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PL Commander K'hevok SD 201805.14

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander K'hevok
[Stardate ]

K'h'evok had left the bridge after the meeting, and the encounter of the
Monongahela with it's incongruencies, and followed Cersei to the TL. The
Captain had gone on her way, preoccupied with the current events.

K'h'evok continued on the TL to their quarters, muttering to himself
along the way.

"ghaHvaD vIvoqbe'!" (I do not trust him!)

"Ish-veh tor ri olozhikaik tor ri sahrafel ish-veh." (It is not logical
to not trust him.)

"vay' DujvamDaq vIvoqbe'!" (I do not trust anyone on this ship!)

"Tor du sahrafel ish-veh shal?" (Do you trust your self?)

"vaj vay' wa' 'e' qorDu' QIH pIHoH jIH vIvoq!" (I trust that I will kill
any one that hurts my family!)
"'Iv wej jISaH! vay' ghurmoH qanISrup DujwIj!" (I do not care who it is!
I will not have any more pain on my ship!)

"Du ri tor is-tor ish-veh kashek spo' du dang. Tor du ozhikaing nah-tor
ik ek' fi' nash hali nam-tor ri tor nam-tor sahrafel? Tor du vinan-tor
etwel ko-telsu svi' nahp?" (You do not use your mind like you should. Do
you logically think that all aboard this ship are not to be trusted? Do
you include our wife in your thoughts?)

The TL opened on the deck, and K'h'evok walked over to the door. Pausing
for a moment, only one word came to mind, and was uttered telepathically.


Commander Khevok
Chief of Engineering
USS Aldrin
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