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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] The Pseudo-Engagement

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud & Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]


Authors' Note: This takes place before the sim on 201801.15. Usual adult topics warnings apply. [Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 201802.04
The Pseudo-Engagement

Game night had long moved to the Apollo lounge to account for the popularity with the security team, the Kamanori.  It had once been held in the largest gathering space that was available to all the crew, but the boisterous evenings meant disrupting the evening for other proprietors.  Algerone welcomed the security officers because it meant they drank his liquor and tipped him well.

Marielle carried a heavy silver tray in her hands.  It was filled with pressed sandwiches.  Like always, she had changed right after her shift before joining the team for game night.  The skirt of her black floral dress swayed with each step, the long sleeves cuffed at the wrists, and modest v-neckline hinted at her cleavage.  A long slit ran high along her right leg, which peeked out from between the cloth with each step.  

Gideon hummed softly as he followed the diminutive researcher, winking after her as he carried a second and third tray, one overflowing with vegetable crisps and several bowls of dips, the other laden with shot glasses filled with assorted flavors of pudding.  For some reason - though it was probably because he hadn't been able to keep his hands off Marielle - he had been kicked out of the kitchen for the preparation of the food that was to accompany their game night, but it didn't mean he couldn't help in other ways.  The chief of security watched the woman in front of him as her hips shook, shaking his head to himself.

She placed the tray on the table and took a moment to survey the spread of food, her eyes lifting to Gideon as he neared.  "I think that's everything.  Algerone will be bringing the drinks."  She failed to bite back a yawn, the back of her hand resting against her painted lips.  Every night with the half-Bajoran was spent in bliss, but it had meant moving around her schedule to give the man the attention he deserved.  She continued to work well after he fell asleep.  While it exhausted her, it seemed to ease his mood and his eye seemed to stop straying.

"I wouldn't know," he teased.  "Someone kicked me out of the kitchen."  Gideon smirked as he set the trays down, stepping around the table to put the shot glass desserts at the back of the table for last.  The half-Betazoid made his way back to Marielle's side.  Concern moved through him briefly and he silently asked if she was okay.  Exhaustion never seemed far from her features.

She giggled softly.  "That's because you apparently can't keep your hands to yourself," she teased as her hand rested on her waist and her hip jutted out to one side.  Her chin tipped up, green meeting blue.

Cobalt irises obviously scanned her form before they met her vivid emerald orbs.  Gideon's sly grin pulled at the corner of his lips as he reached to place his hands over hers on her hips.  "You'd have a hard time keeping your hands off you, too."  He nodded his chin down.  "See, you've got your hands all over you."  His fingers interlaced with hers as he slid them over her hips, up her sides, then back down and over the swell of her backside.

She hummed and lifted into a full demi-pointe, her lips brushing along his cheek as they moved towards his ear.  "Maybe later, if you're lucky, you'll get to see my hands all over me."

Jessie Jessup cleared his throat as he stood near the pair.  "Uh," he interrupted meekly.  His face was brilliantly red, and his eyes darted between Marielle and Gideon before it settled on the food table.  "So.  Uh.  Ellie.  Is everything ready?"

Cana Graves cackled behind the Indiana farm boy as her eyes settled on Marielle.  Ryan Winnetka's arm wrapped around the nurse's back, his hand settled low on her waist while he kept her to his side.  He grinned at Gideon.  "You two should get a room."

Rico Suave cut the line and simply stepped between Marielle and Gideon to reach for the plates.  "Forget a room.  They need a whole damn deck.  With at least a two deck buffer."

Mark Huntsman, Sreagon, Pierce Takaesu, and Dasre Lebaun sat at one table.  They were in the middle of shuffling their cards as they waited for Jonathan and Anastasia Battey to join them after making a plate of food.  Their table was right next to the main table, where most of the core group of players sat.

Gideon's eyes brightened as he glanced from Winnetka to Marielle.  "We should get a yacht and just have the Aldrin tow it."  He'd released one of her hands, standing next to the researcher as he held their joined hand behind the her back.

She looked up at her boyfriend and shook her head at him.  "Maybe you should just, you know, not scream so loud."  In truth, the idea of being stuck on a private yacht with him exhausted her further.  'I'd never get any work done-  I'm already behind.  Yari's gonna kill me for not getting that damn report on his desk.'

He pouted at the suggestion, immediately retorting.  "Well, maybe you should- wait, no.  You don't change anything."  Gideon smirked as he raised an eyebrow toward Rico.  He squeezed his girlfriend's fingers and then released them to pick up a plate and start serving for them both.

Rico used a pressed sandwich to point at Marielle.  "Actually, it's really Ellie everyone hears."  He took a large bite of his sandwich as he walked away.

Marielle wrinkled her nose at Rico as she argued.  "I'm not that loud."

"Yeah, you are."

"Totally all you, Ellie."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"Pretty sure you taught French to five decks."

She stuck out her tongue in Rico's direction.  "Suddenly, I feel like skipping bake night this week."  Marielle glanced back to find Gideon already loading up a plate for both of them, so she simply made her way to the card table.

"Totally all Gideon."

"We were just kidding!"

"Yup.  All Gideon."

"Is it Italian being taught on five decks, now?" Gideon joked, chuckling softly as he stepped away from the food table to present the plate of food onto the table between him and Marielle.  His gaze looked over the table, then up toward Mike to see if the drinks would be coming out soon.

Cana, Ryan, Jessie, and Jackson Mccaslin soon joined Gideon and Marielle.  It'd become the norm to eat before the actual game play.

"All jokes aside, a yacht's not a bad idea."  Marielle reached for the sandwich and took a bite.  "I could probably design us one.  Uncle Greg's been looking for a little side project."

He gave Marielle a sideways grin, low key beaming with pride.  "I knew you loved me for more than my good looks."  Gideon raised his hand to his imaginary lapel, curling his fingers and brushing his nails as if he'd done something brilliant.

"You're right.  It's for those darling little wooden buttons you make for my knitting projects."  Marielle giggled as she took a bite.

Sreagon groaned softly.  "You guys need to cool it with the lovey dovey stuff."  Under the table, his fingers were interlaced with Dasre's.  He gave the Trill beside him a small smile before his poked at his food.

Gideon deflated quickly, groaning softly as he shook his head toward Sreagon.  "I might need to go make more buttons," he emphasized his last word with a raised brow down at Marielle.  "To keep up the lovey dovey.  Feeling an Old Fashioned tonight?" he changed the subject easily, the grin returning to his features.

"Algerone going to be around with our drinks soon, you goof," she chuckled as she shook her head.  "Oh.  You left your uniform tunic in my quarters again.  I left it on the foot of your bed."

"I'll trade it for your pearls you left on my bed stand," Gideon huffed as he settled into the chair next to the theorist, reaching for a couple chips.

Ryan shook his head as he lowered the sandwich square from his lips.  "Why haven't you just moved in yet?"  

She had been about ready to thank Gideon when Ryan interrupted their conversation.  Marielle's gaze met his.  "That's actually not a bad idea."  She reached for a sandwich on the plate and offered it to Gideon as she grabbed a chip for herself.  "I'll go talk to the quartermaster tomorrow."

The Betazoid mix blinked as he took the sandwich.  "Really?"  A surprised but jovial smile overcame his features and he glanced toward Ryan.  'Dude, I only mentioned it two days ago.  But, Hell yeah.'  He chuckled at himself, raising his hand to slap high five with the Chicago native.  "My wingman."

Marielle shrugged.  "Why not?  People think we're practically married.  Might as well."  She took a bite of her sandwich, turning her attention to the short bartender as he placed her glass of wine beside her.  She missed the murmur of agreement as she watched Algerone pass out everyone's drink order.

Gideon leaned toward the woman at his side, one arm sliding around her waist as he pressed his ear above her temple to whisper in her ear.  "That makes me very happy, tesoro."  He also missed the murmuring.

"What?  Living together?" She took a sip of her wine.  

He remained close, whispering in answer to her, "Anything together with you."  Gideon kissed her temple before leaning back and giving Big Al a bright smile.  "Thank you, sir!"  He picked up the bottle of dark beer and raised it to the table before taking a drink.

The physicist shook her head as she laughed.  "I'm glad.  You're stuck with me for life at this point."

"Are there shackles on our ankles?" Gideon joked with a chuckle.

"I hear them rattling all the time."

"Old ball'n chain."

"I think they're called wedding rings, guys."  She chuckled at the team as she shook her head at them.  Marielle cleaned her fingers and reached for a chip off the plate.  "I suppose we could get a set."  She hummed in thought as her eyes lifted to the ceiling, her lips pursed as she considered a lightweight restraint.

The lounge was suddenly silent as all eyes fell to the diminutive researcher, who was apparently lost in her own thoughts.  The team looked at each other, the shock and surprise apparent in their expression.  It was no secret that Marielle wasn't keen on the idea of marriage.  While she was the hopeless romantic, the petite woman had been vocal that she wasn't the type.

"Of wedding rings?" Gideon broke the silence, his brows furrowed.  'Some alien has taken over my girlfriend.'  "El, are you feeling okay?"  'She's not the marrying type, not after Adam and her father.  Though Renard said she was'  He blinked and raised his brows as he glanced around at the others before focusing again on Marielle.  He was glad he wasn't the only one shocked by the theorist's utterance.

"Huh?"  Marielle blinked as her attention was pulled from her random thoughts.  "Sorry.  I was just thinking of the Silshood Theorem.  I think it might help with some of the power conversion issues we've been having-  Though that'd be a good paper to enter into the next conference."  She giggled as she looked to their plate, her fingers picking up an garlic stuffed olive and throwing it into her mouth.  The odd silence finally registered, and she glanced around as she chewed.  "What?"

"You said wedding rings," Rico muttered.

"Yeah.  So?"  She blinked as she turned to Gideon before looking around once more.  "You said shackles and Jackson said ball n' chain.  I corrected and said that's what wedding rings are-"

"Yes!" he interjected with a laugh.  "We should definitely get a set, and a yacht."  Gideon nearly giggled in his excited chuckling.  "I'll call Alderic in the mor-"

"Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa!"  Marielle's eyes widened as she stared at her boyfriend and leaned back.  "I meant the-!"  There was an odd look of panic in her eyes as she glanced around the table, hoping that one of them would speak up to agree with her.

"Told you!"

"That explains so much."

"Pay up!  Totally called it!"

"Pink fuzzy ones?"

The mirth didn't disappear from his features, despite Gideon's disappointment at the revelation.  It wasn't too bad of a trade off.  "I'm still calling about the yacht," he warned Marielle with a wink as he pointed the mouth his beer bottle in her direction.

Her slender finger scratched behind her ear as she straightened in her seat.  Her slip was easily forgotten, especially when Cana began to distribute the playing cards.  Soft conversations carried easily over the table and grew louder in a few short minutes.  She moved food around her plate as she disappeared into her thoughts.  'I mean-  It's not such a bad deal.  It'd make him happy and-  It seems like he's excited by the idea?'  Marielle leaned a bit towards him.  "Did you want the ring?"  Her vibrant emerald hues met the depths of his blue.

His wry smile turned tender and warm as he hummed softly.  Gideon's chin dipped a couple times in a positive response before he leaned closer.  "I wasn't going to ask, I know how you feel about it," he whispered gently as his fingers massaged her side, caressing the fabric of her dress.  'You told me not to.'

"You're not the marrying type," quoted the entire team loudly as they kept their eyes on their cards.

"Well.  Okay.  Fine.  But, to be fair, Gideon never asked."  She looked up at Gideon.  "So.  Do you want to marry me?  Shouldn't be too hard to get the leave to do it.  Your grandmother and Uncle Greg should be there, obviously.  We could make it quick, I guess."

Ryan lowered his beer before it touched his mouth.  His mouth dropped slightly and his eyes immediately fell on Gideon.  "Did she just-"

Cana jumped up immediately and cackled.  She pointed her finger at Marielle before her arms swept around the room.  "Pay up suckers!  I totally called it!"  She continued to laugh as Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled her back down into her seat.

Sreagon and Dasre watched Marielle and Gideon closely, both mouthing out 'No' as they held their breaths.

He had no notion of anyone else in the lounge as Gideon stared into her limitless irises, lost immediately.  "And Cardin and Renard," he continued the list as his smile grew.  "Yes," he breathed before sliding his hand behind her neck and kissing her - for the first time in front of the group - deeply.

Her cheeks were pink as she glanced around.  The cheers of the team nearly overwhelmed her senses.  "You're all being a little weird tonight."  Marielle shook her head.  "You act like this is a big deal."

"It is?"

"I'm a bridesmaid!"

"Not the marrying type my ass."

"I just heard all the guys collectively groan."

Gideon was pulled back into the present when Ryan clapped his shoulder.  The Betazoid mix chuckled as he glanced around, his eyes drifting to the ceiling for a moment before looking back toward Marielle.  He was once again oblivious to their surroundings.  "Prophets, woman," he whispered to himself, shaking his head as he pulled his hand from her side, rubbing her back as he straightened.  He was easily the happiest man in the quadrant at the moment.

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