms behind his head, sighing and chuckling softly.  “Feisty one, there… CASSI, make a notation that I am temporarily assuming-- Nah, belay that CASSI.” He shook his head softly. “Wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong impression…”

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