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The Unwilling Agent

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Yari Nazir, Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud, Lieutenant Commander Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]

The Unwilling Agent
Commander Yari Nazir, Lt. Commander Marielle Deniaud,
& Lt. Commander Gideon Salieri
Stardate: 201712.18

*Takes place before holiday simulation dated 201712.18*

He had no idea why Marielle had showed up to his office and pulled him from his reports. ‘There’s still hours of our shift left.’ As they walked through the corridor, he glanced down at the diminutive woman constantly. His hand lifted to his pips on several occasions as he considered taking them off. When he realized that they weren’t headed toward the holodecks, Gideon left them in place. The half-Bajoran tugged on the hem of his uniform jacket before adjusting the cuffs of his sleeves. Apprehension moved through him as he considered her emotion.

Her fingers were clasped lightly behind her, her thumb drawing gently over the inside of her wrist. She took an easy but confident pace as she walked beside the security chief. “I was thinking dinner tonight,” Marielle offered with a smile, though she didn’t look at him. “Epicure at the Le Bristol Hotel- No. Lasserre. I think you’d like Lasserre. It’s beautiful there- buttercup yellow dining room gilded with potted white orchids and waiters in tailcoats. A pianist playing music softly, but out of sight.”

Cobalt dipped to study her for a moment before he hummed quietly in thought. His hands slipped into his pockets to keep from fidgeting. “Is it a suit sort of place?” Gideon raised his brows but his gaze shifted to the hallway that they moved down. He recognized that ShaeLin Rhaik’s office was at the end and he wondered why they were in the area. There were no name plaques on the doors.

She hummed in confirmation. “It’s one of my favourite restaurants in Paris, especially during the summer.” There was a slight sway to her hips with each of her steps. It was hard not to feel a touch smug at what she’d been able to pull off with the Angosian, but she was happy for Gideon and what it would mean for his career. “Sea bass fillet with porcinis and grapes, perhaps served amid a feathery pile of the most fragrant white truffles,” she sang. “Though, the crêpe suzette is heavenly and I could have that alone.”

He smiled with the melody of her voice and the security chief had to nod. “Sounds good. We’ll have it all and stuff ourselves.” His hand lifted from his pocket to gently caress his fingers down her sleeve. Calloused fingertips brushed lightly over her wrist. It was brief, meant only to relay his affection for the diminutive researcher.

Her joy calmed at his gentle touch and her gaze shifted to the half-Bajoran beside her. “You’re recovering well,” she offered softly. The hallway was empty, but she was mindful of anyone just beyond the next corner.

Redness creeped up his neck and he returned his hand into his pocket. His voice was quiet and subdued as he addressed her. “I guess once you’ve been through it- Gets easier.” In the days since their return, he’d spent his time in Sickbay to have his knee reconstructed again. There was a lingering ache in his body from the drugs that he’d been injected with but he had no desire to burden his girlfriend with the information.

Marielle sighed silently to herself. She never did understand why he was so against public displays of affection when he was in uniform. It wasn’t as if any of the other officers aboard the Aldrin didn’t know they were seeing one another. She frowned at his reasoning and stopped just beyond the proximity sensor to their destination. “It shouldn’t ever get easier- It shouldn’t have happened.” Her head tilted to one side and she smiled sadly up at him. “I was actually thinking you and I could take a holiday after this. I have to visit my family and play the doting maid of honour to my bestie’s wedding. I’ll be gone for two weeks- I was going to use my shore leave, but apparently we’re heading to Earth after this diplomatic mission to Nordlingen. You could join me, if you’d like.”

A genuine smile pulled at the corners of his mouth and Gideon nodded to the physicist. “I’d love to. Alexia?” When Marielle confirmed the name of her best friend, the half-Bajoran chuckled quietly in self-congratulations. It was always a good thing to remember your girlfriend’s best friend’s name. “Yes, sure. I’ll talk to Commander Rhaik when we’re done here.” He paused and raised his brows in question. “If we’ll have time before dinner?”

She shrugged. “You don’t really answer to her anymore.” A single step had her moving towards the door before he could even question it and the entrance slid open once she entered the proximity sensor to Commander Yari Nazir’s office.

He stood in the hallway for several seconds, stunned at her proclamation. The security chief furrowed his brows and slowly walked into the executive officer’s meeting space. Gideon hid his surprise and confusion with a nod toward the Angosian. His posture stiffened instinctively as he silently questioned why Marielle had brought him to Yari’s office.

Nazir looked up from his PADD. He took a moment to glance between the department heads before pointing to the seats in front of his desk. “Did you tell him?” he asked the diminutive woman.

“That kind of defeats the whole ‘Don’t tell anyone’ credo,” she quipped flatly. She slid into one of the chairs and leaned back against the cushion. Her hands rested on her lap, her feet crossing at the ankles.

“You got lippy real fast, didn’t you?” The Angosian smirked and he watched as she simply shrugged. “I kinda like you like this. Definitely better than the whole goodie goodie act. Though, I still wouldn’t mind a chance at corrupting-”

“He’s here, so someone can tell him what’s going on.” Gideon resisted the urge to frown as he lowered into the chair next to the diminutive researcher. Possessiveness moved through him and he leaned closer to Marielle in silent claim to her. ‘No corrupting my girlfriend,’ he internally growled at Yari.

He turned his gaze towards the half-Bajoran and his lips formed a thin line. If he didn’t want the researcher’s skills so badly, he would have simply walked away from her ultimatum. It hadn’t been until she left that the Angosian realized she’d used her innocence to get what she wanted. He was still trying to determine if Deniaud had been all too aware of what she was doing. “You’re now a new Intelligence agent. Congratulations. Don’t tell anyone.” Nazir glanced down at his PADD.

His jaw dropped slightly but he quickly clenched his teeth. The half-Bajoran turned his chin to glance at Marielle, the question apparent in his features. Gideon huffed quietly before looking back at the commander. “Intel- What?” His brows furrowed as he turned to look at the theorist. “Voglio questo? (Do I want this?)”

It took considerable effort not to roll his eyes. “Starfleet Intelligence. SFI,” he stated flatly. Nazir waved towards Marielle. “She’s one. She needs a partner.” Per the research chief’s request, he bit his tongue from revealing that she had only agreed to become an agent if the invitation was extended to the half-Bajoran. “Been watching you for a while. Your recovery from our last mission solidified my decision.” In the hour since he last saw the chief researcher, the Angosian had been searching for a valid reason to give for the inevitable ‘Why?’ that was bound to slip from the half-Bajoran. Salieri’s ability to withstand his captivity at the hands of his enemy seemed to work.

“So di cosa si tratta, stronzo. (I know what it is, asshole.)” He contained a glare toward the Angosian as he glanced sideways at Yari. Gideon returned his cobalt to Marielle. There was a pause before he straightened and returned his attention to the executive officer.

Her hand reached out and she gently squeezed his knee. “This is good for our careers, Gideon,” she smiled gently at him as she sought to calm his annoyance.

“Thank you?” There was some hesitation in the way the news had been delivered. ‘Normally one is asked, but I guess if it means being your partner.’ He sighed softly and lowered his hand to rest over hers. Gideon squeezed her fingers gently. The gesture was far from his comfort zone in front of Nazir but he needed to assure Marielle that he was receptive to the idea.

She fought from frowning at him, skillfully managing to keep her soft smile and cheerful disposition. “Remember how you used to complain about not getting all the information before we stepped foot into a situation? That won’t happen now.” Marielle hoped logic would allow her to reach him. “You’ll be better equipped to protect everyone. No more guessing.”

Gideon nodded again as he shifted his gaze from the researcher to the executive officer. “Yes, okay. Thank you. Career, information, great.” The security chief couldn’t help but smirk toward Marielle. “Roba da spia super segreta. Te l'avevo detto, (Super secret spy stuff. I told you so.)” he murmured in her direction.

She chuckled softly and turned to Nazir. “We’re heading off for a holiday. Two weeks.”

The half-Bajoran’s features deadpanned as he glanced quickly between Yari and Marielle. “Wait, he’s the boss now?” A finger lifted to point at the Angosian in disbelief.

“I was always the boss,” he replied flatly. He stared at Gideon for a breath before looking to the research chief. “I knew you were going, but I didn’t think he was-”

“He needs to recover from that hell of a mission,” she stated flatly. “Two weeks. We’re heading to Earth anyways. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to rest?”

Nazir’s eye twitched. “I don’t hear you asking-”

“I’m not.” Marielle gave him a dazzling smile as she innocently shrugged. “It was one ugly mission. You can’t tell me he doesn’t deserve it. Besides, if he’s to be my partner, I need him at his best.”

His expression remained blank as he stared at the diminutive woman. Gideon had been invited to dinner, asked to join Marielle on a visit to her family, and broadsided with his admission into the secretive service. ‘Che cazzo?’ He was feeling a tad overwhelmed. His lips formed a thin line and he turned his gaze to study the executive officer.

There was a beat of silence as they stared at each other, their expressions changing ever so slightly as they conversed through their eyes alone. When Nazir’s brow lifted in question, her eyes had narrowed in response. When his head tilted to the side in rebuttal, her shoulders had lifted in an innocent shrug. They continued this way for several minutes, the Angosian and the physicist seemingly having a battle of wills through their shared gaze.

“Fine.” His eyes rolled to the ceiling briefly. He never thought he’d be the first to break, but the small sacrifice of having a mediocre agent at the top of his game was far more beneficial if it meant that the research chief was a willing Starfleet Intelligence agent. It would mean one step closer to his ultimate goal. He reached for the third PADD in one of the stacks of devices on the corner of his desk. He scrolled through the information and pressed his thumb to the surface. He shook his head. “Dismissed.”

Marielle grinned and she pushed to her feet. “Excellent. Thanks, Commander!” she exclaimed brightly, as if the security chief’s leave had been Yari’s idea. She turned to face the door and waited for Gideon to walk with her before she made her way to the exit.

He followed her in silence until the door slid aside to allow them escape from the small space. Gideon leaned toward Marielle and whispered into her ear. “Do we get code names?” An innocent but excited glint colored his cobalt.

She giggled as she made her way down the hallway towards the turbolift. She took an easy pace to remain by his side. “I don’t think so. Why? Did you have one for yourself or for me?” Marielle crossed the threshold into the lift and commanded CASSI to take them to the senior officer’s quarters deck.

“You’re Mischief,” he informed her with a smirk. “Through and through. What was that all about?” Questions came flooding into his mind and it took a lot of willpower to keep from firing them all at her at once.

“What was?” Her hand touched the panel by the door to pause the turbolift. She looked up at him with a devious glint in her eye, her hand flattening on his chest as she pushed him back towards the wall with a few small steps. Her other hand came up, fingers toying with his pips before she removed them and slipped the small metal into his pocket.

His back flattened against the wall and his eyes darkened when she relieved him of his rank insignia. Gideon released a slow and steadying breath as he tried to make himself okay with whatever Marielle had planned. He caressed his fingertips up her sleeve and toward her neck. His inner voices shouted at each other with his internal battle. ‘It’s damn hot! Remember under your desk?! It’s against regulations! We’ve already done it in forbidden places- It was wrong! How the Hell are you going to tell that vixen no?’ He gently pulled the three discs from her collar and followed her lead to drop them in her pocket. “Later,” he whispered in a low and husky voice.

She never understood why he cared to remove the pips from her collar when she didn’t view physical affection while on duty as poorly as the half-Bajoran, but it wasn’t worth the argument. Fingers toyed with his uniform jacket as she pressed against him. Her eyes batted innocently as she looked up at him. “You sure?” she giggled softly, her tone teasing him in more ways than one. “Could just celebrate later- Maybe at dinner.”

“You’ve got me here,” he murmured as he curled his fingers at the nape of her neck. Gideon leaned toward her and placed a hesitant kiss to her lips. The hint of her taste - coffee, chocolate, and a touch of vanilla - warmed his tongue and he quickly threw caution to the wind. ‘Prima di perdere is coraggio.’ His internal whine was silenced as he pulled Marielle against him. “Here and at dinner, for dessert,” he moaned as desire overwhelmed him. His lips found hers and he turned his chin to deepen their kiss.

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