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The Bet. SL by LtCdr Marielle Deniaud and FstLt Gideon Salieri

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]

[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 1707.31
The Bet

Cana Graves stormed into the security department office and looked around quickly.  “Where the frak is he?!” she screamed out loudly.  The nurse pushed down the aisle of desks.

Sreagon blinked up at Graves, glancing around at the others before he asked the obvious question.  “Where is who?”  It was the last day of the shore leave and everyone had returned from their respective visits to family nearby.  The Rigelian was one of the few who had remained on board the entire time.  His family was nowhere near Earth.

“That sniveling piece of crap, Jonathan Battey!” she exclaimed.  “He screwed the odds for Team Gidelle!  Now it’s fifty to one that Ellie ends up with someone else!”

Jonathan sunk into his chair, hoping to hide behind Huntsman.  He pleaded up at Mark as the lanky southerner glanced over his shoulder at him.  “Please don’t let her see me,” he whispered desperately.

Jessie Jessup and Rico Suave both glanced at each other, then pointed discreetly toward Huntsman.  Mark raised his hands in innocence, shaking his head emphatically at Cana.  

The nurse’s brown eyes narrowed and she made her way towards the tower of the man.  “Move!” she ordered Huntsman.

Mark glanced over his shoulder, shrugging at Battey.  “Nice knowin you, man.”  Huntsman stepped aside quickly as Cana nearly bowled him over.

“What did you do!?” she screamed at Battey.  Cana bent over the front of the desk, reaching over the surface to grab at the security officer’s uniform.

Jonathan pushed back quickly, the rolling chair carrying him just out of reach.  “Anya and I invited them down to Foudyar for a short holiday!”

She pushed off the surface, toppling over the small stack of padds. Her steps were quick as she rounded around the desk to grab at him again.  “Marielle has just told me she’s thinking about accepting the next invitation to a date!” Cana screamed out.  “I’ve already had to threaten three men to stay the hell away from her!”

Sreagon’s eyes widened and he edged his way toward the door.

Ryan Winnetka folded his arms over his chest as he took one step towards the department’s entrance.  He remained steadfast in his position as he pressed the panel to force the doors to shut behind him.  “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked the Rigelian.  He was met with silence.  He glanced around the room.  “No one is leaving.”

Battey whimpered, shrinking away from Cana.  “I was just trying to help.  Anya and I, we shared a cabin when them.”  He looked at her, hands raised against the chance she was going to hit him.

The nurse glared down at him.  “What.  The.  Hell.  Happened?!”

“I don’t know!”  Jonathan shook his head.  “They went out to play in the snow or something and he stormed back in.  Ellie didn’t come back.”

“And then what?!”

Battey bit his lip, wincing back at Cana’s venom.  “He made her hot chocolate and went to bed.  Ellie didn’t come back the next day.  The Lodge called and said she had gotten a suite in the resort for the night then took a passing transport back.”

Cana straightened and rubbed her face with a hand while the other rested on her hip.  Her jaw clenched.  “This is a frakking mess.” She turned her attention to Ryan.  “He say anything to you?”

Winnetka just shrugged a shoulder.  “Sulking as usual.”

She growled.  “This is a frakking mess!  I’m done waiting!”

Jessup blinked as he glanced around.  “What’re you going to do?”

“I’m locking them in a damn room and they’re not allowed to leave until they figure it out!”

Jackson Mccaslin glanced at the others, frowning a bit before looking at Cana.  “You sure that’s the best way to do this?  It’s just a bet.  It’s their lives you’re messing with.”

Her head snapped in Jackson’s direction.  “You’re new, so you clearly don’t get that those two have been driving the rest of us nuts for months!”

He raised his brows, looking for any sign of support from the others.  Upon receiving none, Mccaslin raised his hands in surrender and stepped back.

“They’re either hot or cold.  Friends.  Then flirting.  Then not,” grumbled Jessup.  “I wish he’d just make a choice so the rest of us could get on with our lives.”

“Yeah.  Some of us would like a chance to ask her out,” agreed Sreagon.

Ryan ignored the banter as he glanced up at Cana.  “Tomorrow is bake night.”

“Yeah.  What of it?”  The nurse was still glaring at Battey.

Winnetka shrugged.  “Let’s put them in the kitchen together and lock the doors.”

“That- That might work.”  Cana tapped her her chin with her finger.  She grinned at Ryan.  “That’s a good idea.”

“Sure.  That’d work if he’d actually go see her,” Battey turned to Ryan.  “But it sounded like Ellie didn’t want a thing to do with him.  How are you going to get him to that kitchen?”

Her head turned slowly to stare at Jonathan.  “What was that?” she hissed out slowly.  “What I’m hearing is that since you frakked this up for all of us, you’ve got to be the one to frakking get him into that kitchen in the first place.”

Pierce shook his head.  “Hell no,” he held his hands up.  “I’m not going to get in on that.  If either one of them finds out, they’d have your heads.”

Jessup glanced at a PADD in his hand, then glared up at Winnetka.  “No fair, you have tomorrow night.”

Ryan smirked toward Jessie.  “Not my fault you can’t count.”

Sreagon leaned his elbow on his desk and pointed at Cana and Ryan specifically.  “Seriously, you guys should just listen to Jackson.  Gidelle is dead.  Just bury it and let them move on with their lives,” he offered.

Huntsman nodded.  “They’ve had plenty of opportunity.”  He shifted as he glanced toward Sreagon, his arms crossed over his chest.

Cana glared at Sreagon and Huntsman.  “Just remember that if you two are injured, you have to deal with me in Sickbay.”  They both stared at her with open jaws.  The nurse looked satisfied.  “Okay.  Ellie will probably be baking.  Who’s going to get Giddy into that kitchen?”

All hands pointed to Jonathan Battey, who looked around bewildered before slumping his shoulders and looking at Cana.  “Aww, c’mon.”

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