USF Personal Log
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PL-What the heck have we gotten ourselves into?-LtJg NightWing K'Trevala

USS Aldrin Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Night K'Trevala
[Stardate ]

After Shore Leave on Earth, we were sent out here to this facility for some sort of training with a secrecy cloud that I could understand if we were supposed to be training for protecting the Federation President, but SHEESH!!!!!!!!!!!! They treat this place like it's Starfleet's equivalent of the old USA's Area 51 or the facility written about in old Michael Crichton's "The Andromeda Strain". And to top it all off, no personal gear and CADET uniforms?!?!?!?! Even the cadets over at the Academy have some of their things from home. They are already giving me a headache on top of the one that I still have the residuals from in keeping Marielle among us. Would that I could have managed to keep Van Vranken alive as well just so I could wring his scrawny neck myself, but maybe it is better and more apropos that he died by the very bug that he created. I regret I couldn't have saved him, but what happened to him probably was more fitting in the long run. I'm going to HAVE to do some exploring to find this level's Sickbay or a Triage station. A 3% Hydrocortilene hypospray should help deal with it, at least enough to get some rest.
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