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  Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen, SD
Repercussions. A JDL by LtCdr Gideon Salieri and Lt Magnus Morgensen
The half-Bajoran sat at his desk, hunched forward with his head in his hands.  Ensign Rico Suave had just left his office after complaining about being put on notice for the fight in the Apollo lounge the night prior.  He was the fourth officer to come in and state how unfair the actions of Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen were. His head hurt. He hadn't gotten enough sleep.  His stomach was queasy. Ginger-water was doing nothing for his hangover. Marielle hadn't so much as touched him that morning. And now the Assistant Chief had gone off in the lounge, completely unhinged and against protocol - set off a sonic grenade even!

The chime rang again.  "What!?" Gideon barked.  His brows furrowed as he lifted his chin and he glared at the entering officer.  A low growl rumbled in his chest as Lieutenant Junior Grade Jackson Mccaslin took one look at the Betazoid mix and promptly turned around to retreat back into the main Security department.  The chief pushed up from the chair and stalked out of his office, glowering around at the gathered security officers. He tapped his badge and snarled as he moved back into his office. "Lieutenant Morgensen!  Report to Security!" He flopped back into his chair and leaned over to open the bottom drawer, retrieving a flask to take a quick drink before replacing it and closing the drawer.

Tempers were certainly running high after the brawl. Four Security personnel had already reported to Sickbay with injuries, and reported to Security that they felt the actions taken to end the riot were unjust.  In all honesty, Morgensen had already had his share of irritation, and with situations as they are, it wasn't getting any better. He had went looking for Gideon to file his report, and not only could he not be reached, CASSI had stated he was in his office... which he wasn't.  The engineers certainly didn't make things better, stating it must be a glitch in the system. Yet another situation gone wrong. In the report he had made on his PADD, he made a very stern comment as to his thoughts on why the Chief Security Officer didn't do a better job in overseeing the situation personally.  In reality, Morgensen was livid.

The morning after, having spent most of his off-time in his quarters, as it was the only place that wasn't crowded and complete chaos, a call came from the Director of Security, demanding Morgensen report to the Security Office.  It did NOT say he had to do so immediately, so he took the time to get his uniform squared away, and even check his weaponry and equipment, including replacing the sonic grenade he had used the previous shift. Finally, he left his quarters after a deep sigh and turned down the corridor towards the turbolifts.  He never once replied to the hail to indicate he was on his way, however... He had the mindset that if his senior officer could go without answering a call, so could he... if for no other reason than to prove a point. Instead, he just casually waltzed into the Security Office, watching as Huntsman withdrew with a look of disdain... which did all but cause Morgensen to chuckle as he walked in, straightening his uniform before standing to attention.  "Reporting as requested, sir."

His gaze shifted to the chronometer and he noted that twenty minutes had passed between his communication to the lieutenant and the officer’s arrival.  It was enough time to cool down, but also enough time for Mark Huntsman to stop in and file his complaint. The half-Bajoran shook his head and turned his muddled cobalt toward Magnus Morgensen.  “Tell me what happened in Apollo last night.” Gideon sat up straighter and folded his hands on the desk.

The usually calm-headed Scandinavian was biting at the inside of his cheek, taking in a deep breath through his nose.  "Permission to speak freely, sir?" Never a good thing to start out with, but he certainly felt it was necessary, and his gaze turned towards Huntsman as he left, noting the look of disdain, which only went to further fuel his temper.

There was something about the way that Morgensen tensed and his emotion was certainly negative.  The Betazoid mix frowned and shook his head. "Denied." Gideon tightened his folded fingers as he leaned forward slightly against the desk.  "Tell me what happened in the Apollo lounge," he reiterated with a hint of edge to his voice.

That was all it took... and Magnus let loose his Viking temperament.  "With all due respect, SIR... had you answered the first, second, or THIRD alerts given, you would've seen it for yourself... not only that, but you were effectively missing for the rest of the night afterwards..."  A deep breath in, and Magnus regained his composure. “There was a fight in the Apollo lounge. Dumoe versus Starfleet. I don't know who started the fight. When I arrived it had broken out into an all-out brawl, and there were at least 30 people involved, half of which were crewmen.  Several security personnel suffered injuries trying to break it up... so I used the sonic grenade."

His jaw clenched and his features hardened.  With heavy emphasis on a certain word, whatever calm he'd gained was lost.  Another deep growl rumbled in his chest as he bit his tongue against a verbal lashing at the Scandinavian.  "Listen Lieutenant. Your hot shot actions were completely uncalled for. You hurt Starfleet officers as well as Dumoe.  You've damaged our reputation with the Dumoe." Gideon leaned back, still giving Morgensen a cool glare. "You're supposed to be my assistant Chief.  Are you so ill-trained in high stress situations that you can't handle them without thinking first of the repercussions of your actions?”

The half-Bajoran shook his head and glanced down at the PADD on his desk.  He picked it up by the corner, turning it though he didn't expect the officer to see what was on it.  "Five reports, just from the men you're supposed to be leading, of your recklessness. Frankly, you're not fit to be my assistant.  And I'll be sure the commander knows it so I can have Winnetka back." He let the device fall back to the desk. "He's handling the Dumoe complaints while you're on your day off.  Because that's what this team does. We cover each other's back, not expect everyone to come running because you can't handle a riot." The chief of security sighed and raised a brow.  "Anything else to say for yourself?"

Magnus leaned forwards and placed both hands on the desk, staring down his senior officer.  "My service record since I joined the Academy has been nothing but commendations and praise until I was assigned to this ship.  Do not speak to me of leadership unless you want to make the proper example in doing your job and not disappearing when there's trouble."  Standing upright, he turned towards the doors, stopping to look over his shoulder back at Gideon. "Several security officers were injured, some severely, in trying to apprehend the Dumoe.  When it broke out into a brawl... the best course of action was subdual of everyone involved by non-lethal means... My actions reduced further harm."

"You have not been dismissed, Lieutenant!" he barked at the retreating officer.  "Front and center, at attention!" Gideon pushed up to his feet, though even at his full height, he still looked up at the Scandinavian.  Anger flashed in his eyes as he glared at the officer.

There was certainly a pause, and though every ounce of his Starfleet career told him to obey, every blood vessel in his body told him not to.  Magnus turned to face Gideon, but he did not step center. He stood rigid, tall, and stern, glaring with his own anger towards his counterpart, and remained silent.

His grunt of disapproval was accompanied by a frown as he stared at the junior officer.  Gideon lifted his hand to point an accusatory finger at Morgensen. "You'd better check your attitude real quick, Lieutenant.  It may have served you on the Hephaestus, but it's gonna land you back at the bottom of the food chain here. Capiscimi? (Understand?)"

The Scandinavian straightened a bit, and adjusted his uniform, regaining his composure some.  "With respect, sir... how would you have handled the situation, if you were in my shoes? If you had to end the riot in the Apollo?  If you were unable to find or contact your superior officer in light of the situation? Strictly out of sheer curiosity and constructive criticism basis... as I fail to see how my immediate response to the brawl was unjustified..."

There had been no affirmation from the Scandinavian and Gideon did not fail to note it.  His shoulders tensed and he adjusted on his feet, also tugging at the hem of his uniform.  "Sedated the entire lounge. Sealed it off and released a safe suppressant into the ventilation system.  Start transporting people into the Brig. Anything other than blow out people's eardrums."

Magnus could only nod and sigh softly.  "There was no guarantee that the sedative would've worked on the Dumoe as efficiently as it would have on our own crewmembers... and no telling how long it would've taken to take effect.  In my honest opinion, immediate action was necessary." Crossing his arms behind him, he stood firm. He truly believed he was right.

“I’m removing the notations in the files of my security officers.  Lieutenant Morgensen, you’re on notice for reckless endangerment. You’re no longer my assistant chief.  Dismissed.” Gideon took a step back and dropped into his chair. His gaze dipped to the tablet on his desk and he turned his attention to the list of reports that were still coming in.

"Aye, sir..." Magnus turned towards the door, and stepped through, stopping briefly. "I've already given my report to the Captain, since you weren't available."  Once his comment was spoken, he stepped away and allowed the door to shut behind him, shoving his way past another Security officer who was, no doubt, carrying in a complaint form.

The Betazoid mix turned his chin to watch Morgensen leaving the security department.  A heavy and irritated sigh slipped from his lips and he shook his head before returning his attention to the PADD in his hand.  “There’s some things the captain won’t be able to save you from.” Gideon tapped his badge. “Salieri to Nazir. When do you have time for a brief conference?”

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