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Caught. A JL by LtCdr Gideon Salieri and Lt Ryan Winnetka

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]

AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNING:  Alludes to adult situations.  It is designed to be read by adults and not intended for children.  Caution is advised if any of the above is offensive.
WARNING TO THE WARNING:  You've been warned.

( Special thanks to LtCdr Marielle Deniaud for assisting with Lt Ryan Winnetka. )

Ryan Winnetka groaned quietly as his hand pressed against the side of his neck.  His fingers kneaded into the tight muscle. “Thirteen hours,” he muttered under his breath.  “I can’t wait until we drop the Dumoe off at their planet. I just want some peace and quiet.”  He rounded the corner as he finished his last walk around the ship before Mark Huntsman was to relieve him.  “I’m going to sleep for days.” The Chicago native stopped in his tracks as he heard a playful giggle mingling with a rumbling chortle.  

“Same time in two nights?”  The brunette was clothed in a simple shirt that did nothing to hide the shapely lines of her legs.  She leaned against the door jamb and grabbed the half-Bajoran by the tunic, pulling him close to hungrily place a farewell kiss against his lips.

“I’ve got to-”  His response was silenced by the kiss, though he didn’t appear upset by the fact.  He rested a hand on the door frame above her head as he hovered close, enjoying the taste of whisky on her tongue.  A soft and hungry hum rumbled in his throat with each delightful moment they remained liplocked. It was easy to find women who were willing to satisfy him and maintain their silence.

“You sure you don’t want to come in for another round?” she groaned lustfully, her foot sliding back to pull him back into her quarters.

“Two nights,” he promised.  It would be a feat, but maybe if he cut out early he could stop by Jessica Sutton’s quarters first, then swing by Arabella Montrose’s place for dessert.  There were women lining up, it seemed, and he nearly laughed with the idea that he would need an appointment book to keep them straight. ‘Gods, I’ve missed this.  Why did I ever think one woman would be enough for me?’  He reached his hand up to cup her jaw.  “I have to get home,” he whispered as he stepped back.

His mouth opened and closed as he gaped with a mixture of horror and surprise.  He nearly tapped the communicator to call his girlfriend - the nurse would know what to do - but the motion was stopped in an instant.  Ryan could only watch his brother-at-arms, his commanding officer, his best friend lost himself with another woman. Gideon was certainly not standing in front of his quarters and the woman in front of him was certainly not Marielle Deniaud, his fiancee.  His jaw clenched as his anger and defense for the research chief gripped at his senses. The Chicago native remained standing in the middle of the hallway, the shock melting to leave him in nothing but disappointment and vexation.

Gideon frowned at the anger that seemed to radiate from someone nearby and he turned to leave Arabella.  He froze in his tracks at the sight of Ryan Winnetka, his best friend, his comrade, his confidant. The half-Betazoid hadn’t said anything to the man, not to anyone, about his extra curricular activities.  His lips parted to say something and nothing seemed right. Cobalt locked with brown and he silently pleaded with the man to understand.

The security officer simply turned on his heels.  His strides were quick and purposeful as he made his way towards the turbolift.  “You have to be shitting me,” he sneered under his breath. Ryan’s eyes narrowed, his hands curling into fists.

He darted down the hallway, reaching the lift before the doors closed.  Gideon slipped into the car and shoved Ryan away from the panel, pressing him back against the wall with his hand flat on his chest.  “Don’t! It’s not what you think!” It was probably the worst thing he could have said, but it was what came to mind first.

He shoved back.  “You mean I didn’t just see you stuffing your tongue down another woman’s throat?!”  Ryan reached beyond Gideon to get to the panel. His finger brushed over the glassy surface to force the lift to continue.  “CASSI! Deck 24!”

There was some relief in knowing that the Chicago native wasn’t going to storm to his quarters and confront Marielle, but then it dawned on him that Deck 24 was Engineering.  “CASSI, belay that!”

“CASSI start this damn lift!” the Chicago native screamed over the half-Bajoran.  “Get me to Engineering!”

“Authorization Sigma Gamma Mu, two four eight seven three!  Stop-”

Ryan was not usually a man of violence, but anger had him lashing out without thought.  His fist connected with Gideon’s chin in an instant. He shoved the man towards the closed doors.  “CASSI! Get me to Engineering!” he screamed again as he wrestled with the half-Bajoran to keep him from stopping the turbolift again.  “You’re such an ass! How could you do this to Ellie!”

Alcohol swam in his blood, but he hadn’t had enough to drink to completely dull his senses.  Gideon recovered from the punch and struggled to contain Ryan despite the ringing in his ears.  “She’s doing it to herself!” He pushed the junior officer in an attempt to free himself of the combatant.

“Are you frakking kidding me?!”  The normally calm and easy-going man was beside himself.  The shove was stronger than he expected and he stumbled back and slammed against the wall across from the half-Bajoran.  “What the frak did she do to deserve this?! Because I swear to the gods- No one deserves to be treated like shit! And that’s what you’ve done these last few months!  How frakking long, Sal!? How long have you been screwing behind her back?!”

“She’s been ignoring me for weeks!”  He lifted his hand to run his fingers over the corner of his mouth, ensuring that there was no blood.  “This is the first- the only- the last one!”

“BULL SHIT!”  Spittle flew as he glared.  Ryan threw his hands up into the air and pointed accusingly at Gideon.  “She’s been working her ass off for over six months to cater to your frakking ass!  She has to keep this ship from blowing up and to keep the Dumoe from dying, and you’re screwing around?!”

He glared at Ryan.  “She’s not the only one who can do it!!”  His voice raised as his anger grew. “She’s not the only engineer on this ship!  No one else is putting in eighteen hour days!” Gideon clenched his fists at his sides and his body quivered with the tension that coiled his muscles.

“No!  But she’s the best one!” he screamed.  Their voices easily filled the turbolift and nearly killed his eardrums.  “You’re a selfish dick. You don’t frakking deserve her. I’m done with this crap!”  Ryan pushed forward and slammed his palm against the panel. The doors opened onto Deck 18 and he pushed past the half-Bajoran.

“Vaffanculo,” he hissed as he lifted his fingers, scraping them away from his neck and under his chin at the security officer.  When Ryan passed him, he snagged the man by the arm and leaned close to whisper into his ear. “You say anything to anyone and I’ll take Cana away from you.”

The Chicago native hissed under his breath and ripped his arm from Gideon’s grasp.  He shoved the man back and glared menacingly. Ryan tugged at his uniform jacket and he couldn’t help the smug look that graced his face.  “I’d like to see you try. Unlike you, I’m a damn good boyfriend. She’s happy with me. You were just a frakking lay. I’m the love of her life.  Cana would just frakking punch you in the balls and tell Ellie.” He turned and stormed away. “Go on Sal. Frakking try it.”

His mind raced and he narrowed his eyes at Ryan’s back.  “I’d like to see her try from the brig. There’s sensor logs of her being drunk while on duty.  She’d never get into medical school with that on her record.” Gideon straightened and clenched his jaw, daring the Chicago native to dispute him.

His steps stuttered on the carpet and his shoulders pulled back.  His teeth pressed together with such force that it made his jaw ache.  His fingernails dug into the palms of his hand. Ryan turned and leveled the half-Bajoran with a glare.  “You’re a shitty person. I can’t believe I ever thought you were my friend,” he snapped. He turned and continued on his path towards another turbolift.  “I won’t tell her! You’re a frakking asshole and she’ll find out sooner or later! You can dig your own frakking grave!” He growled under his breath and he could only shake his head.  “Sorry, Ellie,” he whispered. “I got to protect Cana. Gods. I’m so sorry.”

He waited until Ryan disappeared around the corner to slump back against the wall.  His hands lifted to move over his face and he sighed heavily as he began to shake. “CASSI,” he called out softly.  “Remove authorization.” Gideon pushed off the wall and walked unsteadily into the car. “Deck 4.” The half-Bajoran stood in the middle of the lift and raised his chin to stare at the ceiling.  He wasn’t sure if he was feeling loss or freedom after the argument with his - former - best friend. “I was your friend,” he murmured to the Chicago native. “I never judged your shit choice in women or called you out when you cheated at poker.”  The security chief shook his head and pushed into motion when the door opened for him. “I guess you just never really knew me. Who’s the asshole now?” He grumbled and stalked into his quarters to grab a quick shower before Marielle got home.

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