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  Lieutenant Junior Grade Riley Higgs, SD
DL - Higgs - Prisoners...again!
Duty Log - LtJg Higgs, Riley D.
Stardate 1803.05

Talk about your bad luck. It was a mission, pretty much like any others that we would hope they would be, except as usual we ran into a bit of a snag. Initially it was meant to be a science mission. Investigate an M class planet, take samples, register biometric lifesigns and record them to take back to Starfleet. 

Before I go any further, I do want to notate that this planet does have some of the most amazing flora that I have ever seen. Natural bioluminescence that covered virtually everything. Beyond that, soil samples do contain unusually high content of iron, iron filament, and other various forms of iron in and of itself. So much so in fact, that I had to actually readjust several of the tricorder's scanning filters to in order to compensate for what appears to be something of a bit of magnetic interference.

Additionally, various life signs up at this point had been thought to be just natural Wildlife something that we'd seen that looks similar to a boar from Earth, to note one particular creature we had seen. At first I don't think anyone really noticed that it wore a collar. We saw it a second time, or perhaps a second one, also wearing a collar. This would definitely suggest sentient life-forms inhabiting this planet.

How right that statement was.

Out of nowhere, a large number of primitive natives managed to disable our proximity equipment, proximity shields, and surround us. I'm not entirely clear as to what happened after that, save for a sort of gassy powdery substance was sprayed at us... or launched...? Unleashed. Whatever it was though, it knocked us all out very quickly. Last thing I recall doing was trying to get in contact with the Aldrin. I don't know what went through on that attempt, if anything. I do remember activating my combadge, but that's when everything went lost.

Now we sit here imprisoned, most of us have been stripped of most of our belongings save for our clothing. My combadge has also been confiscated. With any luck these natives have not figured out how to turn it off. I can only hope for the best. On a positive note, it does appear that the secret compartment within my artificial leg has not been tampered with. So at least I still have that. People are starting to stir and the natives are starting to gather their attention around us once again.

 End log.
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