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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] Music Database on Shuffle: Not Today

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]

[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 1702.13
Music Database on Shuffle: Not Today

It’s gotta get easier, oh easier somehow.
‘Cause I’m falling.  I’m falling.
Oh, easier and easier somehow.
And, it isn’t over unless it is over.
I don’t wanna wait for that.
It’s gotta get easier and easier somehow.
But not today.  Not today.

They had returned from the simple yet scrumptious early dinner, with Randall giving his parents a tour of the small town.  Liza and Jackson had opted to explore the shoppes while Alexia’s parents and grandmother opted to rest in their respective rooms in the manor.  It would be a quiet evening.  Alexia had retired to her room to gather some items at Marielle’s request, while the researcher had gone outside to enjoy a moment of silence to enjoy the golden hour of dusk.  Adam joined her soon after she had sat down on the aged wooden board of the old swing.

She sat quietly on the wooden swing that hung from the thickest branch of the large oak that shaded her.  Her slender fingers wrapped around the corded rope.  Marielle looked up as Adam stared down at her, his fingers above her hand as they wrapped around the rope.  She smiled, laughing as she spoke, and Adam graced her with an equally bright expression.

Gideon stood at the sink, his hands rubbing together under the water absently as he watched Marielle and Adam at the swing.  A heavy sigh passed his lips as jealousy flared within him.  The Betazoid mix closed his eyes briefly as his chin dropped, his hand raising to turn the faucet off with a harsh tap.  His lips pulled into a frown as he tried to will away the thoughts of infidelity and the possibility that Marielle still cared for Adam.  He looked back up, his expression strained as he continued to watch.

Alexia quietly made her way towards the window.  “Crazy week, right?”  The brunette with stunning hazel eyes did not look at the security chief, instead keeping her gaze locked on Marielle and Adam.

His heart jumped into his throat and Gideon quietly swallowed it down as he glanced over toward Alexia.  A tense smile found his lips and he hummed softly in response as he nodded.  “Understatement of the century,” he agreed quietly.  He looked back out into the garden, reaching down to dry his hands on the towel.

Her fingers drummed on the countertop as she leaned forward and reached for the grapes that sat in a bowl.  “I haven’t had much time to chat with you.  Catching up and all that.  It’s not that I was trying to be rude or anything.”  She pulled a small grape off the vine.  “Not that you’d believe me, but he’s not either.”  Alexia threw the fruit into her mouth.

The half-Bajoran turned to face Marielle’s best friend, leaning to rest his hip against the edge.  One hand rested on the counter as the other slid into his pocket.  Gideon shrugged after a few moments and shook his head.  “You’re both busy with the wedding, I didn’t expect anything from you.”  His cobalt gaze shifted to the garden and he bit his tongue against saying anything aloud.  ‘I expect him to respect some boundaries, though.  Stronzi cazzo.’

“Maybe not, but you’re the first one Maddie’s introduced to us,” Alexia shrugged with her revelation.  “Least Adam and I could have done was get to know you.”  Her eyes settled on the pair beyond the window as she pulled another grape off the vine and popped it into her mouth.

‘Doesn’t matter.  I’ll be remembered as the pretty one with bricks for brains that she sullied herself with in her parent’s house.  She’ll be kicking me to the curb soon enough.  She’s not done with me yet.’  The bitterness in his inner voice surprised him.  He willed the negativity from his features.  Gideon chuckled softly and shook his head.  “I’m surprised Adam didn’t give you the report from the stag party.”  He lifted his hands, crossing his arms across his chest as he focused on Alexia.  Cobalt orbs wandered over her as he considered Marielle’s best friend.

“What happens at the stag party, stays in the stag party,” she snickered before she fell into silence.  Alexia studied her friends further, frowning slightly as Adam leaned over Marielle and as the chief researcher pulled back to lean against the rope of the swing.  “I wonder about those two sometimes,” the science officer offered softly.  She sighed as she grabbed a few grapes off the vine, mostly to find some things to do with her hands.  “Bet it hasn’t been easy on you.”

He sighed heavily as he turned his chin, watching as they talked.  Gideon shook his head again, frowning as he tensed his arms and shrugged his shoulders.  “I trust her, I don’t trust him.”  It was easy to reveal, but it was still hard to watch the two talking.

She chuckled.  “You’re better than I am.  I don’t think I’d trust those two in the same planet, let alone the same room.”  Alexia shook her head as she threw a grape into her mouth and chewed.  The science officer said nothing until she swallowed.  “Their history gets in the way.  Every time they meet up, it ends up in the same place.”  She straightened, her gaze lingering on Adam more than Marielle.

“Emotionally?”  She told him four years, nearly five.  He frowned at the thought that they’d been intimate less than a year ago.  ‘She’s lied to me-  Not just a little white lie.’  Gideon scowled and turned his head to keep Alexia from seeing.

“Yeah.  Let’s go with that.”

The half-Betazoid shook his head.  “If she hasn anything left to give him, more power to her.”  Gideon turned away from the window, his gaze focusing completely on Alexia.  “But this isn’t about them.  What do you want to know?”  He relaxed his expression, a brow raising slightly at the woman.

The science officer tapped her fingers on the counter lightly before turning to face the security chief.  Her hip leaned against the counter’s edge.  “Nothing really.  I just wanted to get to know who got Maddie moving on finally.”  Her head tilted a bit to the pair outside to motion to her best friends in the garden.  “Not an easy feat considering those two have been on and off again since the dawn of time.  Adam’s had no problem leaving Maddie, but I know for a fact that he’s regretted it.  And, Maddie?  She never got over it.  Probably never will.  But, you’ve certainly inspired her to try at least.”  She stole another grape from the vine.  “So, I’m curious as to who exactly you are.”

“I just want to give her everything she deserves,” he replied, still refusing to look out into the garden.  Gideon frowned as he thought of everything he’d given Marielle and wondered if there was anything left on the table.  ‘Without expecting much in return.  Just as much as she’s willing to give.  But it’s not enough, is it, Gid.’  He sighed softly, his chin turning to glance over his shoulder.  ‘That was before all this.  What is it now?’

Alexia considered the answer as she turned to look out the window, only to find Adam pushing Marielle as she sat on the swing.  The researcher’s skirt flew on the wind as she kicked her feet up and back.  “And you got around the nasty Deniaud secret?”  

He shifted his feet to cross them at the ankles.  Gideon shook his head.  “Not really something you get around.  We still need to talk about it.”  The half-Bajoran glanced at Alexia.  “I won’t be making the same mistake Adam made,” he assured her, or himself.

She turned to face the counter, her fingers drumming on the counter in a random pattern.  At the claim, Alexia raised her brow and turned her chin enough to stare at him.  “And what mistake is that?”

“Saving her.”  Gideon nodded in Marielle’s direction.  “She has to do that, I’ll be there to help, but I won’t marry her to save her from her obligations.”  He drummed his fingers against the fabric of his tunic.

The science officer chuckled softly, though she said nothing at first.  It wasn’t as if he needed to know that Marielle had sworn off marrying anyone for love.  The researcher had given up on that idea after her divorce.  “That’s good then,” she offered finally.  “Guess the only question is how you’re going to deal with those two.”  Alexia pointed to the pair beyond the window.  “Cause I bet you’ve already figured out that he’s not going anywhere.  And, I say this without being rude, but they’ve got something you and Maddie don’t have.  You better make sure you’re okay with that.”

He grumbled softly as he frowned.  His cobalt gaze found Alexia briefly before he shook his head.  “They see each other so seldom, I think I can handle a week of jealousy if she’s glad to see him.”  He shifted again, his feet uncrossing and recrossing the opposite way.  It was easier said than done, but he also knew he wasn’t going to be around much longer to deal with Marielle.

“I gotta hand it to you,” Alexia began with a soft chuckle.  “That’s more than Adam ever did.  Maddie’s always been ‘popular’; I don’t think that’s changed any after all these years.  He never could handle it.”

Gideon grinned at his thoughts.  The image of Sreagon floating out of the airlock brought a smirk to his features.  “My crew knows what happens to anyone who crosses the line with El.”  

Alexia laughed, the boisterous sound filling the kitchen.  “She talks about you a lot.”  The science officer looked at Gideon with a smile.  “Every time we chatted, it was always ‘Gideon did this or Gideon did that.’  She likes you a lot.  I mean it.  You make her happy.”  She chuckled softly.  “Pretty sure that’s why Adam’s been hovering more than normal.  Even he can tell it’s different now.  She’s not pining anymore.”

His smile warmed and a contented sigh passed his lips.  Gideon nodded as he glanced back over his shoulder to watch the former couple.  “I have to admit that I enjoy the jealousy that rolls off of him when El comes to me.”  He raised a brow toward Alexia, an impish look on his features.  “It’s a guy thing.  I’m just glad to make her happy.”

“I’ll never understand men and their pissing contests,” she chuckled as she shook her head.  “Well.  You don’t have to worry.  After this wedding is over, they’ll go back to their respective ships and you’ll probably never hear her talking about him again.  They chat on subspace maybe once a month, if even that.  Vanessa doesn’t like their relationship much, not that I blame her.  You’re definitely handling it better than she is.”  The science officer reached up to grab a glass from the cabinet and took a step towards the sink to fill it with water.

“I’ve had to deal with it quite a bit,” he mentioned before unwinding and stepping aside so Alexia could get to the faucet.  “In the end, she comes back to me, so I have to be satisfied that El is making that choice now as much as she does when no one is around.”  Gideon rested his hand on the counter as he glanced out the window again.  ‘Why am I even still talking like things are okay?’  The corner of his lip twitched before he looked back toward the science officer.

She shrugged as she shut off the faucet after filling her glass.  “As far as I can tell, you’re a good match for her.  I’m not going to tell her otherwise.”  Alexia paused to drink her water.  “She’s shared all the stories, even the naughty little bits.”  She stopped long enough to give him a sly grin.  “So you’ve got my approval.  Hopefully you’ll stay long enough to be part of the group.  Because those stories are the highlight of our weekly communications.”  The science officer’s grin only grew wider.

His neck reddened slightly and Gideon cleared his throat before chuckling softly.  “Ah, fanculo,” he muttered, shaking his head.  “I guess-”  He sighed.  “Nothing’s sacred, eh?”  The half-Bajoran raised a brow.

“Not between girlfriends, no,” she cackled brightly.  

He tried to frown, but his lip twitched in a smirk.  Gideon reached up to scratch at his chin.  “What’s her favorite?”  He decided a test was in order.

Alexia grinned.  “What?  Position or thing about you?”

“Both.”  He was more curious about the position, but it would be good to know what she told Alexia about him.  Gideon was often curious about how exactly he managed to keep Marielle’s affections.

The science officer thought on the question.  “Girl’s a bit of the rough hellion, so your more exuberant sessions can keep her talking.”  She shook her head and chuckled softly.  “But, she still talks about that first kiss of yours.”

“In the classroom?” Gideon asked to clarify.  He recalled the moment clearly, a hungry moan passing his lips as he grinned.  ‘Kiss me, El.  Gods, that was a great kiss.’  The half-Bajoran smiled at the memory.

“That’d be the one,” the science officer sighed happily.  “She described it in detail.  Hand on the neck, tension.  Scene made for holo-movies.  Maddie said something just clicked for her.  She wasn’t certain, resisted for one reason or another, but she never regretted that moment.”  Alexia grinned.  “I think that’s what she likes about you.  You got her out her comfort zone.  As far as I can tell from what she tells me, you do that for her constantly.  Without her even knowing it.”

His blue irises focused as he blinked, looking at Alexia and not staring off beyond her.  Gideon offered a lopsided grin, nodding absentmindedly.  “I’m glad she lets me push her.  Even more so that I don’t feel like I am.  Makes it easy, I guess.”  He slid a hand into his pocket and glanced out into garden.

She placed her glass on the counter after taking a sip.  “Maddie’s our walking contradiction, but you already know that.”  Alexia’s gaze moved out towards the garden to find her engineer friend leaning her back against the giant oak with Adam standing in front of her, well within Marielle’s personal bubble but not leaning over her, with his hands in his pockets.  “You should probably go out there and steal your girlfriend back.”

“Not stealing her back, more like scaring him off,” Gideon replied with a smirk.  “But if you’re done with me, I’m more than happy to get out there and piss in his Cheerios.”  The half-Bajoran chuckled.

“He’s not so bad.  Can’t really blame him for loving her, can you?” Alexia chuckled softly as she paused.  “If it makes you feel any better, this is how they’ve always been.  It’s just who they are with each other.  But, if you don’t like it, you should probably tell her that.”

“It’s not worth it,” the half-Bajoran revealed with a gentle grin.  “Like you said, he’ll be gone soon and I still get the girl.”  Gideon straightened, pausing before he raised a brow at the science officer.  “I decked Auden for you, by way of Renard.”

At the news, Alexia straightened and quietly poured the rest of her water down the sink before leaving the glass by the side.  Her tongue moved out to wet her lips at the mentioning of Renard.  She tried to say something, anything really, at the revelation but all she could manage was a simple, “Oh.”  She pushed a small smile to her lips.  “How’s Renard doing these days?”  She asked the question as nonchalantly as she could manage, but her emotions coloured her tone easily.

“Seems all right,” Gideon grinned as he considered more.  He had no idea what Renard was like before, so it would be a disservice to assume anything about how he was now compared.  “Worried over Marielle,” the security chief revealed.  “I think that’s normal for him, though?”

She was lost in her own thoughts and memories, and Alexia only nodded in reply.  She offered him a small smile before pointing to the pair outside.  “Well.  Thanks for the favour.  I guess I owe you one.”

Gideon chuckled softly.  “I’ll remember that,” he replied with a wink before turning and walking quickly out of the kitchen, his steps carrying him outside.

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