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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] A Beautiful Universe: Sea Chimes

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud & Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri
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Stardate: 1801.11
A Beautiful Universe: Sea Chimes

“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing.” - Jarod Kintz

It had been an interesting sight, the denizens of the planet were all bipedal wolves. Gideon had to take a few moments to stare as he accustomed himself to the Wolfen. He was jarred from his thoughts as Ensign Ryan Winnetka jabbed him in the shoulder. The half-Betazoid blinked and looked over at the Chicago native, shrugging in question. “What?”

“Stop staring, we’ve got to set up this perimeter.”

Ensign Marielle Antoinette Deniaud was not the newest graduate from the Academy to join the ranks of a starship, but she was inexperienced all the same. She’d gone from graduating the School of Engineering into the graduate program of Princeton University. Her experiences were severely lacking than most of her peers, her childhood often keeping her shielded from the universe.

“You ever seen anything like them?” Gideon asked as he turned his attention to the away team in the distance. His gaze moved back down to his tricorder as he surveyed the area around the temple.

Her smile was wide as her heart seemed to instantly melt with joy. She stared at the Wolfen pup who was held in its mother’s arms and the young engineer couldn’t help herself. The sound simply tumbled from her lips. It started out as a high-pitched squeal of delight, excitement easily making her tone bright as it pierced through the air. The bright peal of laughter that followed was filled with serene contentment. It rang through the warm breeze, lifting through the hot humid air that was common for Korin’Thalis.

He blinked and lifted his head, his gaze turning toward the away team again as he was sure he heard the sound of bells ringing followed by the gentle chimes of sea glass on the air. “Wow, what was that?” he breathed. Gideon furrowed his brows, surprised by the tug at his chest when the sound filled his ears.

“Someone laughed,” Ryan grumbled as he smacked Gideon again. The security officer jabbed him a second time. “Jesus, Sal, come on. We’ve got work to do.”

Her laughter was melodic as she pulled away from Ensign Arian Amunrra, the security officer who had pulled her away from the questioning crowd when she had broken away from the tight formation. “You’re so adorable!” she cried out, her mezzo soprano rising to soprano levels in excitement. Before she could reach the pup and its mother, she was pulled back into the protective group of Starfleet officers.

The chaos that ensued had happened so quickly. She’d gone from enjoying the new sights and sounds of a foreign planet and its people to being elbowed in the eye. Before long, a riot had simply started, and the engineer was without any experience as to what to do. She had no weapon at her side, no kit to use in its place. Had it not been for Arian, Marielle was sure she would have been trampled in the stampede. From her vantage point, she caught sight of a group of security officers making their way towards the away team. It’d only be a matter of time until the chaos would be put to an end, and she’d only needed to remain out of the way. Her eyes set to the temple in the distance, and the engineer darted in that direction as she followed her crewmates.

As Arianwyn took off after their assailant, Gideon stepped up to ensure that everyone made it into the temple. He was all business at that point, the faint echo of the laughter fading from his memory.

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