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Personal Log- Lt.Jg. NightWing K'Trevala

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Night K'Trevala
[Stardate ]

Login After the tsunami simulation was over, NightWing spent time in the lounge going over every last little detail of what had been going on in the mission from arrival to setup and where it all had bogged down there and then  how they treated each of the victims and their families that came in. She knew that she and Riley were capable of setting up a field hospital and running it with a minimum of  fuss, they’d done it before together with the rest of the Aldrin crew for those snake people. She also knew that each situation was different from the ones they faced before and they needed to adapt their past experiences and training to best suit the situation at hand. She sipped at a mug of cider as she wrote out her report and added recommendations for streamlining the procedures in setting things up for next time. She was still slightly miffed that she couldn’t have brought along her favorite backpack of extras she had found to need in many emergency  situations, but apparently  they wanted to see how well the team could think on their feet when the chips were down. She STILL thought that they needed to have seminars on what people already knew and were able to teach the others so that the knowledge was more widespread  instead of just being limited to one or two that might be incapacitated at any  time and so were unable to  pass along the requisite knowledge. She wrote another note to her director to suggest the general subjects seminars, like how to deal with cold weather or rain forest conditions or any  other topic that they might need. She also wrote that it wouldn’t hurt to have the people crosstrain in other areas besides their primary field, bringing up the problems Voyager had in having to rely for much of the return voyage on the EMH for their medical needs. No, she was not advocating that everyone was trained to a PhD or equivalent level in a second or even third field, but at least have the basics down in several other areas and at least First  Responder equivalency status for their Medical training, more than just basic First Aid and CPR.
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