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  Commander K'hevok, SD
DL Commander K'h'evok SD 201805.14
We had been instructed to meet in the OL for a meeting regarding our
assignment to the Meticharia system, in response to a high priority
distress signal. Nothing else was known about our mission. Captain
Cersei was in the process of bringing the meeting to order when she and
Lt Morgensen left the meeting.

FstLt Briggs was given charge of the meeting. She displayed a view of
the six planets that comprised the Meticharia system, orbiting around a
red dwarf sun. After zooming in on the third and fourth planets, the
closest together in their orbit around Meticharia Major, she announced
that the Aldrin had received information from Starbase 152 that the USS
Monongahela did not make its scheduled stop at Canopus.

She continued. "Due to the nature of the Monongahela’s mission, the
Aldrin was called to assist instead of the nearby USS Brisbane." In
response to USFNazir's question, "What was the purpose of that
mission?", she responded with "To test the effectiveness of a new
cloaking mechanism for Starfleet." FstLt Briggs further responded that
the actions of the Monongahela’s violated many agreements, not just that
of the Klingons.

There was little further discussion regarding the cloaking mechanism,
presumably due to the fact that the actions of the Monongahela was not
openly sanctioned by Starfleet.

We arrived in the Meticharia in approximately two hours, to discover the
Monongahela with biosignatures indicating that the crew compliment was
deceased. However, according to the crew manifest for that ship, 23 crew
members were unaccounted for.

A discrepancy between what the sensors reported, which was no ship had
been through the Meticharia system in three weeks, and the visibility of
the ship on the viewscreen, was another anomalous indication that
something was incongruent with the situation.

Commander Khevok
Chief of Engineering
USS Aldrin
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