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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] Achievement Unlocked: Rutsville

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud & Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]

Login Author's Note: This is meant to take place prior to the sim on 8th January, 2018.
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNING: Alludes to adult situations. It is designed to be read by adults and not intended for children. Caution is advised if any of the above is offensive. WARNING TO THE WARNING: You’ve been warned.

AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNING: Typical Warning on language and content.

[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Achievement Unlocked: Rutsville

She leaned against the headboard of her bed. Her knees were lifted so that she could prop two tablets side by side, one on each thigh. One hand held another PADD while her other hand twirled her fountain pen. An old fashioned journal was left open so she could make notations from time to time. She hummed softly to herself, her chin moving from left to right as she moved through the equations on each PADD. She furrowed her brow. “If I substitute the second equation into the first,” she muttered to herself. “I need to use the semiclassical approximation with each function expanded as a power series- Hmm. Unless I make this a differential- No. I can solve that using Airy functions as the solution.”

He walked into the bedroom from the bathroom, a towel held against his chest as he lazily wiped the moisture from his skin. The impromptu training sessions were starting to get easier, so Nazir and Rhaik had taken it upon themselves to make them longer and at odd times of the day. He was lucky that they hadn’t decided to pull him from his sleep, but Gideon was sure that day would come. He paused several meters from the bed and watched the diminutive woman talking through her equations. A warm smile pulled at his features and he quickly toweled his hair before dropping the terrycloth on the chaise nearby and climbing onto the mattress.

“I wonder if I can use the closed time curve models,” she murmured. She scratched at her scalp with the back of her pen and bit the corner of her lip. So consumed with her work, Marielle didn’t register the dip to the mattress. “If I can cause a dilation in space-time, that could do it.” Her lips formed a thin line and she furrowed at the thought. Her chin turned to one side, her gaze falling on the open journal by her hip. Her pen moved furiously over the pages. “I’ve got to make this nonlinear!” she gasped. “Oh, that could work. That could work.” Her pen continued to work over the paper. Her frown disappeared and her smile grew with each function that flowed onto the page.

Gideon waited for her to lift the pen from her journal. He crawled slowly toward her so that he could time his approach with a pause in her thoughts. It was much more difficult to do than he envisioned. Finally, he simply spoke up to get her attention. “Hey El,” the half-Bajoran called to her, his voice having dipped to a suggestive baritone as he stared at her through his dark lashes.

“Mmm?” she answered mindlessly without looking up from her journal. Her chin turned to one side and her eyes swept over the PADDs that were propped against her thighs. “No,” she murmured to herself. “That won’t work. The wave particle duality doesn’t add up here.”

He dropped his rear end and adjusted to sit cross legged on the mattress. One hand reached for her calf and he gently massaged the muscle. “You’ve been at this every night for forever,” he mused. There was a hint of exaggeration in his statement, but it was mostly true. For nearly a week now, Gideon had followed the same routine - let himself into her quarters, shower, fall asleep next to her as she studied her PADDs and journal. Desire had slowly built within him.

“Mmmhmm,” she answered as her chin turned to one side to focus on the journal. Her pen continued to move over the page and she gently blew cool air over the paper before flipping the page. Her hand smoothed over the fresh parchment before her pen wrote another line of her equation. “Could train the transmission coefficient- Tunnel through a single potential barrier,” she muttered. “I would need a burst of energy powerful enough- That could break through the space-time barrier.”

The security chief frowned as she all but ignored him. His lips formed a thin line as he considered how far he was willing to push her - he knew as soon as they got into it, she would be happy for the break - at least he thought so. Gideon grunted softly and tilted his head as he watched her facial expression. “El,” he called again.

“No, thank you. I ate already,” she answered, believing he’d asked her if she wanted a bite to eat.

“Crewman Ortiz asked if you were willing to join her and Ensign Rogers for a swingers party.” He pulled the names from a hat and made up the most ludacris thing he could imagine, just to see if any part of her was listening to him.

“Sure, sweetie. You go ahead and have fun. I have training with Yari anyways,” she answered him. She heard names and believed he was speaking of the new transfers to his department joining game night. “Ooo! I should just go with the classic turning point, turn the particle into a free and oscillating wave under the potential hill,” she murmured. “No- Maybe? Hmmm.”

Gideon grunted again and reached to grip one of the two PADDs on her lap. He hated to do it when she’d apparently stumbled on something that could be useful to her, but being ignored for the past week wasn’t exactly something he was okay with. The half-Bajoran lifted one hip and slid the device under his ass cheek to sit on it. He rested his elbows on his thighs and folded his hands in front of him as he watched the theorist.

Marielle blinked several times as she turned her chin to refer to the equation on her lap only to find that the device was missing. She furrowed her brow and looked to one side and then the other. “Hey- Did you see where my PADD went?” She finally lifted her gaze up to find Gideon at her side and she smiled warmly. “Hey! You look way better than when you first got here. Feeling more like yourself? I had the quartermaster put in a new shower head.” She looked down on her mattress and shifted from side to side in search of her device. “Did I put it down without realizing?” she grumbled.

“A hot shower always works wonders,” he murmured, suddenly doubting his trick. She had noticed him coming in. ‘That’s nice and all, but notice me now El.’ Gideon dipped his chin in silent plea for her to actually see him, naked as the day he was born and sitting on the device she searched for.

The researcher sighed softly. “I must be more tired than I thought.” She shook her head and closed her journal with a snap. The two PADDs were shifted with the leather bound book, her fountain pen capped then reverently placed on the stack. Marielle turned to one side and placed them on the bedside table. She turned the other direction and kissed him on the cheek. “Bonne nuit, mon amour.” She shimmed deeper under the covers and yawned the moment her head touched the pillow.

He sighed heavily and lifted his hip to pull the PADD he’d stolen from under his body. There was no concern for the condensation on the surface that was suspiciously formed like an ass cheek. Gideon shifted on the mattress and leaned over Marielle to set the device on her bedside table next to the others. “Must’ve sat on it,” he murmured with a hint of disappointment in his voice. On his way back to his side of the bed, he placed a tender kiss on her cheek. “Sogni d’oro, amore,” he mumbled before falling back and turning to lay on his side.

She hummed contented and sunk into the mattress. She pulled the duvet up to her chin and yawned softly. Her eyes remained closed, her voice soft in the shadows. “I only have training with Yari tomorrow,” she revealed. “I thought maybe we could have dinner?” After their two week stay on Earth, they had returned to the Aldrin. The month had been wonderful. With most of the crew gone, Gideon had felt more free to express his affections. While the time had been wonderful, it was nice to fall into a routine. She found herself exhausted - the half-Bajoran had a voracious appetite. When a conference on Lusola III caught her attention, and she dove into her work in hopes of making a name for herself and possibly getting an invitation to the mysterious pleasure planet. They still had two weeks before the Aldrin was scheduled to depart the sector for her first official mission for the year. Marielle shifted slightly to turn onto her side to face his back. Her forehead settled on his spine as she scooted closer to him to steal his warmth, content to simply be with him.

Frustration had swelled within him and it mingled uncomfortably with the desire that stung at his core. He’d hunched slightly, his fist near himself but refusing to move. As much as he wanted release, he knew there would be no real relief in the palm of his hand. Gideon groaned quietly and squeezed his eyes further closed as he swallowed his lust. He panted softly before forcing himself to relax against her. “Dinner sounds great,” he agreed softly. His arm rested over his side so he could place his hand on her thigh and he squeezed gently.

With his hand on her leg she scooted even closer until her body was flush against his back. A deep breath filled her lungs with the earthy aroma of the forest and she felt herself pulled deeper into a sleepy haze. “Great,” she muttered, lips moving over his skin. “I’ll arrange the holodeck. You don’t have to work, right?” She had some vague recollection of their schedule being slightly off that week.

“Not working.” He bit back another frustrated grunt as he considered how he would spend his day without her. “Let me arrange the holodeck. What time?” Gideon had a class to teach in the morning and he suspected ShaeLin would corner him at some point for another impromptu training session. As he focused on the day ahead of him, it became easier to bear the ache in his gut.

“Nineteen hundred hours?” she murmured. Her breath ghosted over his skin as she yawned. Her hand slid over his side and under his arm so that her fingers could rest over his abdomen. The warmth of his body pulled her deeper into the haze of her slumber and she sighed contentedly. Mindlessly, her nails lightly scratched at his skin. “I see Yari in the morning,” she whispered, her voice growing softer with each uttered word. “I send my paper for review after training. I’m free after that.”

His muscles tensed under her fingernails and a low growling moan slipped from his lips as she effectively reignited the fire that had slowly built over the past week. ‘Godsdammit woman.’ Gideon silenced his curses and released a heated breath. ‘Definitely hockey tomorrow. Maybe boxing.’ He swallowed in an attempt to keep his voice steady as he answered her. “Nineteen hundred it is. I’ll meet you inside.”

“That’ll be nice,” she murmured in response. She snuggled closer. “Love you.” Her body grew heavy as sleep finally took hold of her.

“I love you,” he whispered on a soft sigh. It was true - it would always be true. Gideon was simply finding it hard in that moment to not be extremely frustrated with their situation. Marielle had been concentrating on finalizing her paper for the better part of a week and it meant she had no time for him. ‘She’ll be done with it tomorrow, back to normal.’ His hand rested over hers on his stomach. ‘Gods, I hope.’

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