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PL Commander K'hevok SD 201804.28

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander K'hevok
[Stardate ]


K'hevok still sat on the floor of their quarters, at times holding
Khelina, and at other times letting her wander about their quarters. The
love of their life, Cersei, whom, earlier, had cried, had recently left,
along with Commander Yari Nazir and Ambassador Erik Vaeros, to meet with
Gideon Saleiri, to see if they could determine what had actually
happened between the Bajoran and ... Mariëlle ...

Suddenly a wave of ... anger ... distrust ... and ... what was that?
fear?? A Klingon, feeling fear? A Vulcan, feeling an emotion?

K'hevok stood up and went to the toilet area again, and, leaning over
the toilet, attempted to vomit again. But, nothing but dry heaves...
nothing was left to regurgitate.

Opening the cabinet and taking out a towel, the usually stoic Commander
was shaking as he placed the towel under the faucet to soak in the cold
water. Placing the cloth on his forehead, K'hevok returned to the living
area, to see Khelina look up at him with a quizzical look on her face.
"Daddy, are you OK? Do you need a doctor? I can be a doctor."

Smiling at her, K'hevok slowly sat on the couch, holding the cold towel
over the Klingon ridges of their forehead. Khelina climbed up on the
couch, took the cloth in her hand, and patted his forehead gently.
"There, all better."

Looking at her, he couldn't help but think of what he would do should
anyone try to hurt any of his family. His wife, who meant more to him
than anyone he had ever known. The safety and security of their child.
K'hevok had never considered the Aldrin to be anything but a safe haven
for his family, his friends, his crew mates, and, now...

"It is only logical, given the statistical analyses of humanoid
behavior, that something of this nature would occur."

"nuq ghe''or qej pa' ngaSwI' tu'lu' 'e'? (what the hell is that supposed
to mean?"

"Ish-veh tvai ik nash mokuhlek pavesh-tor svi' wak, heh i' vesh' wuh
wak." (It means that this can happen in time, and now was the time.)

"wej qorDu'! wej beq! wej jupwI'!" (Not to my family! Not to my crew!
Not to my friends!)

K'hevok closed his eyes and leaned back on the couch. "Are you going to
sleep, daddy?"

Those words startled him, and his eyes snapped open as he looked around
the room. His gaze turned to Khelina, and he smiled. "No, not now. We
are going to to make sure you are safe and secure."

At the word "we", Khelina looked at him with a slightly puzzled look.
"You and mommy? Safe from what?" She looked around the room just like
her daddy had done. "Is there something in here that is not safe?"

K'hevok picked her up and placed her on his knee, bouncing her a little
and smiling. She did not understand his psyche being split to such an
extent that he still referred to himself in the plural. "No, everything
in here is totally safe. And yes, mommy and ... me."

How do you protect your family, your precious loved ones?

And, how is Cersei doing?

K'hevok sent out one word, telepathically ~~~Cersei~~~

Cdr Khevok
USS Aldrin
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