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Addiction. A SL by LtCdr Gideon Salieri

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]

Gideon sighed heavily as he leaned into the couch of their quarters.  He held a glass of bourbon in one hand and rested his head on the back cushion to stare at the ceiling.  The past week had been Hell, a constant battle with himself. The brush with his past had awakened the part of him that absolutely thrilled in frequently having a new woman to share his bed.  Except he couldn’t share his bed, there was a chance Marielle would come home. That chance was small, however. She worked fifteen to twenty hours a day. Still, the slim chance kept him at home, alone, pissed off, frustrated, and drinking heavily.

He’d taken to the luenalin once again to sleep without needing the petite researcher at his side.  It left him unresponsive to her when she slipped into bed and awake after she’d already left for her shift in Engineering.  Gideon couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen the woman, or heard her voice without the filter of the comm badge. Each night that had passed caused his ache to grow, the need building to a point he knew it would need release soon.  ‘Surely she remembers what happened the last time she ignored me for so long,’ he muttered as he finished the bourbon.

The half-Bajoran squeezed the empty glass and pushed to his feet.  He dropped the tumbler into the recycler and hurried into the bedroom.  Gideon stepped into the closet and pulled on a tunic. He slipped into a pair of shoes and made his way out of their quarters.  The security chief made his way to the Apollo lounge and paused in front of the doors. He blew a breath from his lips and straightened, falling easily into the persona he once embraced.

His confident strides carried him into the lounge and predatory cobalt irises scanned the packed space.  An easy smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and he nodded his chin toward several women who caught his eye.  The half-Betazoid continued to look over the ladies that showed a hint of interest and he silently rated them. His system was old, but it was pretty fail safe.  First, he judged their height and body type. If they met his standard in that area, he noted the color and length of their hair. Next came their smile and vocal quality.

‘Five foot five, five foot six.  Nice curves. Brunette, shoulder length, looks silky.  Grabable.’  Gideon’s first choice sat at the near end of the bar and he approached with a slight smirk on his features.  He slipped between the woman and another female at the counter, grinning toward her as he nodded. “Hey, how’s it going?” he asked casually before reaching to wave down Algerone.  His gaze shifted back to the woman when he heard her answer him.  ‘Oh gods, no.  It’s like her vocal chords got cut.’

He gave her an apologetic look and shook his head as he stepped back.  “No room, sorry.” He wandered further down the bar, his gaze shifting as he searched for the next one.  Gideon saw another woman, a bit taller than the first and with blonde hair. It was pulled back into a ponytail, but long.  ‘Ponytails are fun,’ he mused to himself.  The security chief squeezed in next to her and smiled.  “Packed tonight,” he commented off handedly before turning his head to wave for Big Al once again.  Her laugh was cute and quirky and it had him looking in her direction again. “What’re you drinking?”

“Bloody Mary,” she answered with a grin.  She picked up her glass and offered it to him.  “You look thirsty.”

The half-Bajoran wasn’t one for mixed drinks but he had a feeling that the woman wasn’t referring to his thirst, more like his hunger.  Gideon took the glass from her and raised it to his lips. The spicy and salty concoction was new to his taste buds and he found it less than appealing.  He offered the glass back and nodded in thanks. “Gideon Salieri,” he introduced himself.

“Ravalla,” she answered with a wide grin.  “And I know who you are. Jess talked a mile a minute about you.”  The blonde winked and lifted the glass to take a drink.

His lip twitched as he eyed the woman and made a mental note to ask Jessica Sutton to stop talking to her friends about him.  He couldn’t risk Marielle finding out about what he was doing behind her back. After a sigh, he tried to decide if she was worth pursuing.  “So you know what I’m interested in?” Gideon watched as she nodded. “No strings, no bragging. Just fun.”

She grinned and dipped her chin in agreement.  “You’ve got plenty who are willing,” Ravalla cooed with a smirk.  “It’s a shame Jess got you first. After me, you won’t want any of the others.”  The blonde finished her drink and pushed the glass aside before sliding off the barstool.  “Come on, Giddy.”

The use of his old moniker helped to ease his uncertainty.  A familiar pang of desire gripped at his core and his gaze shifted around the Apollo to make sure no one important was watching.  Gideon followed Ravalla out of the large lounge and smiled once they reached her quarters. They shared a small bottle of vodka and she gave him an erotic strip tease, though he needed no help getting into the mood.

One night became two, then three.  Each evening, Gideon visited a different woman, often not even having to search them out in the Apollo.  They came up to him, sometimes getting into arguments about whose turn it was with him. Comfort moved through him at the return of feeling desired.  After each rendezvous, he returned to the quarters he shared with Marielle, showered and slipped into bed, sometimes just moments before the physicist returned home.  The half-Bajoran always curled against her and fell into an easy sleep.

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