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  Commander Yari Nazir, SD
USS Aldrin Simulation Record - SD: 1708.28
Login Sim Log: USS Aldrin - 201708.28 USS Aldrin Log, SD: 201708.28
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[22:04:03] M-5:     =/\=  USS Aldrin
[22:04:03]M-5:     =/\=  201708.28 2204:03 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:04:03]M-5:     =/\=  MB: Mission Brief.  SD 1708.28 at
[22:04:03]M-5:     =/\=  Present: LtCmdrBryton, LtJg_NightWing, M-5, LtCdrShaeLinRhaik, CaptCerseiNaal, FstLtGideonSalieri, LtJg_Higgs, DrTytianMallister, USFNazir, DrbaTaliaRavel
[22:04:16]LtJg_Higgs: ::AA::
[22:04:21]--: cmdrMaxAndrocoliss (Mibbit@mib-44A55616.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:04:27]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::AA::
[22:04:30]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::AA::
[22:04:36]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::AA::
[22:04:39]cmdrMaxAndrocoliss: ::AA::
[22:04:39]DrTytianMallister: ::AA::
[22:04:45]LtJg_NightWing: ::AA::
[22:05:20]LtCmdrBryton: ::AA::
[22:05:28]CaptCerseiNaal: Welcome!
[22:05:38]USFNazir: ::he sidles up to his CO::
[22:06:09]CaptCerseiNaal: We're short Miss Deniaud tonight, and a couple other players, but still things to accomplish.
[22:06:18]CaptCerseiNaal: The brief was rather brief, but did everyone read?
[22:06:22]FstLtGideonSalieri: Aye.
[22:06:37]LtJg_Higgs: Yes, ma'am.
[22:06:44]LtJg_NightWing: Aye ma'am
[22:06:46]CaptCerseiNaal: Any questions?
[22:06:56]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::was nodding, now shakes head::
[22:07:41]LtJg_NightWing: no ma'am
[22:07:49]LtJg_Higgs: none from me.
[22:08:04]CaptCerseiNaal: Okay.  We begin in the cargo bay.  This is going to be a Med/Science simulation since that's all we seem to have today.
[22:08:11]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::raises a brow::
[22:08:19]CaptCerseiNaal: ::waves off Salieri::
[22:08:23]--: LtCmdrBryton (Mibbit@mib-AC4797F0.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:08:26]USFNazir: ::he smirks::
[22:08:33]LtJg_Higgs: ::cough::
[22:08:36]--: LtCmdrBryton (Mibbit@mib-AC4797F0.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:08:40]LtJg_NightWing: ;;sighs;;
[22:10:02]CaptCerseiNaal: I'm guessing no questions.
[22:10:32]cmdrMaxAndrocoliss: ::raises hand::
[22:10:40]CaptCerseiNaal: Commander?
[22:10:58]cmdrMaxAndrocoliss: where can I get some good nachoes?
[22:11:08]cmdrMaxAndrocoliss: :D
[22:11:14]CaptCerseiNaal: Peanut gallery.  ::motions to NightWing:: Set him up.
[22:11:50]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:12:04]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::gathered in the cargo bay with the rest of the medical staff::
[22:12:33]LtJg_NightWing: Yes  ma'am'' sets up the Lurker's lounge with   Steak and muenster  hoagies Crab rolls and seven layer nachoes along  with everything  else that might be desired;;
[22:12:40]LtCmdrBryton: ::standing in the cargo bay, waiting for everyone to arrive::
[22:12:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::For the third time, she had now gathered with everyone for another mystery mission. She couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive.::
[22:13:23]LtJg_NightWing: ;;heads for the cargo bay with  the basic  medkit on her waist like usual;;
[22:13:56]DrTytianMallister: ::in the cargo bay, standing near Ravel::
[22:14:12]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::standing next to Bryton, hands held behind her back::
[22:14:38]CaptCerseiNaal: # ::watching from the observation lounge::
[22:15:02]LtJg_Higgs: ::She leans to whoever is next to her that night:: So... any word on tonight's surprise?
[22:15:12]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::in the cargo bay, glancing toward ShaeLin with a grumpy frown::
[22:16:15]DrTytianMallister: ::glances toward Higgs, shakes his head::  I don't imagine it would be much of a surprise if anyone knew.
[22:17:30]LtJg_Higgs: Well that's kinda the idea isn't it? Going into these simulated missions blind like this makes them damn near impossible.
[22:17:31]LtCmdrBryton: ::clears his throat as he steps forward::  Welcome, all.
[22:17:48]LtJg_NightWing: Commander
[22:19:01]LtCmdrBryton: ::nods::  Today we're providing medical support to a planet that has just been ravaged by a tsunami.
[22:19:09]LtJg_Higgs: ::She stands back to full attention::
[22:19:52]LtCmdrBryton: ::motions toward gathered officers::  Full medical kits are being provided.  This will be a test of your triage skill.
[22:20:05]LtJg_NightWing: ;;raises her hand;;
[22:20:29]LtCmdrBryton: Retrieve a pack and we'll beam to the simulation.
[22:20:42]LtJg_Higgs: ::Finally. This felt like an area she could do well in. After the desert planet and mega storm and nonstop triage, this couldn't be worse.::
[22:21:02]LtCmdrBryton: ::glances toward NightWing::  K'Trevala?
[22:21:06]LtJg_NightWing: how wide a swath did this  tsunami affect?
[22:21:19]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::glances toward Gideon:: You are to provide their security detail.
[22:22:12]LtCmdrBryton: The area of destruction isn't important.  Wounded are being ambulated to a safe zone.
[22:22:34]LtJg_Higgs: ::She raises her own hand::
[22:22:35]LtJg_NightWing: ;;nods, but  is still troubled;;
[22:22:44]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::slight nod, still uneasy since he can't sense anyone::
[22:23:09]LtCmdrBryton: ::looks at Riley:: Higgs?
[22:23:11]LtJg_Higgs: Current known injury count and most common injury type?
[22:23:35]LtCmdrBryton: We'll find out when we get there.
[22:24:05]LtCmdrBryton: ::glances around, brows raised as he waits for any other questions::
[22:24:14]LtJg_Higgs: ~Probably something we're not prepared for, considering the trend of things~ ::She thought to herself::
[22:24:35]USFNazir: ::he has joined Cersei in the observation lounge, his hands are held behind his back as he watches the screen::
[22:24:43]LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[22:24:52]LtJg_Higgs: ::She gives Nightwing a knowing glance. This was their AO.::
[22:25:02]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::nods toward Salieri and then walks out of the cargo bay toward the observation lounge::
[22:25:20]LtCmdrBryton: K'Trevala
[22:25:37]LtCmdrBryton: ?
[22:25:56]LtJg_NightWing: has there been any shelters set up for the evacuees already?
[22:26:00]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::picks up a tactical pack from the officer that offers it to him::
[22:26:31]LtCmdrBryton: There are shelters but they aren't equipped to handle injuries.
[22:26:40]LtJg_NightWing: alright thank you
[22:26:52]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Officers walk around and hand out medical kits to the Aldrin crew.      =/\=
[22:27:05]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::nods as she takes a pack and slings it over her shoulder::
[22:27:19]LtJg_Higgs: ::She accepts her own medical kit, proceeding to run through a quick check on it's contents::
[22:27:21]DrTytianMallister: ::shoulders his pack and then opens it to look over the contents::
[22:27:32]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: # ::enters the observation lounge::
[22:27:49]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gets  the expedition medkit as well as the smaller one she has and  checks over the contents;;
[22:27:51]USFNazir: # ::he looks over at ShaeLin and gives her a slow once over::
[22:28:44]LtCmdrBryton: Excellent.  ::nods toward the officer at the console::
[22:29:01]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The crew in the cargo bay are all beamed planetside.      =/\=
[22:29:33]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Their immediate area is barren and desolate.  In the near distance, they can see the remnants of a town that was recently washed away.      =/\=
[22:29:53]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Debris is piled everywhere.  The ground is wet and muddy.      =/\=
[22:30:14]LtJg_Higgs: ::Immediatly, the tricorder came out::
[22:30:26]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::soft hiss as he pulls his phaser rifle off his shoulder and scans the area:: We need solid ground.
[22:31:05]LtJg_NightWing: ;;looks over the setup that has been established for the evacuees;;  We need to find fallen  fronds to cover the area where the ground is most stable to get the people  out of the mud
[22:31:23]LtCmdrBryton: ::moves to join his fellow directors in the observation lounge::
[22:32:04]DrTytianMallister: It appears the tsunami has just occurred.  We'll start getting an influx of wounded once we've set up a field hospital.
[22:32:13]DrbaTaliaRavel: Field hospital?  With what equipment?
[22:32:44]LtJg_Higgs: With our kits, I presume. It's hardly enough to create a hospital. We might have to create makeshift supplies.
[22:32:45]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Three crates materialize in front of the away team.      =/\=
[22:32:51]LtJg_NightWing: Also we need to find bamboo-like materials to  make hanging posts and other useful items  to help with the patients
[22:33:23]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::glances up toward the sky:: Have kids?  With what man?
[22:33:48]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::blinks toward the half Klingon doctor and then raises a brow::
[22:33:56]LtJg_Higgs: Anyway, let's see what they've sent us in the boxes, hey?
[22:34:01]DrTytianMallister: ::shakes his head::  Let's see what's in the crates.
[22:34:13]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::shrugs:: It was worth a try.  ::approaches the crates::
[22:34:37]USFNazir: # ::he snickers to himself:: I volunteer as tribute.
[22:34:49]CaptCerseiNaal: # ::shakes her head and frowns toward Yari::
[22:34:49]LtJg_NightWing: Ravel, you and Higgs look through the crates and see what we have Riley I  know  you've set up field hospitals with me  before, let's show them  how  it's done;; gets busy working on getting everything  set up;;
[22:35:00]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: # ::rolls her eyes::
[22:36:02]LtCmdrBryton: # Last I knew, you were shooting blanks Nazir.
[22:36:03]LtJg_Higgs: Yes ma'am. May I suggest we relocate closer to the ruined town to make casualty transport easier?
[22:36:38]USFNazir: # ::he folds his arms over his chest and smirks:: A low blow from a dull mind.
[22:36:44]LtJg_Higgs: :: She'd begin to open the first crate as directed.::
[22:36:53]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::heading to the second crate and cracking it open::
[22:37:05]DrTytianMallister: ::prying open the third::
[22:37:15]LtJg_NightWing: only if it is  higher than  here we don't know if there will be any aftershocks that will cause any secondary tsunamis
[22:37:22]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Within the crates are the basic necessities to set up a field triage area.      =/\=
[22:37:48]FstLtGideonSalieri: There's no sign of life out here.  How are they going to know to come this way?
[22:37:59]LtJg_Higgs: Well what do you know... we've got a field hospital.
[22:38:16]LtJg_NightWing: ;;starts gathering wood and the like to start a  bonfire;;
[22:38:36]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::moving quickly to empty her crate and set up the portable generator::
[22:39:15]DrTytianMallister: ::has pieces for three temporary surgical beds, putting them together::
[22:39:40]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::head on a swivel since he has no tricorder and no empathic skill::
[22:39:44]LtJg_Higgs: ::She turned to look more inland.:: While I would agree, ma'am, the tsunami looks to have reached pretty far inland. We're likely not much better here than there in regards to another wave.
[22:40:15]LtJg_NightWing: ;;looks to see  if there is a large tarp and rope that they can set up to act as a  canopy over the medical area with smaller tarps to act as curtains for the different  areas;;
[22:40:35]LtJg_Higgs: ::She'd attempt to take a reading on current ocean currents, extending out as far as the tricorder would allow. If satisfactory, she'd proceed to help in setting up.::
[22:40:43]LtCmdrBryton: # ::looking at the timer::  Decent time to set up.  Could stand to streamline the process.
[22:41:33]USFNazir: # They've got three minutes before casualties arrive.
[22:42:33]LtJg_Higgs: ::She'd unload the generator, dissapointed ther her tricorder presented no results for water, being too far away, and begin to power it up.::
[22:42:41]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps working on  getting  the tarp set up  like a Bedouin tent  for simplicity and  starts getting  the medical  equipment  inside while getting fallen  fronds to cover the floor area;;
[22:43:26]DrbaTaliaRavel: Generator set up and I'm charging five more regenerators.
[22:43:59]DrTytianMallister: Three surgical tables are prepped.  Just need some containment fields.
[22:44:08]LtJg_NightWing: good ;;gets the surgical tables placed along with the  lights ready for business;;
[22:45:12]LtJg_NightWing: Doc we may have to forgo containment fields and rely on keeping things as close to sterile as possible
[22:45:24]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  A loud vehicle approaches.  The engine sounds like an old diesel from prewarp civilizations.      =/\=
[22:45:51]LtJg_NightWing: ok Incominglet's see what we've  got
[22:45:52]DrTytianMallister: ::raises a brow, but nods::
[22:46:15]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::moves around the group to stand between the medical personnel and the approaching vehicle, squinting to watch it come in::
[22:46:34]LtJg_Higgs: Alright, generator two and three coming online.
[22:46:34]LtJg_Higgs: I'm getting a minor feedback error in the anabolic protoplases in the first relay.
[22:46:34]LtJg_Higgs: I say we play it as we go. That said, sounds like we're about to be busy.
[22:46:56]LtJg_NightWing: agreed Riley
[22:47:15]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The vehicle has large knobby tires and is lifted a meter off the ground.  It has a four door cab and a cargo bed.      =/\=
[22:47:27]LtJg_Higgs: Aha! Got it. Feedback taken care of. Just had to rephase the gateways. Protoplase online.
[22:47:54]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::scanning the vehicle for its driver::
[22:48:06]LtJg_Higgs: That's strange though, it should normally be self calibrating...
[22:48:37]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The truck rumbles to a stop, the door opens, and a small woman drops to the ground.  She begins shouting in a foreign language, but she seems quite upset as she motions to the back of the truck.      =/\=
[22:48:50]LtJg_NightWing: let's get two  lines going and  send the worst straight to Surgery, if there is  no chance for survival then  pass them  over we need to save as many and some of the most greivous will take up resources that others could use
[22:49:02]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::approaching the truck, wide berth toward the back::
[22:49:04]LtJg_Higgs: Alright.
[22:49:20]LtJg_NightWing: Gideon  help her get whoever's back there  out
[22:49:22]DrTytianMallister: ::also approaching with a stretcher in hand::
[22:49:28]LtJg_Higgs: ::She hurries over to take a look towards where the upset woman was pointing.::
[22:50:20]LtJg_NightWing: ;;nods  and mentally prepares  herself for "Meatball Surgery'' for the incoming  wounded;;
[22:50:28]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The loud drone of engines begins to fill the air as more vehicles approach.      =/\=
[22:51:03]LtJg_Higgs: ::She noted to herself that this was going to be pretty much the same as that desert planet::
[22:51:11]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::peers into the bed of the truck and immediately drops the rifle, letting it hang over his back as he climbs in::  It's a kid!
[22:51:18]LtJg_NightWing: ;;tries setting a place   aside for incoming  air craft to offload their wounded;;
[22:51:33]LtJg_Higgs: ::She sets her tricorder to pretty much active scan mode.:
[22:51:37]LtJg_NightWing: ok I'll take him what can you see  is  wrong?
[22:51:52]DrTytianMallister: ::drops the stretcher and waits at the end of the bed, waving his hands:: Bring her here!
[22:52:10]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::picks up the toddler and hands her off toward Mallister::
[22:52:26]LtJg_NightWing: ;;turns up the  lights and   gets the surgical area ready;;
[22:52:52]DrTytianMallister: ::doing a physical check as he takes the kid and carries her toward NightWing:: Not breathing, pale, clammy skin.  Probably drowned.
[22:53:01]LtJg_Higgs: ::She begins to look over the other personnel in the first vehicle.::
[22:53:16]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The woman with Higgs is hysterical and combative.      =/\=
[22:53:57]LtJg_NightWing: ;;has her tricorder ready as well before  getting  the toddler and hanging  her  over her arm to start trying to  pump the  water out of the lungs and try to get her breathing  again;;
[22:54:07]DrTytianMallister: ::places the girl on the table in front of NightWing, starts doing compressions on her chest:: Oxygen.
[22:54:25]LtJg_Higgs: ::She holds up hner hands open towards the woman, and attempts to speak in a calmer and more gentle tone.:: Ma'am, please, it's going to be alright, but please calm down.
[22:54:26]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::waiting near the edge of their little camp, ready for more casualties to come in::
[22:54:50]CaptCerseiNaal: Woman> ::wailing as she attempts to get close to her daughter::
[22:54:55]LtJg_NightWing: ;; intubates her  and starts using the  ambubag set up as well as a  triox  compound  hypo
[22:55:22]LtJg_NightWing: Come  on   you have too  much  living to do
[22:55:27]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::jumps down from the truck and glances back at the approaching vehicles:: Oh, that's a lot.
[22:55:37]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps working on the  girl;;
[22:55:52]LtJg_Higgs: ::The kid that was offloaded a moment ago. Of course.:: Ma'am, we will do everything in our power to help her, but I need you to please stand aside so we can proprely care for them.
[22:56:14]LtCmdrBryton: # ::looks again at the chronometer::  Acceptable.  Could be better.
[22:56:35]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gets the AED to try shocking the little girl's  heart into going again;;
[22:56:45]LtJg_NightWing: Clear!
[22:57:01]DrTytianMallister: ::hands up:: Go!
[22:57:28]LtJg_NightWing: ;;shocks the girl and watches as her  body spasms;;
[22:57:30]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::starts triaging from the approaching vehicles::  
[22:57:52]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: # ::hums and nods before she turns and leaves the observation lounge::
[22:58:00]LtJg_NightWing: ;;checks to see if she is  back yet;;
[22:58:17]DrTytianMallister: ::starts compressions again::
[22:58:31]LtJg_Higgs: ::She continues to at try to calm the woman down.::
[22:58:40]LtJg_NightWing: ;; starts working on getting more O2  into the kid;;
[22:58:42]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::trying to help Ravel in directing people where they will best be helped::
[22:59:41]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps  checking her tricorder on the kid to see if she's back yet;;
[23:00:08]LtJg_Higgs: ::if she manages to calm the woman, she'll get to work on other nearby people. Otherwise, she'd continue to be a form of crowd control until security teams could take over.::
[23:00:12]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The skyline appears to turn black with the sheer number of people approaching.      =/\=
[23:00:15]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:00:29]LtJg_NightWing: ;;pauses;;
[23:00:34]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::pause::
[23:00:38]DrTytianMallister: ::pause::
[23:00:44]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::paused::
[23:00:49]LtJg_Higgs: ::paused::
[23:01:14]CaptCerseiNaal: Okay!  Looked good to me.  What do you think?
[23:01:30]LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[23:01:38]LtJg_Higgs: I think I see what's going to happen.
[23:01:53]CaptCerseiNaal: NightWing?
[23:02:26]LtJg_NightWing: We did have some rough areas by  not knowing ahead of time what was in the crates, had we  known we could have had things going  a lot faster in the set up
[23:02:56]LtJg_Higgs: I think that's the point XD
[23:03:35]CaptCerseiNaal: We're not always going to go into situations knowing all the details.  Working with what you've got quickly and efficiently makes you better officers.
[23:03:37]LtJg_NightWing: if we were  called  to an area we should know  our equipment that we'd have ahead of  time
[23:04:22]LtJg_NightWing: If we know what we already have we can  think  on the fly that much better
[23:04:23]CaptCerseiNaal: One of many factors that sometimes can't be accounted for.
[23:04:32]LtJg_Higgs: ;rh;
[23:04:38]CaptCerseiNaal: ::nods:: Higgs?
[23:05:33]USFNazir: ::he stands next to Cersei::
[23:05:34]LtJg_Higgs: Speaking from personal real life combat experience and relief experience - i.e. hurricane katrina relief - sometimes you are in fact sent out to help a thing and stuff that you need comes later, and you have to mak due with what you've got until you get more.
[23:05:52]LtJg_NightWing: ok
[23:06:00]LtJg_Higgs: It's hard, believe me, I know. But thems the breaks
[23:06:12]CaptCerseiNaal: ::nodding:: Thank you, Riley.
[23:07:05]CaptCerseiNaal: In simulation, you'll only spend another hour treating casualties.  I believe Commander Bryton is aware of your skill as healers.
[23:07:14]LtCmdrBryton: ::nods::
[23:07:28]CaptCerseiNaal: Time between sims is two days.  Any questions?
[23:07:29]cmdrMaxAndrocoliss: ::pauses attentively::
[23:07:45]LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[23:08:00]CaptCerseiNaal: NightWing?
[23:08:00]LtJg_NightWing: another  JL?
[23:08:04]LtJg_Higgs: :rh:
[23:08:12]CaptCerseiNaal: Yes, I'll make the log available again.
[23:08:19]CaptCerseiNaal: Higgs?
[23:08:22]LtJg_NightWing: tytyty
[23:08:22]LtJg_Higgs: Two days of treating casualties? I'm not sure I understand.
[23:08:34]CaptCerseiNaal: No.  Only one more hour of treating casualties.
[23:08:54]CaptCerseiNaal: Then you'll be returned to Kupier Station and given two days with individual and departmental trainings.
[23:09:03]LtJg_NightWing: two hours total  in treating  them, then two days to recuperate  before the next round
[23:09:15]CaptCerseiNaal: ::nods::
[23:09:26]LtJg_NightWing: ::RH::
[23:09:35]LtJg_Higgs: So, are we returning two days to this place, or considering via sim magic that we've helped people as needed and wham bam we're done on this place?
[23:10:11]CaptCerseiNaal: You've helped as many as you could and then the simulation ended.
[23:10:39]CaptCerseiNaal: NightWing?
[23:10:42]LtJg_NightWing: are we meeting next week?
[23:11:08]CaptCerseiNaal: Hmm, good question.  I'll send out an email posing the question, but I had intended to sim.
[23:11:42]LtJg_NightWing: well with  it being Labor Day, I was wondering
[23:12:09]cmdrMaxAndrocoliss: barbq!!!
[23:12:36]CaptCerseiNaal: I understand.  Being on the east coast, the sim time is late enough it doesn't matter.
[23:12:50]CaptCerseiNaal: For me.
[23:12:58]CaptCerseiNaal: So I'll send the email and get back to you.
[23:13:04]LtJg_NightWing: ok
[23:13:15]CaptCerseiNaal: Last call.
[23:13:30]CaptCerseiNaal: Mister Nazir.
[23:13:59]USFNazir: You heard the lady!  DISMISSED!!
[23:14:06]CaptCerseiNaal: !sim off
[23:14:06]M-5:     =/\=   USS Aldrin - 201708.28 2314:06
[23:14:06]M-5:     =/\=   Log  Closed

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