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  Fleet Captain Cersei Naal, SD
A New Mission

A chime sounded in her ready room.  Cersei lifted her gaze from the PADD that she read reports from.  She sighed quietly and lowered the device to the surface of her desk so she could reach to tap on the communications console.  The operations officer on the bridge informed her that Admiral Schmidt was on subspace for her. The captain's posture straightened and a pleasant smile appeared on her features as the screen came to life.  “Admiral Schmidt, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Captain Naal.  We've reviewed the logs regarding the USS Monongahela and intend to have you return to Meticharia and retrieve the vessel.”  The older woman paused and glanced down at a device in her hands. “Before that recovery, however, a more pressing matter arises.  I'm forwarding you information now.”

The Trill woman nodded in acknowledgement and then glanced toward the secondary display.  She tapped on the device and watched as previous reports regarding a suspected pre-warp civilization called the Chix'alk appeared on the screen.  Cersei read through the information as the admiral continued to speak.

“We received a communication from the Chix'alk on an old Federation channel - we're talking thirty years since this frequency has been used.  Further long range scans show that their homeworld appears abandoned and there's a facility on the moon. Your mission is to confirm that they are warp-capable, make First Contact if they are, and find out why the Hell they're tapping into our old communication network.”

She chuckled quietly and nodded as she looked up from the information on the screen.  Her gaze met the admiral's and Cersei dipped her chin in acknowledgement. “We will depart immediately, Admiral.”  The subspace message was terminated and the captain returned her attention to the reports. They spanned a decade and consisted mostly of long range scans that showed no warp development.  The disappearance from the planet's surface and then reappearance on the orbiting moon seemed quite sudden. She hummed quietly and tapped to play the message that had been received.

“We, the Chix'alk, are sending this message in hopes of making contact with your species.  We would like to have an exchange of information."

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