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USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Yari Nazir & Doctor Erik Vaeros
[Stardate ]


The Angosian only grew more and more irritated as the minutes ticked by.  It was still hot and humid and there seemed to be no end in sight. Reports from engineering and medical were grim at best.  He grumbled to himself and dropped the PADD he'd been attempting to read when the chime sounded. Yari tapped on the button to allow entry into his office and his amber gaze shifted to the door.  “Enter.”

Erik Vaeros entered the moment he heard the command and the Draconian didn't stop to stand in front of the desk.  The theatrics of respect were forgotten as he fell into one of the seats. Amethyst eyes moved over the first officer slowly.  He snickered under his breath. It was pretty hilarious to see the Angosian so miserable, and the counselor couldn't help but think, …€Â˜Serves you right.'  Yari was a character and a half, someone who relished in chaos and his soul reflected a cold detachment to the warm fuzzies that was Starfleet. He'd long gotten used to the sight of Nazir's soul - a dark hallway, the doors closed saved for the single white light in the distance.  The sounds of whispers were eerie because it was like he'd been thrown in the middle of the proverbial slasher flick, but the unintelligible voices themselves weren't menacing. “We need to chat,” he stated easily and without hesitation. “You've got problems with Salieri.”

Nazir studied the counselor with a calm expression.  Underneath the facade, his eye twitched and he grumbled softly to himself.  Personally, he'd had enough of Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri after the twenty minutes the half-Bajoran had been in his office.  Talking further about the officer was not high on his list of things to do. “Tell me something I don't know.” He folded his hands in his lap and leaned back, appreciating the squeak of the leather in the motion.

“Have you been scheduling Bright Eyes for extra training?”  He frowned as he recalled the conversation with Riley, the medical officer turned scientist had been fairly insistent that something was awry.  Because of his unique agreement with the Angosian, he couldn't confirm or deny anything that Marielle's friend had mentioned in confidence.

“Bright Eyes?”  He knew who Erik was talking about.  The Draconian's near obsession with Marielle Deniaud was cute, though the counselor called it friendship.  Yari thought the man a poor friend if he couldn't even tell the researcher's eyes hadn't been bright in months.  He raised a brow to complete his act of ignorance.

“Mariëlle.  Deniaud.” He nearly hissed.  Erik really hated it when the first officer asked the question.  He did it every single time he used the diminutive woman's beloved nickname.  

The commander shook his head.  “No extra training. She can hardly focus on her job anymore.”  Nazir almost frowned with his disappointment. Marielle Deniaud had been such an up-and-coming star.  She would have done so much for Intelligence if she hadn't gotten involved with Gideon Salieri. He was starting to hate that name.

His jaw clenched with such force that his teeth threatened to break.  His fingers curled into the armrest of the chair and he nearly punctured through the sturdy upholstery.  “Frakking asshole,” he growled menacingly under his breath. “I'm gonna frakking kill him.”

He couldn't help but smirk.  “Use your words, Doctor. Where did Salieri touch you?”  The Angosian chuckled under his breath and leaned forward.  “Do I need to get the doll so you can show me?”

“Shut the frak up, one-minute wonder,” the Draconian hissed.  There was a bit of joy in using the nickname. His special non-relationship with Rayna gave him all the juicy details on the Angosian.  Well, at least the non-classified kind. “There's reason to believe Salieri's been- That he's hurting Bright Eyes.”

Yari's brows raised and he slowly leaned back in the leather chair.  The information that Erik had just revealed needed to be delicately handled.  Protective instincts flared, but if the accusations turned out false, he would lose Marielle's trust.  His lips formed a thin line and he bit at the inside of his lip as he considered how to act. “What reason?”  There was a hidden statement in his question - you're gonna have to give me more than that to go on. “How is he hurting her?”  As much of an asshole Gideon seemed to be, one couldn't deny how much he appeared to adore the researcher. It was hard to believe the half-Bajoran could raise a hand to her.

Erik could only shake his head.  “I- I don't-,” he frowned and ground his teeth together.  He leaned forward and pulled a PADD from the pocket of the lab coat he normally wore.  He offered it to the Angosian. “Before the Dumoe showed up, Higgs showed up at my door in the middle of the night.  Apparently Bright Eyes showed up in the robotics lab asking for help with her arm. She didn't want Nurse Graves to worry.”  His calloused hand motioned to the PADD. “Bright Eyes told Higgs that she hurt herself by accident. Dancing.” The Draconian shook his head.  It'd been months since he'd danced with the woman, but he could still remember clearly how she moved. Even with those insane heels she wore, Marielle Deniaud was not known to stumble easily.

“Dancers fall,” he grunted as he looked over the information on the PADD.  He paid special attention to the notations regarding the pattern of the injury.  The Angosian fought against frowning. Speculation could easily point toward Gideon harming Marielle.  It could go either way. Nazir felt a headache brewing and he was suddenly aware of the sweltering heat once again.  He cursed under his breath.

“Bright Eyes doesn't fall,” he retorted flatly.  He watched as Yari read the information on the device's screen.  “I've been asking around. Winnetka, that friend of his, said that he tried to get to the bottom of it.  He asked her flat out and she denied it, but he said she showed some classic signs. He swore he saw a bruise.”  The counselor frowned. “I spoke to her team. She hasn't been writing on the windows and hasn't been blasting that music of hers.  She just sits and does reports. Everyone I ask, she's been isolated. It's her office and home. With him.”

“You ever think she isolated because Winnetka asked?”  Nazir let the PADD fall to the surface of his desk, ignoring the clatter of the composite against the wood.  It was all compelling, but without an actual complaint from Marielle herself, anyone would be overstepping their bounds in opening a formal investigation.

He shook his head.  “I spoke to the nurse.  She was isolating well before he asked.”  The counselor leaned back in his chair and roughly ran his hand over his face.  “She hasn't been the same,” he began. “Something's not right, and Salieri's no better.  Once this Dumoe transport is over, I need to sit down with the both of them.”

Hearing the man's name brought an uncharacteristic sour expression to his features, though it lasted for all of a breath.  Yari was done hearing about the half-Bajoran. “You're not going to get a chance. Once we reach Berthia Prime, Salieri and Deniaud are taking a shuttle to Lusola III for some conferences.”  The commander shrugged a shoulder. “Maybe they'll work things out with a bit of time to themselves.” His brows furrowed and he wondered briefly why Erik was even coming to him about this. If it was a domestic issue, the counselor needed to take the initiative on it.

Again, he could only shake his head.  “Then when they get back.” The Draconian sighed.  “This is going to be a mess.”

It was already a mess.  The whole ship was a freaking mess.  Yari frowned at his thoughts and shook his head.  He needed to remove some dead weight and as much as he enjoyed looking at the Trill captain, she was also in the way.  He was running out of officers that had promise. The Angosian mumbled to himself and pushed the tablet back toward the counselor.  “You're dismissed.” It was the kindest way he could think of to get the Draconian out of his office.

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