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USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Yari Nazir & Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]


Commander Yari Matthias Nazir was hot, and not in the way he normally enjoyed to be hot.  There was no fun in the humidity that clung to his clothes, to his skin, to his lungs. Even though he was simply seated behind his desk, it felt like swimming without the refreshing cool water to wash away the heat that came with the exertion.  In the solitude of his office, he had removed his uniform jacket. He was expecting Lieutenant Commander Gideon Massimo Salieri to waltz into his office some time. The security chief had sounded insistent on meeting. It was fine. It was certainly better than focusing on the heat and the failed open meeting with the Dumoe delegates.  He was starting to think their planet wasn't worth all the trouble.

He had taken two swigs from the silver flask in his bottom drawer.  Cool whisky snaked down his throat and soothed his nerves before he left his office.  He tapped the chime after arriving at the commander's door. The security chief had taken just a few moments to compile all the complaints - both from Starfleet officers and the Dumoe - onto a single PADD that was tucked under his arm.  When CASSI chirped to inform him that he could enter, Gideon stepped inside the office. His gaze lifted from the carpet to meet Nazir's amber and he stepped inside. “Commander,” he greeted with a dip of his chin.

He lifted his chin and nodded once in Salieri's direction.  “What is it, Commander?” He was impatient. The heat made him drop his normal polite charade.  Besides, it was only Salieri. The newest SFI agent was proving to be nothing more than a disappointment, but it was the price to pay to get the officer he wanted.

The half-Bajoran took another step forward and reached to offer the tablet to the Angosian.  While it was hot and sweltering, Gideon was more than used to such conditions from his time in the hockey rink or hunched over a large lathe in his workshop.  “I've put together all the reports, so far, on the incident last night in the Apollo. I've put a notation in Lieutenant Morgensen's record for his careless actions and am formally requesting that he be removed as my assistant chief.”  

That was interesting.  He lifted an eyebrow and took the PADD before he leaned back.  The leather of his chair squeaked with the movement. Nazir's gaze fell to the report and he was silent as he read each line, committing the details to memory.  “I see.” It was all he muttered for some time. He thought back to the previous evening. He had been in the open meeting with Fleet Captain Cersei Anya Naal. He and the captain had hoped to come to some sort of resolution with the Dumoe leadership regarding their accommodations, but the news of the fight in the main lounge, The Apollo, simply halted the rising tension.  He could still remember Lieutenant Morgensen's terse conversation with the exarch. “Sonic grenade. That's original.” He hummed to himself and lifted a hand to scratch at his chin. “There's potential there,” he muttered under his breath.

He furrowed his brows and tilted his chin as he watched the commander reading through the report.  Yari had said something but he wasn't listening close enough to hear. Gideon grunted softly and shook his head to himself, surmising that the Angosian must have been agreeing with him.  His hands were held behind his back as he waited to hear from the man regarding his request.

Nazir lowered the PADD to his lap and looked up to study the man in front of him carefully.  He appeared aloof and his eyes were distant. Light brown hair was unkempt and growing long. There seemed to be a few spots on his neck where he'd nicked himself shaving.  Somehow, the uniform was spotless. The faint odor of liquor seemed to follow the Betazoid mix. But, the Angosian couldn't believe that the half-Bajoran would be foolish enough to drink while on duty.  While Salieri was a poor excuse for an Intelligence agent, he was at least a decent Starfleet officer. “Where were you?” The question was given flatly but with a hint of expectation.

“Off duty,” he answered quickly.  He had to change the algorithm that CASSI had helped him write to redirect requests for his location.  He was normally in the Apollo lounge, but with the fight that'd broken out, he had to update it to his office.  In reality, he'd been in Yasmine Ortega's quarters until after 0100. The helmswoman was sworn to silence and he'd been careful on the way back to the space he shared with Lieutenant Commander Deniaud.  No one would ever know.

“What were you doing?”  He leaned forward and tossed the device onto his desk.  It clattered loudly in the silence.

His body shifted slightly with the noise from the PADD landing on Nazir's desk.  A surge of contempt moved through him and he smirked toward the commander. “Marielle.”

The Angosian's eye twitched with the response and irritation flickered in his irises.  “Why the hell was one of your underlings handling this situation, Salieri? Even off duty, you should have come running.”  He let the quip about the chief of theoretical research die on his tongue. No matter how good a woman may be, she couldn't be good enough to ignore one's duty.

Gideon frowned and swallowed his growl.  “That's what you have assistants for. To take care of things while I'm busy smashing my fiance.”  There was some small part of him that wanted to goad the jealousy from Yari. Just like many women wanted him, men wanted Marielle Deniaud.  And she was his. He had no problem reminding anyone of the fact in case they'd forgotten.

He had no idea what had come over the half-Bajoran, but Nazir wasn't enjoying the attitude.  “If you only put that much effort into your job, then maybe you'd be half as decent as your fiancée,” he retorted flatly.  “Though since she got involved with you, she's been slipping. Maybe I should look at who's leading the damn department before I start on the little minions.”  He motioned to the PADD as he spoke of the subject. “Your lackey showed up to the open meeting and disrespected one of the Dumoe delegates. Did you lose control of your department, Salieri?  Because from my perspective, people around you are slipping. Good officers, fine officers, are suddenly subpar.”

His back straightened and heat flushed his neck.  “He's been reigned in, Commander. I've disciplined him and I want him removed as my assistant.  Winnetka was doing a fine job without the title.” The accusation stung, but unlike Morgensen, Gideon was a good Starfleet officer and wasn't going to fly off the handle just because he was upset.  Gods, he wanted to.

The first officer took a moment to study the half-Bajoran again.  He was silent for several long minutes and he grunted. “While I agree with his tactics, Morgensen still has a lot to learn.  Can't have your assistant flying off the rails at dignitaries and you need someone you can trust.” Nazir nodded. “Fine. The position of Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical is open.”  Nazir waved mindlessly at the PADD on his desk. “But, I'm warning you, Salieri. Get your act together. If anything like this happens again and you're buried deep in some woman, I won't hesitate to transfer you.”

The threat was empty and he knew it.  Even if Nazir did transfer him, Marielle would request to follow.  Even if the commander denied her request, the researcher would quit Starfleet and become a consultant or something.  Gideon was confident that he had the diminutive woman wrapped around his pinky and she would do anything for him. …˜And I'd have a whole new ship's worth of women to go through.  Try again, stronzo.'  The half-Betazoid smirked and nodded.  “Sir. By your leave?” He reached forward and picked up the PADD.

“Get out of my office.”  Nazir straightened and pulled a PADD from the stack on the corner of his desk.  “And tell that fiancée of yours that I want the damn air back in my office.” He grunted under his breath.  “It's a damn rainforest on this ship, and people need to learn about personal hygiene.” The musk from everyone's sweat was starting to soak the carpet.

“Se hai smesso di parlare, potresti smettere di sprecare l'aria. (If you stopped talking, you might stop wasting the air.)”  The security chief smiled and nodded before turning to the door. His steps were confident and measured. The metal slid aside for him and he didn't look back as he exited.  “Stronzo,” Gideon muttered as he immediately relaxed. He walked down the corridor, trying to decide if he wanted to return to his office, go to the Apollo lounge, visit Marielle, or go visit Jessica Sutton.  …˜Choices, choices.'

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