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PL - Higgs - A Wrench for the Works

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Riley Higgs
[Stardate ]

Personal log - Higgs, Riley D.
Stardate 1804.12
A Wrench for the Works

I'm still not sure I fully believe it. He made a pass at me, plain as day, and tried to pass it off as going for the bottle instead. I don't know why he felt the urge to lie to me about that, though based on the rumors I've been hearing lately, I suppose it could be a denial and coping mechanism to suppress the knowledge of what he is doing. If he is in fact doing.

But I am not a counselor. I don't analyze thought patterns and dig to the root of why people do what they do. I've thought about maybe bringing these concerns to Doctor Erik Vaeros though. Figuring out ones actions by their logic and such is his specialty.

I can't say how many times now I've watched my maintenance log, now, and even now, about to watch it again. Keeping visual and audial record of each routine, major, and critical maintenance on my prosthetic has been something ive done for years, something I've used as a tool to help in my development of better technology as I tend to voice thoughts and ideas while I work, maybe point to and make visual note of where I'm talking about, ideas that I can reflect on later and work later to make a better model. These scheduled maintenance work logs have been something I've made an important and punctual part of my life, and I've even gone so far as to begin recordings automatically, beginning about ten minutes before my scheduled time. Once in a while I have started early if I've had a particularly good idea.

But the first few minutes of my last record troubles me. Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri was invited to my quarters to get away from the Dumoe in the lounge the moment a fight broke out - I don't know why he didn't step in, being head of security when he was literally right there - to share a bottle of wine and - so I'd hoped - to just get someplace quiet and uncrowded for a change. By this time I'd already heard some of the rumors going around, but I wasn't so certain of their truth. Sitting there, the bottle on the table, clearly off to the side and nowhere near me he leans in to try to kiss me. His damned lips began that pucker thing that people do when they are about to get intimate, and his hands sat on the edge of his knees. Reaching for the bottle my ass.

I'm not so bothered by the fact alone that he made a pass at me, so much as the idea that the rumors could in fact be true, that he hasn't been true to Marielle. I know she thinks the world of him, and if this all is in fact true, it would destroy her.

I think that the most troubling thing of all though, above all of this, is that the data in the ship computer, even though I have it password locked, has vanished. The video, the audio, sensory, everything... gone. CASSIE doesn't even have logs of the data existing in the first place nor any recovery data. Nothing. What the he'll is going on?

 It makes me glad that I make multiple backups of everything on my personal devices. 

End log.
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