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What Happens in Nordlingen (Stays in Nordlingen)

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Yari Nazir & Lieutenant Junior Grade Riley Higgs
[Stardate ]

What Happens in Nordlingen (Stays in Nordlingen)
Commander Yari Nazir & Lieutenant J.G. Riley Higgs
Stardate: 201712.18

A good several hours had passed since the party began, and Riley had found herself laughing and having a good time talking with the other officers that had originally taken to a drinking game - to which she declined participation. After a while though, it began to peter off, and she found herself standing there with Nazir. The drink had already started to take her. Whiskey was always a favorite of hers, even if she didn’t drink all that much to begin with. She turned to meet the man face to face, still standing steady, though she could feel the effects of the Driphonalin whiskey warming her from the inside. “You know… you know, I don’t think I’ve told y’before, but you’re really not as scary as you look.” She tossed back the remainder of her glass, and glanced at the bowl, considering another glass full or to pass on it for the time being. She simply could not ignore the fact that everything right now, everything made her feel just so damn good. Or maybe it was just the drink. Or the pixie dust. Or fairy dust. What did they call it again? It didn’t really matter.

Yari Nazir chuckled softly to himself. He kept his arm draped over the fairly newly appointed science officer. He’d yet to make any real determination of her skills as an officer, but the current reports on her were promising. Fingers curled into her bicep. She stood several inches taller than him, but he didn’t mind. He’d never been with a taller woman. The prospect was exciting. It was something to add to his list of traits. “I’m not scary,” he promised as he took another shot. The drink was subtly sweet. To him, it tasted like gingerbread with just the right amount of icing. “I’m very friendly to the right people.”

“Nooo, I get that, but I mean like…” she began, noting to herself that the way her words simply rolled off the tongue so easily was a good indicator that it was time to slow down. “When I first saw you, I just saw someone that was on a mission. Cold and precise during the… uhm… training. But here you are, havin’ a good time with the rest of us. You know, it just shows that you really are okay, you know?” She leaned into him, feeling a fair bit more affectionate. She took a deep breath, actually noticing for the first time that he actually smelled nice. It was obviously a cologne, but it worked with his body chemistry. He knew exactly what kind of aroma to wear, and it worked out very well. “Hope I’m on that list of right people.”

“We’ll see. I bet you’re talented,” he grinned. Quietly, he was already ticking her name off his list. ~Thirty down, seventy-three to go.~ Nazir had hoped for the captain for the evening. Without K’hevok joining Cersei for the party, he had thought an opportunity would have presented itself. Sadly, the captain was proving herself to be the white whale to his Ahab. The executive officer took the fourth shot with ease, tossing back the glass without hesitation. He barely noticed the elf who poured him another serving. “It is good to have you back, Lieutenant. I trust your conference was educational.”

“I like to think so, sir,” she began, “I did get rather high marks at the Academy for th’medical courses, and the thing I went to and just got back from, the conferences and trainup meetings gave me good reviews also. Oh, that reminds me, I still need to give you the documents from that, but my padd is still on the ship.” She almost lamented about that. “I’ll just have to get it to you later.” She thought a bit on how that might work out. It was certainly harder to think at the moment, but the thought was soon interrupted.

He held up a shot glass to her and offered to tip the edge over her lips. “No chatter about work today, Riley- Such a pretty name. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?” Yari chuckled to himself. His baritone dipped as he fell into the persona he knew women adored. “Come on. Drink up. Be a good girl.”

She stared at the shot glass for a moment, debating still if she’d had enough or not. Mentally, she said ‘to hell with it’, deciding that it was a party after all, and their next mission was still some time out. She accepted the glass and looked at it for a moment longer. “You’ve a good way with words, you know that? I don’t know what it is… but I feel like I could just talk to you about whatever.” She tipped the glass back, and down her throat it went. That familiar warm and sweet sensation.

“Talk all you want, Higgs,” he chuckled as he followed her shot with his own. “I’m sure sooner or later we’ll be quiet together. We can communicate in other ways.” The Angosian winked before he lifted both newly refilled glasses for them to enjoy.

Quiet together. The party was awfully loud, wasn’t it? So much laughter and joy, it made her feel good, but such parties and get-togethers were often something she felt a little out of place with. Another shot filled her hands. When did that get there, exactly? Surely she’d drank it already. “It… Say, when is the next shuttle back, anyway? I’m starting to get partied out a little. What about you? I’m liking the idea of the quiet thing. What say we find a spot sooner rather than later?”

“Couple of hours.” Nazir’s amber eyes swept over the room. Jovial cheers sounded over the music. Dancers covered the dance floor. He spotted several of the crew enjoying themselves by the buffet. At her suggestion, he turned his attention the his science officer. He scratched at his jaw. “Quiet, eh? I think we can manage.” He offered his elbow to her. When she slipped her fingers into the crook of his elbow, he led her away from the beverage table and towards one of the empty tables he spotted. It would be his best bet until the next shuttle arrived.

The table was not terribly far away, and near one of the frozen looking walls. The table itself was still of decent size, and the chairs were as well. One of the few that apparently got missed by the shrinky dust. She considered the options and the chairs, but ultimately decided to simply lift the table cloth that draped over the entire thing and hung to the floor, and walked under. While it wasn’t a complete change in volume, it certainly was a noticeable difference. Sounds were a bit more muffled, the laughter a bit more stifled, and the music a bit more distant sounding. She leaned against one of the table legs and took a deep breath. “Big parties really aren’t my thing, you know? There’s always plenty of food and drink, I’ll give it that, but beyond that, I’m… really not good at going to.… mingle.” She looked up at him as if to silently ask for any ideas or words of comfort.

As an elf passed, he stole the tray and winked at the indignant expression he received. He shrugged and simply walked under the table to join her. “No reason to stop our fun.” He offered one of the eight glasses of happy cocktail and lifted the frosty glass. “To alone time.”

She didn't really say much at the offering of the glass, though she did have a briefly passing thought about wondering where the try even came from. Her eyes peered down into the glass of liquid frosted gingerbread whiskey, and simply swirled it around for a moment. “Stopping fun? I didn't have any intention, sir. Actually, that begs a question...what do you do for fun, sir?” She asked the man, tipping her head back to down the beverage.

At this point, she could clearly tell that familiar tingly feeling in her skin. She knew the drinks he'd been passing her were alcoholic, and though she didn't drink often, she wasn't sure why she continued to accept. She only knew these drinks made here feel good. Really good. And this man, Yari, was actually pretty good looking when he was smiling and simply enjoying things. Absentmindedly she reached up to her face to see just how buzzed she was. Enough that it felt unusual, enough that she noticed the tingly feeling coming to her entire body. Everywhere until her waist became jointed artificially to a metal leg. The place where tissue and synthetic tissue met, just before the wiring, that tingled the most. Enough that she rubbed at that spot on her hip. Still, she awaited the answer.

He grinned and leaned slightly towards her, his empty glass placed by his hip. Downing the sweet beverage had been easy and done without hesitation. “I could show you, Higgs.” His hand settled on her knee. Fingers tapped lightly as his palm moved lightly over her real leg. “I’m very good at having fun.” His thoughts were an endless of positions as his imagination went wild. He’d never been with an amazonian-type woman. It would promise to be a challenge he would enjoy completely.

She looked around briefly, almost as if to see if anyone was watching, remembering that they were under a table that must have escaped the shrinking powder that encouraged the festivities in the first place. The warmth that had begun in her stomach from the drink had long since spread through the rest of her body, being accentuated by the warmth of the hand on her thigh. That warmth in turn then began to spread further out to nearby areas that normally wouldn't be expected.

The woman looked back at Yari. Then down at his hand, and back up once more. She looked as if she might have been calculating what to do next. Perhaps it was the environment, or perhaps the drink, or possibly even that she recognized that she was one of few that went that went alone to the party, or some combination thereof, but she stepped closer and spoke more quietly, cautiously, pulling away at the open coat top that her tuxedo bore before it was the floor wearing it.

Her heart rate had increased, and she found herself breathing a fair bit more heavily than one should. “Are you, now? Really that good?”

The question was asked fairly clearly, but her mind… her mind was fuzzy. All the alcohol, the liquor, and her low tolerance made her quite drunk. She noticed that more and more, she’d had a harder time focusing mentally, or even just focusing on something with her eyes. Including Yari. She took another step closer, feeling maybe a little funny, and giving him a little bit of an odd look. “Hey, you know… you’re getting shorter… How are you doin that?” she asked.

Nazir’s eyes widened as his hands lifted and he moved to his feet. He backed away from the woman when a hiccup had her growing a size larger. “Higgs! Quick! Outside!” He quickly turned when it was apparent she hadn’t heard. “No! No! No!"

Little did she realize that it was quite the opposite - she was getting bigger. The effects of the fairy dust was wearing off. Another step closer, and she stumbled. It was then that she blacked out.

Little feet slipped on the floor as he attempted to escape the towering woman as she crashed over him. The table they had used to hide their tiny bodies toppled to one side with Higgs’ sudden spurt of growth. He found his legs pinned under her shoulder. He twisted at the waist and slammed his tiny fist into her bicep. “Lieutenant Higgs! Get up!” He growled when it was clear that the young woman had lost herself in a heavy alcohol slumber. “You have to be kidding me!” he exclaimed in his frustration. “This is not what I meant when I thought I’d have you on me!” He dropped his forehead to the floor several times before he attempted to wave down one of the other party participants to assist him.

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