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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] Roots & Branches: Dinner with the Deniauds

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by Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]

[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 1612.10
Roots & Branches: Dinner with the Deniauds

Dinner was quiet.  Only the sounds of utensils hitting the fine china filled the large ornate dining room.  Marielle was thankful that she was at least seated next to Gideon.  With a slight turn of her head, she could smile at him.

“Salieri,” grumbled Aubert as he sliced into his meat.  The name was grumbled under his breath as if he was trying to place it.

He took a fraction of a second to give Marielle a parting ‘oh, shit’ look before Gideon gently set his fork on his plate and turned his head to the figurehead to his left.  A reserved smile found his lips as he dropped his chin once in acknowledgement.

“Un discendente di Antonio Salieri?  (A descendant of Antonio Salieri?)” asked Aubert, the very same question Renard had asked upon meeting the security officer.

At the question, Gideon’s smile widened a fraction and his blue eyes found Marielle’s brother briefly at the coincidence.  Renard had been quiet since seeing the security chief again.  In truth, he was much more serious and quiet than he was when he was on the Hermes.  Returning his gaze to Aubert, the half-Bajoran nodded.  “Sì, lontanamente.  (Yes, distant.)”  He’d actually done the research after being surprised when Renard asked.  The answer was robotic.  Since learning of his actual parentage, he could claim no tie to the Salieri name at all.

Marielle raised a brow in Gideon’s direction but said nothing.  Renard, on the other hand, gave the security chief a toothy grin - one that immediately disappeared when his eyes caught his father’s.  The eldest Deniaud cleared his throat and went back to his meal.

Valantine sighed at the answer.  “How exciting.  To be related to such a great man,” she cooed.  “You are truly amazing, Senore Gideon.  It’s a shame you didn’t follow your family name’s heritage and instead chose to be a security guard.”

“Officer,” interjected the researcher as she looked across the table to glare at her sister.  “He’s a security officer.”

Her sister only shrugged.  “It doesn’t matter.  You’re still floating around in space in a dreadfully dull ship.”  Valantine and Josephine giggled together.

Marielle narrowed her eyes.  “It is not a ‘dull ship’,” she bit back.  “CASSI is absolutely beautiful, and if you had anything other than trivial-”

Gideon’s foot walked once so that the toe of his shoe pressed gently against her close toed heel.  He hoped the gesture would alleviate her desire to defend him.  It wasn’t worth arguing over.  Then he smiled, blue gaze twinkling in Marielle’s direction a moment.  “I have good company.”  There was a pause.  “Inoltre, Antonio Salieri era una frode.  Suo fratello Martin, il mio discendente diretto, è stato il grande, (Furthermore, Antonio Salieri was a fraud.  His brother, Martin, my direct descendant, was the great one.)” he said quietly as his gaze found Valantine, before raising a brow in Renard’s direction.   Gideon picked up his fork again, skewering a florette of sauteed cauliflower.

Aubert said nothing, and silence filled the space again.

Henriette lifted her chin and looked at her youngest daughter.  “Mariëlle, Lady Violet will be arriving bright and early tomorrow at 0800.  You shall be prompt.”

Her silverware stopped its movement.  “I’m sorry?  Why would-”

“I have an associate who will be arriving for dinner tomorrow evening.  You’ll be there to entertain him.”

Marielle blanched.  “But, Papa.  I have a guest-”

Renard cleared his throat and grinned at his youngest and favourite sister. “Do not worry, little sister.  I can entertain the Great Salieri in your stead.”  He turned to Gideon and nodded once in his direction.

Valantine giggled softly to break the silence in the room.  “So.  Senore Gideon,” she started softly. Despite the volume, it sounded shrill.  “Tell me about life as a security gu- officer.  I want to hear all about your work.”  Her foot lifted and slid along the inside of Gideon’s leg, the side of her toe gently caressing his calf.

He shifted his gaze from Renard toward Valantine and moved his leg out of her reach.  There had been a brief moment of thrill at the sensation, but it was quickly pushed aside when he remembered that it wasn’t Marielle caressing his calf.  Gideon turned slightly toward the woman and described his position in Starfleet as she requested.

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