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  Lieutenant Eileen Boerne, SD
DL Lieutenant Boerne SD 201805.14
All senior officers were ordered to meet in the OL for a meeting. The
USS Monongahela had failed to make its scheduled stop at Canopus. The
Aldrin was dispatched to the area to discover the reason for the
oversight, as well investigate the the possibility of a new cloaking

The science department was assigned the task of determining if the
environment caused the cloaking mechanism to malfunction.

I had reviewed all ships records regarding the cloaking device, but
there were no records in any of the databases. Lt Briggs confirmed that
I would not have access to current any information regarding device.

I returned to my post and started assimilating all information
pertaining to cloaking devices from all known sources, in hopes of
forming a possible theory of how the cloaking device was working.

After two hours, we arrived at the Meticharia system. The small ship was
headed toward Meticharia III. There were no life signs. Although there
were biosignatures that corresponded to the crew manifest of the ship,
the number of signatures was short by 23.

Although the ship was visible on the viewscreen, it did not appear on Lt
Morgensen's sensors. I concluded that the cloaking mechanism might have

Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
Chief Science Officer
USS Aldrin
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