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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] Music Database on Shuffle: Don't Forget About Me

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
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[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 1702.13
Music Database on Shuffle: Don’t Forget About Me

Where ever you’ve gone?
How, how, how?
I just need to know
That you won’t forget about me.
Lost through time and that’s all I need.
So much love, then one day buried.

The chief of security slid his hands into his pockets, his steps slowing once he got into visual range of the swing in the garden.  Gideon watched as he approached, his gaze shifting between Marielle and Adam, though focusing more on the medical officer.

She giggled softly as she leaned against the giant oak, her hands pinned behind the small of her back.  “I did not,” Marielle argued with a playful pout.  “It was absolutely your fault.”

Adam grinned as he took a small step closer to her.  “I don’t think so.  You’re known as the starter of mischief for a reason.”  He kept his hands in his pockets.  He was well inside the borders of her personal bubble, the tips of his toes mere centimeters from hers.  The amalgamation of her scent mingled with the fragrance of the garden, and the medical officer took in a deep breath.

She laughed softly, her head falling back to rest against the rough bark of the giant old oak.  “That was then.  I’m a brand new woman now, Adam.”  Marielle paused, her eyes lifting up to stare at the glow of sunset that coloured the sky.  Truer words had never been spoken.  She certainly felt like she was someone else since that last day at the chateau.  Her head shook slightly as if she was trying to remove the notion from her head.  Her gaze settled on medical officer in front of her once more.  She slid to one side to avoid his encroaching further into her space.  “Upstanding Federation citizen.  No mischief.”

“That’s debatable,” Gideon interjected as he neared the pair.  His cobalt irises focused on Marielle for a moment when her eyes shifted to find his.  He smiled warmly as he nodded before turning a cooler expression toward Adam.  “I think a certain Andorian barkeep would agree with you, Adam.”  He pulled his hands out of his pockets as he stepped around the medical officer toward the diminutive woman.

Marielle glanced at the security chief as he neared, her smile remaining as her normally bright verdant hues darkened.  It had become much easier switching into the façade, as exhausting as it was.  “I thought you were on my side,” she mused softly, a sinful grin pulling at her lips as she followed Gideon’s movements with her eyes alone.  Her breathing slowed, her chin dipping just slightly so she could look up at her boyfriend from under her lashes.  

Adam turned his head, his hazel-detailed cerulean meeting Gideon’s gaze easily.  It was hard not to feel a little annoyed and disappointed that his private moment with his best friend had been ruined.  His gaze fell on the researcher briefly, his lips forming a thin line as the emotions that rolled so easily off her had suddenly disappeared.  It was as if he was staring into nothing.  He had witnessed it several times throughout the several days, and the medical officer was still at a loss as to how his former wife was able to achieve it so well.  Unconsciously, he took a small step back - partially from the shock but mostly because of Gideon’s arrival.

“Oh, I am,” the Bajoran mix assured Marielle as he silently lamented her retreat and subsequent change.  ‘No, no, why do you do this?!’  Gideon smiled, his outer appearance the complete opposite of his inner turmoil.  Ever aware of the Betazoid beside them, the half-Bajoran kept himself in check, though he probably didn’t do as good a job as he would have liked.  He glanced toward Adam as he reached Marielle.  The look was brief as he leaned closer, caressing the woman’s temple as he gave her a kiss.

The medical officer stepped back even more as Gideon pushed well into Marielle’s personal bubble, and he was effectively pushed back.  He said nothing about the mess of emotions that moved through the security chief, instead turning his head to avoid watching his former wife kiss another man.  Jealousy flared again.  Adam cleared his throat.  “I-  Uh, I think I should go see if Lexie needs any help with some last minute wedding stuff.  Rehearsal being tomorrow and everything.”

She hummed in response as she parted from the kiss placed upon her lips.  Marielle turned her head enough to look at her best friend, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips.  “Sure.  Tell Lexie I’ll meet up with her later.  Hour or two, max.”  The researcher watched as Adam nodded and made his way back to the manor without another word.

Gideon straightened, his body turning to face Adam as he retreated.  Once the medical officer was out of sight, the Bajoran mix let his expression soften and he focused on Marielle.  “What else is left to do?” he asked casually before he leaned against the tree next to the theorist.  “Alexia didn’t mention anything when I talked with her.”

Marielle shrugged.  “There’s always last minute things involved with a wedding, I imagine.”  Her head tipped up to stare through the branches and leaves.  The golden glow that signaled the approaching darkness made the leaves bright and alive like fire.  She turned to stare at the large stone patio that had been converted into the reception space, lights strung up to create a glowing tent under which guests could dine and dance.  Over all, the staff had done a good job with creating a romantic space.  “It shouldn’t take me too long.”

“Do you have time for a walk?” he suggested, his hand reaching out toward her.  “We haven’t watched the stars come out in a while.”  Gideon pushed off the tree, his gaze searching for an open area on the grounds where they could lie back and just stargaze.  The Betazoid mix raised his brows in her direction, hoping she would take him up on the offer.

Her hand slipped into his slowly, fingertips running over the warmth of his palm.  “Sure.  There are some wonderful hidden spots behind the cottage.”  Marielle pushed off the tree, her steps languid as she moved over the grass.  She left her shoes near the trunk of the giant oak and hummed at the chill that moved up her legs with each footfall that touched the cold earth.

He let her lead the way, his hand warm against hers as Gideon curled his fingers to hold Marielle’s tightly.  The conversation with Alexia replayed in his mind, but still the Bajoran mix thought it wouldn’t help to bring up the fact that he didn’t like when Adam was alone with Marielle.  ‘She’s a big girl, she can make whatever decision she likes.’  His gaze shifted to the diminutive woman as they walked and he remained otherwise silent.

She led him over the small bridge that arched over the babbling brook and towards their cabin.  The engineer watched the skies as the colour continued to intensify as it transitioned from a soft blue to an array of oranges, reds, and purples.  The dark of night would soon overwhelm and a blanket of stars would undoubtedly be beautiful as long as it remained clear.  Marielle hummed at the thought as she pulled him to a small stone path that led around the cabin to its own intimate backyard.  The path led to the treeline, and she ventured onto the forest’s packed dirt trail.  The walk was quiet, and she didn’t spare him a look as she led the way until they reached a small clearing with soft rolling knolls covered in red poppies.

He hummed softly, his gaze shifting from the sky to the clearing.  Gideon took the lead at that point, guiding her into the middle of the poppy-filled glade.  He paused at the top of one of the low slopes and sat down amongst the foliage.  The half-Betazoid looked wordlessly up at Marielle, not pulling on her hand but inviting her down to join him with a small smile.

Marielle lowered to the ground, her hands absentmindedly smoothing out the fabric of her skirt as she pulled her legs to her chest.  Her tulle petticoat flared a bit around her thighs.  She was quietly thankful for the long lace sleeves of her dark blue dress.  It’d provide some warmth from the natural summer night chill.  Her chin rested on her knees and she trained her eyes on the sky.  “I think it’s been five years since I’ve been out here.”

Gideon leaned back, stretching out so that he could naturally look up at the sky.  His grip on Marielle’s hand had loosened, but he did not release her fingers.  His other hand rested behind his head.  “There are so many nice areas here, I can’t imagine you’d get to visit them all.”  ‘And I don’t want to know if you were out here last with Adam.’  He sighed softly as he searched the sky for his favorite constellation.

“Pretty much.”  It was all she offered in terms of an explanation.  She didn’t look down at the security chief.  The moment was too intimate, and Marielle’s lips formed a thin line as she considered that it had been a mistake to walk off into the woods with the Betazoid mix.  It would have been easy to distract him, but she was too weary.  Physically and emotionally, she was beyond exhausted.  She decided to just be for a moment.  Surely there was no harm in just one moment.  Her eyes remained on the darkening colours.  The fiery glow of sunset had started to fade as the dark midnight blue began to overwhelm the horizon.  The stars would make their appearance soon, and she focused on searching the heavens for the brightest light.

The Bajoran mix remained quiet for a long moment, waiting for the magical time to pass.  Once the last vestiges of light disappeared, Gideon turned his chin, his gaze focusing on Marielle as she watched the stars.  “Hey, El,” he started, his fingers squeezing hers gently.

Marielle turned to meet his gaze finally, though she said nothing as her emerald irises met the depths of his blue.  She considered saying something, but breaking the silence of the evening meant she’d have to fall back into the façade.  She clung to quiet moment for as long as possible.

“I’m not complaining,” Gideon prefaced with a weak smile.  He watched her reactions, his heartbeat increasing steadily as he considered how much he was about to muck everything up.  ‘It needs to be said.’  The half-Bajoran blew a quiet breath, sighing softly as his brows furrowed, his eyes searching Marielle’s for any hint of emotion.  “But things have changed.”  Concern flashed in his irises.  “What’s going on?  Is the wedding this stressful for you?”

She considered her answer, her brow raising slightly at the topic he’d chosen.  She said nothing for a good long while, her eyes lifting back to the skies as stars began to appear.  The progression had been slow, but suddenly it seemed as if one would appear soon after another had broken through the darkness.  “I don’t think anything’s changed,” she lied.  “But, if it has, it’s probably the wedding.”  Marielle shrugged.  She knew better.  She had changed, and seeing her friends - seeing Adam - had only reaffirmed her decision.

His eyes turned back to the stars, the heavy sigh escaping before he could stop it.  Gideon knew better.  Her lies were always so clear to him.  ‘It’ll have to wait until after the wedding.  Prophets, che cazzo.’  “Is there anything I can do?” he offered quietly.  The half-Bajoran sat up, his hand moving over Marielle’s stomach as he leaned back, pulling her down with him.

Her eyes rolled back when she was sure he couldn’t see her.  She wasn’t sure just how much more she could stand.  Her legs still ached from all their exertions nearly five days straight.  She wasn’t sure how anyone could have handled such emotionless encounters.  The idea that this was Gideon’s life before they had entered their relationship gave her pause.  ‘How did he stand it?  There’s nothing.  Did he really prefer this?’  Though she was in no place to ask; she had essentially been the same for the last few days.  The only difference was that she was isolated to one partner while Gideon had searched out others.  Briefly, Marielle wondered who was worse.  She allowed herself to be pulled down finally.  “Is that an offer for stress relief?” she teased as her leg moved over him until she straddled his pelvis, a wicked smile pulling at her features.  She remained pressed against his chest, her fingers wrapping around the cloth of his tunic.

He smiled, but shook his head.  “Yes, and no.”  Gideon laid back, his hand remaining around her waist as he simply held her against him.  “Let’s just lay here, relax a bit.  Enjoy the stars,” he suggested quietly.

Marielle raised a brow.  “That’s it?”  She lifted off his torso enough to stare down at him, her hair tumbling over one shoulder.  “I’ve never known you to turn me down.”

He bit the inside of his lip before pushing a smile to his features.  “I’d like to think I’m not turning you down,” Gideon began.  “Taking a break?”  He watched her reactions, fighting to keep a positive expression on his features.  “We haven’t been just together in a while.”

She ignored the obvious meaning as she leaned down, her lips pressing hot kisses along his skin.  “That’s clearly not true,” Marielle whispered as she nibbled along his jaw towards his ear.  “We’ve had quite a bit of alone time.”  She circled her hips as her legs tightened on his sides.  She trapped him under her as her hands pulled at his tunic to find his skin.  Her nails dragged along his sides.  She pushed away the sadness at knowing what she was doing.  The idea of just being next to him, of relishing in the warmth of his company, was a deadly temptation and one she could not allow herself to take.

He groaned quietly as his body reacted separate from his brain.  “No,” Gideon whimpered softly as he reached for her wrists, attempting to still her affections.  “El, stop.  This is what’s changed.  We’ve done nothing but frak for days.  What happened to us?”

Her body tensed instantly, and she hid her frown in his shoulder as her head fell forward.  “Apparently it wasn’t enjoyable if you’re complaining about it,” Marielle grumbled.  The annoyance was clear her tone.  She pulled her wrists from his grip, her hands falling flat on his chest to push her torso up.  She didn’t spare him a single glance as she stood up and stepped over him.  She made her way down the knoll, through the field of poppies, with every intention of disappearing in the woods to make her way to the manor.  With any luck, Gideon wouldn’t follow, but Marielle wasn’t holding onto any illusions that she’d receive such a gift.

“I’m not complaining,” he started, sighing when she pulled away from him.  Gideon sat up and got to his feet quickly, following the diminutive woman with long jogging strides.  He reached out to grasp her upper arm, holding her still while he stepped in front of her.  The half-Bajoran stood firm, his lips pressed together as he regarded Marielle.  Finally, he glanced down at the gentle bulge highlighted by his trousers.  “Trust me,” Gideon breathed heavily.  “I’m not complaining.”  

Marielle pulled her arm from his grasp and side-stepped around him.  “Could have fooled me,” she muttered with a chilled tone.  “Probably better anyways.  I should get back to the manor.”

“Dei dannazione,” he muttered as he watched her walk off, debating his next course of action.  Gideon followed her as he thought.  ‘I can’t let her walk away like this.  But what could possibly fix this?  Should have waited until after the wedding.  Keep your mouth shut, Gid.’  He grumbled softly as he kept a few paces behind Marielle.

Her steps were quiet as she moved through the dark, muscle memory alone leading her on the packed dirt trail.  Her arms crossed under her chest, hands rubbing along her upper arms to warm the skin under her lace sleeves.  Her thoughts were a mess, and she pushed them back as much as possible.  Her jaw clenched.  Things would be coming to an end soon if he was questioning the nature of their relationship.  This was what she had wanted, but the pit of her stomach churned violently at the idea.  ‘That’s not what I want at all.  Dammit.  This is for your own good, Gideon.  You don’t want to be anywhere near me.’

“Fanculo.  Ci vediamo in cabina.  (I’ll see you in the cabin.)”  Gideon sighed as he stopped in his tracks, watching her walk away.  He frowned as she didn’t even spare him a glance or a reply.  “Non capisco.  Avrei dovuto aspettare.  Mi dispiace, (I don’t understand.  I should have waited.  I’m sorry.)” he murmured, not intending for her to hear.  She’d already disappeared into the darkness when he started walking again, his hands slid into his pockets.  ‘I suppose I need to start getting used to this,’ he murmured.  The black of the night seemed to swallow him as he felt lonely for the first time in many months.

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