USF Personal Log
USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings image
PL SD 170804.21

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander K'hevok
[Stardate ]

Computer, Personal Log.

<Computer> Recording.

This log is being given by Commander Khevok. The Commander has been through quite an ordeal, recovering from a very serious illness which was contracted on Barat II. In order to heal, The Commander went into a Vulcan trance. While in this trance the
Commander's two psyche's were independent entities. They communicated as separate entities, until they started to merge. It was during this merging that the Commander reached a level of healing that required him to be forced into consciousness.

To accomplish this, a strong phaser blast was used. The blast was effective, restoring the Commander to consciousness. However, a side effect of the ordeal was to render the Commander with a case of amnesia, as well as cause both psyches to be prominent
at the same time. In the past, one psyche, either the Vulcan or the Klingon, was prominent, with the occasional overlapping of psyches However, this time both of them remained active.

The amnesia returned the Commander to several years in the past, when there were several crew members on board the Aldrin that had departed for one reason or another. After some time, the Commander began to remember various recent events. These memories
were generally acknowledged by one of the two psyches, and the other psyche accepted the memory.

One other strange result of the merging was the two psyches considered the other to be a separate being. When the Commander spoke, it was as if the two psyches were both communicating at the same time, resulting in the Commander communicating as if two
entities were speaking at the same time.

Computer, pause recording.

<Computer> Paused.

We need to consult with the Counselor as soon as possible to see if we have sustained any irreparable damage. If this continues, it may be detrimental to our position on the Aldrin.

Computer, resume recording.

<Computer> Recording.

We have decided that, in order to affirm that we can continue functioning properly aboard the Aldrin, the we will make an appointment with a counselor as soon as possible.

Computer, end recording. Log as personal log, limited access, highest priority.

<Computer> Recording complete. Logged as requested.
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