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Memories P1 -- PL: Lt Magnus Morgensen

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen
[Stardate ]

"Memories" Part One
PL: Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen, Tac/Sec
SD: 201805.17

"Hardere, gutt. SlÃ¥ med følelse."  ("Harder, boy. Strike with feeling.")  The words of Magnus's father rang in his mind.  "Hell din styrke inn i stÃ¥let."  ("Pour your strength into the steel")  It was spring, 6 years ago, in the valley he once called home...  Mother tended the vineyard with his little sister, Ellen.  "Ditt arbeid blir bedre hver dag, sønn."  ("Your work gets better every day, son.")  Morgensen remembered the words from his father, and the smile it brought to his face, and he could almost feel the pat on the shoulder from his old man.  The day played through his mind like yesterday.  Birdsongs in the trees, the smell of fresh fruit and morning dew.  The feel of the hammer in his hand, and the sweat on his brow.  It was the day that Magnus told his father he wanted to join Starfleet.  "Pappa, kan vi snakke?"  ("Dad, can we talk?")  His hand moved to set the hammer down, wiping sweat from his brow, retrieving an already dirty rag from his belt to wipe his hands and face before he turned to face his father, Tornstein.  "Jeg bestemte meg for hva jeg vil gjøre i livet.  Jeg vil bli med Starfleet..."  ("I decided what I would do in life.  I want to join Starfleet...")  The look in his father's eyes was mixed emotions.  On the one hand, his feeling of joy that his son had made a decision towards his livelihood, but on the other... it would be sending his son to join the military.  A deep sigh escaped his father's mouth and he grimaced gently.  "Vi mÃ¥ alle velge vÃ¥r mÃ¥te Ã¥ Valhalla... Hva du velger, jeg skal støtte."  ("We must all choose our way to Valhalla ... What you choose, I'll support.")  Those words were the most joyful memory in Magnus's life, and he ran with a smile towards his mother and sister in the vineyard at best speed.  In truth... he had already requested to join before he'd even asked his father, and had been accepted already... he was to report tomorrow morning.

"Mother!  I have news."  His mother's face lit up at the sight of her son, and her warm smile soothed him.  "I'm joining Starfleet!"  It didn't last long, however.  Her head lowered, her face dragged and her lips formed a frown as she set her basket down and kneeled.  "... Mum?"  She sniffled gently... crying?  Why was mom crying?  He felt his own hand move to gently touch her shoulder, and he knelt in front of her.  "Mum... what's wrong?"  "Nothing, Magnus... I just... thought you'd stay around to help out here..."  "Oh, mother..."

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