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  Commander Yari Nazir, SD
USS Aldrin Simulation Record - SD: 1708.21
Login Sim Log: USS Aldrin - 201708.21 USS Aldrin Log, SD: 201708.21
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[22:04:37] M-5:     =/\=  USS Aldrin
[22:04:37]M-5:     =/\=  201708.21 2204:37 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:04:37]M-5:     =/\=  MB: Mission Brief.  SD 1708.21 at
[22:04:37]M-5:     =/\=  Present: LtAmberLynnBriggs, LtCdrShepherd, LtJg_NightWing, DrErikVaeros, LtCmdrBryton, Lt_Boerne, CaptCerseiNaal, LtCmdrDeniaud, M-5, LtAmeenaCiamli, LtjgEsdanOtretal, LtJg_Higgs, LtRaynaElkhorn, FstLtGideonSalieri, Cdr_Khevok, DrbaTaliaRavel, USFNazir
[22:04:55]DrErikVaeros: ::AA::
[22:04:58]LtJg_NightWing: ::AA::
[22:04:59]LtCmdrBryton: ::AA::
[22:05:02]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::AA::
[22:05:03]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::AA::
[22:05:05]LtCdrShepherd: ::AA::
[22:05:06]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::AA::
[22:05:09]LtAmberLynnBriggs: ::AA::
[22:05:09]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::AA::
[22:05:09]LtJg_Higgs: ::AA::
[22:05:10]Cdr_Khevok: :: @@ ::
[22:05:12]Lt_Boerne: :: @@ ::
[22:05:18]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::AA::
[22:05:24]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::AA::
[22:05:28]USFNazir: ::he slides on over to stand close to Naal::
[22:05:46]CaptCerseiNaal: ::smiles:: Good evening, everyone.
[22:06:00]LtJg_Higgs: Evening, Captain
[22:06:06]CaptCerseiNaal: Hope if you were excited for it that you enjoyed the eclipse.
[22:06:54]CaptCerseiNaal: Did everyone read the brief?
[22:06:56]Cdr_Khevok: Definitely enjoyed the eclipse... so much that I named it. Gertrude.
[22:07:00]Cdr_Khevok: Yes
[22:07:10]LtJg_Higgs: yes ma'am
[22:07:18]Cdr_Khevok: (( Waiting to see if anyone gets the Red Skelton reference ))
[22:07:23]LtJg_NightWing: Yes ma'am
[22:07:31]CaptCerseiNaal: ( Red Skelton is before my time, love. )
[22:07:35]Cdr_Khevok: Yes we did.
[22:07:43]CaptCerseiNaal: Any questions?
[22:07:45]LtJg_Higgs: ((I haven't seen enough Skelton to know...))
[22:07:51]Cdr_Khevok: (( Guess I'm the oldest simmer here ))
[22:08:17]Cdr_Khevok: (( By a few years, maybe a few decades ))
[22:08:37]LtJg_NightWing: (I caught  it as well and I'm also getting up there)
[22:08:45]LtJg_Higgs: none from me.
[22:09:41]CaptCerseiNaal: All right.
[22:09:50]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:10:07]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   Officers and crewmen file into the cargo bay as they join their colleagues.  The murmur of the crowd becomes silent as the starbase’s commanding officer steps out to address the group.      =/\=
[22:10:13]--: DrMavelleKivo (Mibbit@4B08FB1A.623E5B2.4EE32656.IP) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:10:23]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   The crew are dressed in their training uniforms and thick white winter gear - coats with hoods and tinted masks, pants, and snow boots.      =/\=
[22:10:44]DrMavelleKivo: Mav>  Good morning.  Today, you will be given an objective.  ::turns and nods at Naal before turning to face the group::
[22:10:53]CaptCerseiNaal: Naal>  ::standing next to Mavelle, nodding as she glances over the gathered crew::  K’hevok, Salieri, K’Trevala, Mallister, Briggs, Ravel, Otretal, Ciamli, Boerne, and Vaeros.  Gather to the left.
[22:10:58]LtJg_Higgs: ::A hint of nevousness tugged at the back of her mind, remembering the scenario just days ago.::
[22:11:31]LtAmberLynnBriggs: ::nervous giggle as she moves to join the others::
[22:11:34]Cdr_Khevok: :: Moves over to the appointed location ::
[22:11:37]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Several medical officers approach and methodically administer a hypospray to the selected crewmembers as they step forward in the groups Naal calls forward.  The soft hiss is loud in the silent space.  Those administered the drug feel a gentle tingling sensation through their nerves.      =/\=
[22:11:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::grumbling under her breath at the bulk of clothing; the fact that she's wearing winter gear makes her grumpy::
[22:11:54]Lt_Boerne: :: Moves to left ::
[22:11:55]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::frowning as he is injected with something, immediately tense::
[22:12:04]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looks on curiously. Just eyeballing it alone wouldn't tell her much.::
[22:12:06]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::hums softly at the injection::
[22:12:13]LtJg_NightWing: ;wonders  if they're  just  dealing with something  like Andoria or some other   Arctic place;;
[22:12:16]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::small frown, but contains her growl::
[22:12:19]DrErikVaeros: ::yeah; hates the cold; this is going to suck.. then an injection; frak you people::
[22:12:25]CaptCerseiNaal: ::continues to call out groups of officers::
[22:12:34]LtJg_Higgs: [[I'll keep ya warm Doc]]
[22:12:51]DrMavelleKivo: ::glances down at her padd and looks up at the crew:: Your mission is to search and rescue the officers who will be transported out of here in a few minutes.  Conditions will be harsh on different levels and you will be racing against the clock.  ::nods to the officers who line the wall::
[22:12:58]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::continues to stare at Marielle with hearts in his eyes::
[22:13:01]LtCdrShepherd: ::moves with his group::
[22:13:35]LtJg_Higgs: ::She raises her hand::
[22:13:38]DrErikVaeros: ::turns to stare at the wall when Kivo does it::
[22:13:46]DrMavelleKivo: You have three hours.  ::looks to the chronometer on the wall and it is set for 3:00::  You were given the proper cold condition gear, but they will only last for three hours before frostnip.  Frostbite will occur fairly quickly after that, especially if your objectives are experiencing hyperthermia and have begun to strip.
[22:13:52]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::blinking at the sensation that leaves him cold::
[22:14:01]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::hums softly as she adjusts her coat::
[22:14:02]USFNazir: ::he nods to Higgs when he sees the hand:: Higgs?
[22:14:11]LtJg_Higgs: Might I ask what was given to them, sir?
[22:14:24]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::takes the coat off and drops it on the floor::
[22:14:28]USFNazir: ::he chuckles:: A surprise.
[22:14:46]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   Salieri, Deniaud, Mallister, Ravel, Vaeros, Kalmaku, Shepherd, and Tanaja are transported out of the cargo bay.  The objective (those needing rescue) find themselves in an enclosed ice cavern.  It is cold, but the ice prevents the wind from cutting into the space.      =/\=
[22:14:54]LtJg_Higgs: ::she pursed her lips. She should have expected such an answer. She kept her eyes on them for the moment longer.::
[22:14:58]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   Far above them is a sliver of light that indicates they are below the surface.  The cavern itself glows from something within the ice.      =/\=
[22:15:30]Lt_Boerne: :: Feels a little lightheaded from the injection ::
[22:15:38]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glancing around in silence as she takes in her surroundings:: Well.  It appears we’re the rescue-e in this situation.  ::sighs softly before she begins to walk the perimeter of their frozen cell::
[22:15:41]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::raises her brows as their cremates disappear::
[22:15:58]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   Once the “victims” have been transported, packs are passed out to every other officer: packs with ice climbing gear, phasers, tricorders (medical and general), and warming pads and blankets.      =/\=
[22:16:15]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::whimpers when Marielle disappears:: Noooooo.
[22:16:37]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::immediately hugs himself and starts walking the wall::
[22:16:42]LtCdrShepherd: ::finds himself in a large ice tomb apparently::
[22:16:50]DrMavelleKivo: ::nods to the remaining crewmembers::  Be mindful of your training these last few days.  We will be watching.  ::turns and nods to the officer managing the transporters::  Your commanding officers will continue to observe.  Your place on the Aldrin will come into question if you do not perform well.
[22:16:51]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::hums as she glances around::
[22:17:05]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   The remaining officers are transported out of the cargo bay and the directors, Naal, and Nazir walk the short distance to the conference room.      =/\=
[22:17:12]LtJg_Higgs: ::Another tricorder, warming gear, and arctic survival gear. she took a deep breath as she tried to think of all the possibilities.::
[22:17:21]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   (Please use @)  The rescue team is K’hevok, K’Trevala, Briggs, Ciamli, Otretal, Boerne, Elkhorn, and Higgs.  The scene around them is bleak.  There is no grass, no foliage.  There is no colour, only white.      =/\=
[22:17:21]LtJg_NightWing: ;;takes in the cold weather gear and equipment and starts making plans  on  how to deal with a possible ice  rescue;;
[22:17:36]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   The winds are bitter cold, but not strong.  The sun is bright and high in the sky.  The light shimmers brutally over the pristine surface and is blinding.  In the distance, dark clouds loom as an incoming snowstorm threatens to overwhelm them in hours.      =/\=
[22:17:55]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::Immediately the darkened goggles over her face.::
[22:18:04]USFNazir: ((Observation Leaders use #, please.))
[22:18:19]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::glances around quickly and opens his pack; pulls out the phaser and attaches it to his hip before grabbing a tricorder, flips open the tricorder and reads the data:: M-Class.  Current temp is at -10 C.  We’ll need to keep bundled.  ::taps his comm badge::  Otretal to Deniaud.  Come in?
[22:18:31]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   Communications are non-existent.  Any attempts to use the communication badges is met with static.      =/\=
[22:18:35]LtJg_Higgs: @ Guh! Holy hell. Okay. lets do this. Scanning for lifesigns.
[22:18:39]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::tricorder out and scanning, quickly shoulders the pack::  No lifesigns within a twenty kilometer radius.
[22:18:42]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Places the goggles over his eyes ::
[22:19:00]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ Confirming no lifesigns.  ::feels quite at home in the cold::
[22:19:10]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:   The neural drug works through the the telepaths and empaths of the crew.  They find themselves unable to communicate to one another or to sense the presence of others.  They are, simply put, alone with their own thoughts.      =/\=
[22:19:13]LtJg_NightWing: @;;  puts on the goggles to prevent snowblindness;; Y'all we need to make a plan on how to find and rescue them
[22:19:18]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::blinking:: That’s freaky.
[22:19:24]LtCmdrBryton: # ::glances at the video screen as the two teams are tested::
[22:19:25]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She tries to boost the reception on her tricorder for lifesigns::
[22:19:33]DrbaTaliaRavel: Gods, this is amazing.  ::enjoying the peace from everyone’s thoughts::
[22:19:39]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::attempts to send out telepathic feelers but discovers nothing, is surrounded by bleak silence, brows furrow:: I...  Something is wrong.  I can’t feel anyone.
[22:19:41]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::expert medical advice incoming::  Either keep moving or huddle together.
[22:19:42]Cdr_Khevok: @ Lets make sure we are not ambushed like we were last time.
[22:19:42]DrMavelleKivo: # ::quietly sips her tea::
[22:19:56]--: spearhorse (Mibbit@mib-BAEB9AFC.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:20:02]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @  ::shaking:: I don’t like this.  I don’t like this! ::panicking, drops the tricorder::
[22:20:04]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::grabs Otretal and shakes him gently:: Hey!  You need to focus up so we can find our crew!
[22:20:05]LtJg_NightWing: @;; goes over to Higgs;; think we can double the range if we  connect them together?
[22:20:19]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::holding his coldweather gear close to his chest, walking the perimeter in an attempt to not freak out at the silence in his brain::  ~Why can’t I feel anyone?  It’s so cold.~
[22:20:29]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @  Right.  Right.  ::shaky voice, nods furiously, bends down and picks up the tricorder::  I…  I can try and access the… Uh.  Frequency of our comm badges.  See if that does anything.  Uh.  ::looks up:: There are ice caves a few kilometers to the south.
[22:20:40]Cdr_Khevok: Check the surroundings. We need to set up a perimeter of security.
[22:20:51]LtJg_Higgs: @ Maybe. Link it up, cast a scan in a 90 degree focused field. we''ll turn as needed to locate.
[22:21:08]Lt_Boerne: :: Places her glasses over her eyes, and starts scanning the area ::
[22:21:11]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ Security on the perimeter, Commander.
[22:21:14]DrMavelleKivo: # It appears the empaths and telepaths are starting to experience the effects of the drug.  The numbing to their abilities should last a total of 24 hours.  Their test will continue after this training session.
[22:21:15]LtJg_NightWing: @ ;; links her tricorder to  Higgs';;
[22:21:30]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @  If this is an exercise in saving them, then they’d be housed in a facility of some kind.  I think, logically, that’s the best place to start.  ::looks to Khevok:: Sir?
[22:21:37]LtJg_Higgs: @ Excellent. I'm getting the focuse long range scans going.
[22:21:57]Cdr_Khevok: Good, Higgs.
[22:22:01]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::finds no chips or cracks in the ice; the space looks big enough and bright enough to house them all, but a sense of panic begins to creep into her senses; attempts to push it away:: They better get to us quick.
[22:22:02]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::glances toward K'hevok::
[22:22:20]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ Shall we remain tight formation, Commander?
[22:22:24]DrErikVaeros: ::follows Marielle quietly and grumbles under his breath:: It had to be a damn ice planet.  ::grumbling, the snow suit does nothing to keep him warm, but knows that’s in his head, but mostly irritated at not being able to a single thing::
[22:22:38]Cdr_Khevok: Yes, Otretal, we need to scan the area for any signs of some sort of cabe.
[22:22:46]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::giggles quietly despite her anxiety::  Don’t be a cantankerous ass.  Go cuddle with someone.
[22:22:46]LtJg_Higgs: @ Boost your signal, I'll look for lifesigns, Nightwing, you scan for any variance in tempurature  that have occurred over the last 10 minutes to the nearest hundredth of a degree.
[22:22:50]LtJg_NightWing: @ Y'all we should rope up in case of crevasses under us
[22:23:00]Cdr_Khevok: Yes, Ciamli.
[22:23:02]CaptCerseiNaal: # ::watching quietly::
[22:23:10]DrErikVaeros: ::opens his mouth to say “Could cuddle with you” but quickly stops himself, huffs in irritation and shakes his head:: I don’t need to cuddle with anyone.
[22:23:14]LtJg_Higgs: @ If only they gave us rope...
[22:23:14]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::nods and continues scanning the immediate area::
[22:23:34]LtJg_NightWing: @;;boosts her tricorder's signal and looks for temp variances;;
[22:23:36]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::toward Higgs:: Too bad I didn't keep my coat, you could have used that.
[22:23:41]USFNazir: # ::watches the half of the screen of the rescue-es:: Deniaud is awfully close to that counselor.  Are we sure we're not transferring him?
[22:23:56]Cdr_Khevok: Good thinking, Higgs. Everyone, split into two groups, with each group attaching themselves to a rope
[22:24:04]LtJg_NightWing: ( a rope should be  part  of the ice climbing gear)
[22:24:14]LtJg_Higgs: @ What sir? No, that that Nightwing.
[22:24:28]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::smirks:: Just think warm thoughts?
[22:24:34]LtJg_Higgs: @ Nightwing thought of it.
[22:24:37]Cdr_Khevok: (( Oops several @'s ))
[22:24:44]LtJg_Higgs: [[that was*]]
[22:24:45]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  There is a faint lifesign that appears in the distance, near the entrance to some caverns within the ice.      =/\=
[22:24:52]DrErikVaeros: ::snickers:: Don’t quit your day job, Bright Eyes.  ::watches her:: See anything?  ::stares at her and tries to hear the orchestra of her soul, but hears nothing::
[22:25:05]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::shakes her head:: Solid ice.  ::looks up:: And underground.  We don’t have tools or equipment.  There’s no force field.  Nothing.  ::sighs:: The only good thing is that because we’re enclosed, we’ll be just a few degrees warmer than outside.  
[22:25:05]LtJg_Higgs: Sir! Sir, we're picking up something near those caverns.
[22:25:12]LtJg_Higgs: @
[22:25:14]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glancing around:: But, it’s ice and not snow.  The lack of air circulation won’t help us at all.  ::glances back at Gideon and turns to Erik, keeping her voice low:: Hey.  Could you talk to him?
[22:25:19]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Joins one of the groups and attaches herself to the rope ::
[22:25:44]LtJg_NightWing: @;; ties  into  one of the ropes;;
[22:25:51]DrMavelleKivo: # ::she shrugs:: THey seem to be doing better this session.  They're moving faster.  The reaction is better.
[22:26:00]DrErikVaeros: ::frowns:: Why?  ::glances back at him, would like nothing more than to figure out why he can’t hear or see souls, stares at Salieri and sees a blank canvas::
[22:26:06]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She locks onto the signal and tries to focus the tricorder on that before letting it set in her satchel to ti herself to the rope::
[22:26:13]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::approaches Higgs and NightWing:: Do you want another tricorder to boost the signal?
[22:26:18]LtCmdrDeniaud: Just do it, you ass.  ::shoves him gently with her hand::
[22:26:29]Cdr_Khevok: @ OK. Higgs, you head up group Alpha, and head toward the caverns
[22:26:30]DrErikVaeros: ::grumbles and stumbles to the side, approaches Salieri, grumpy:: Fabio.
[22:26:32]LtJg_NightWing: @ It might help Rayna thank you
[22:26:36]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::startled, blinks toward Erik as he realizes how much he depended on his empathic ability to sense people around him, suppresses a whine::  Counselor.
[22:26:43]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::hands it over::
[22:26:44]LtJg_Higgs: @ Perhaps. If we lose the signal, we'll attach a third.
[22:26:52]DrErikVaeros: Bright Eyes told me to check on you.  ::motions to Marielle::
[22:26:59]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::blinks toward K'hevok:: Are you splitting us?
[22:27:03]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::meandering around, poking at the walls with her gloved hand::
[22:27:08]LtJg_NightWing: @;;adds  the tricorder to her  gear;;
[22:27:09]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::glances toward Marielle, frowning as he can’t feel her and shivering at the void::  Can you hear her?
[22:27:22]LtJg_Higgs: @ Yes sir. Alright, Group A, let's go. Keep your picks handy incase we slip, and on the slopes, move quietly to avoid avalanches.
[22:27:34]DrErikVaeros: ::stares at Marielle then shakes his head:: Nothing.  It's like I've got earmuffs around my head.  You?
[22:27:36]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Looks at Ciamli :: Only into two groups. One group behind the other, separate ropes.
[22:28:05]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::humming quietly as she watches her tricorder::
[22:28:11]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  The group moves towards the lifesigns.  The weather is bitter cold, the terrain challenging.  The storm approaches and the winds howl.      =/\=
[22:28:11]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ Yes, sir.
[22:28:12]Cdr_Khevok: @ Lt Ciamli, you can head up group Beta.
[22:28:23]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::nods again:: Yes, sir.
[22:28:25]LtJg_NightWing: @;;goes with Higgs,  using the  ice axe as a walking  stick to test for crevasses along the way;;
[22:28:41]LtCmdrBryton: # ::smiles a bit at his department:: They're doing better.  ::nods towards Higgs and Nightwing::
[22:28:46]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She looked for a moment at the distance to evaluate the path. One way would be quicker, but it looked like it could pose riskier. The other would take longer, but it would be safer.:: Going to take the westerly route.
[22:28:53]Cdr_Khevok: @ Boerne, take the 6 of group Alpha, I'll take the 6 of Beta.
[22:29:09]LtJg_Higgs: @ Everyone who has a tricorder, set it to an active lifesign scan incase of an incident so we can find each other.
[22:29:13]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Goes to the back of group Alpha ::
[22:29:35]DrMavelleKivo: # ::nods:: It appears that the individual training and small group training has come of use.  The rescue team is doing well.
[22:29:47]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Goes to the back of group Beta. Scans the area behind them for any surprises ::
[22:29:49]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::shaking his head as he whispers quietly:: It's so cold.
[22:30:02]LtJg_Higgs: @ Boerne, your tricorder, monitor that storm.
[22:30:15]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Scans the area between the groups ::
[22:30:28]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Calls out to Higgs :: Aye, sir.
[22:30:38]DrErikVaeros: ::shivers within his winter suit:: In more ways than one. ::watches the others and cannot sense them, is at a loss::
[22:30:42]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Adjusts her tricorder to monitor the storm ::
[22:30:55]LtJg_Higgs: @ She begins to set out on her path, with the others in tow::
[22:31:06]LtJg_NightWing: @;;checks the way to make sure that  there is  no crevasses in their path and keeps  far enough  back to  belay if the lead does go  into a  crevasse;;
[22:31:30]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Footprints in the snow lead towards the ice caves and the rescue team reaches the mouth of the cave.  There are loud howls that sound all too much like animals.  The clock on the station reads 00:25 minutes.      =/\=
[22:31:38]Cdr_Khevok: @ Ciamli, lead on.
[22:31:50]LtCmdrBryton: # ::notes Higgs' take charge attitude:: She's a bit mouthy, that one.  Did you hear how she's talking to her superior officer?
[22:32:06]USFNazir: # ::he smirks:: That didn't take long, did it?
[22:32:09]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::cuddled with Tanaja, Mallister, Kalmaku, and Shepherd::
[22:32:25]LtJg_Higgs: [[...but we're family...]]
[22:32:25]LtCdrShepherd: ::in an almost orgy pile, cool::
[22:32:35]LtJg_NightWing: @;; adds her own 'howls', telling the critters to "keep away"::
[22:33:13]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She stops once they reach the cave entrance.::
[22:33:13]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::maintaining a short distance behind Higgs::
[22:33:14]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Continues to monitor the storm, both ahead of the Alpha group, and behind the Beta group, as well as to the sides ::
[22:33:17]DrMavelleKivo: # ::waves her hand dismissively:: This is a good exercise to discover who oversteps their bounds.  We can't have anyone questioning orders completely.
[22:33:20]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ Reading several unique lifesigns now, Commander.
[22:33:34]DrErikVaeros: ::shakes head:: No.  ::frowning as he looks at the researcher:: It’s frakking creepy as hell.  I can't hear anyone.
[22:33:43]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::nods in agreement as he tightens his arms across his chest, has a feeling he knows why Marielle asked Erik to come over, but not was not the time for a counseling session::  Maybe I’ll find you after training.
[22:33:50]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::discreetly shivering in her winter gear as she continues to search the walls, walking, walking walking::
[22:34:00]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She scans for lifesigns. For the crew count, as well as any surprises.::
[22:34:06]Cdr_Khevok: @ Good. Scan for any opening, or potential opening ::
[22:34:13]LtJg_NightWing: @;;takes tail end of rope A ready  to go  into a  Belay if any  fall  in a crevasse;;
[22:34:15]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::makes his way to Marielle, simply wraps his arms around her, selfishly wants to feel her, unselfishly sharing his warmth with her::
[22:34:31]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::keeping an eye on their six::
[22:34:39]USFNazir: # ::he nods in understanding:: Perhaps Higgs would be better suited for science?  ::he looks at Bryton::  
[22:34:39]CaptCerseiNaal: # ::appreciative hum::
[22:34:59]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::suffering greatly by not being able to sense anyone, trudges along quietly behind the others, lingering by Khevok::
[22:35:31]LtJg_Higgs: @ One moment sir, lt me make sure they're alone before we go charging in.
[22:35:36]LtJg_Higgs: let*
[22:35:43]LtCmdrBryton: # ::head bobs from side to side as he considered the transfer:: I'll talk to her.  See if she's a good fit.  Boerne could use another hand.
[22:36:08]Cdr_Khevok: @ Yes, Higgs.
[22:36:21]LtJg_NightWing: @:: Has ice axe ready  for either defense  or  anchoring as needed;;
[22:36:47]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Crew lifesigns are within the cavern.  But, there are others.  The readings are inconclusive.      =/\=
[22:37:03]LtJg_Higgs: @ Ahhh... Sir I'm picking up lifesigns beyond what we were expecting. Might I suggest a security team move in?
[22:37:04]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::smiles weakly at Gideon but then turns to the wall of ice, she begins to bangg dsperately against the wall::
[22:37:09]Cdr_Khevok: @ Ciamli, lets move our group up with Higgs.
[22:37:23]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Marielle's banging is heard and echoes deep within the cavern.      =/\=
[22:37:32]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::small frown as she can't assess whether there are hostile beings, glances back to nod at K'hevok::
[22:37:38]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::increases pace to catch up::
[22:37:47]LtCmdrDeniaud: Solid.  Dammit.  Solid ice.
[22:37:51]Cdr_Khevok: @ Boerne and I will keep monitoring the weather and surroundings.
[22:37:56]LtJg_NightWing: @ ;;reads  the  inconclusive lifesigns;; there seem to be more  of them  than n just our crewmembers
[22:38:09]DrMavelleKivo: # ::glances at the chronometer:: Their time is running out.
[22:38:40]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::steps back and returns to his wandering of the wall, afraid he'll lose himself to the void::
[22:38:44]LtCmdrBryton: # ::glances at the clock:: It would be interesting if they managed to pull this off on their second attempt.  Teams don't normally pull together until the fifth.
[22:38:59]LtJg_NightWing: @;;keeps working toward the caves, occasionally sending her "warn away" howls into the air;;
[22:39:02]Cdr_Khevok: @ Let's find some way to get to them.
[22:39:29]Cdr_Khevok: @ Let's send in a security group in if possible.
[22:39:34]LtJg_Higgs: @ Okay. Any way we can scan layout of the cave? Potential pathways, pitfalls, and the like?
[22:39:36]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::cannot stand the silence and simply runs inside:: Marielle!!!!!!!
[22:39:38]Cdr_Khevok: @ Be prepared for any ambush.
[22:39:44]LtJg_Higgs: @ ...Dammit all.
[22:39:51]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::darts after Esdan:: Hey!
[22:39:54]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::there is panic in his voice and he screams and cries:: MARIELLE!!!  I'LL SAVE YOU!!!!
[22:39:56]LtJg_NightWing: @ hefts the ice axe;; Ready
[22:40:10]USFNazir: # ::he releases a boisterous laugh:: And there we go.
[22:40:14]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ Oh lord.  ::shaking her head::
[22:40:19]DrMavelleKivo: # ::cannot help but chuckle::
[22:40:25]CaptCerseiNaal: # ::frowning and shaking her head::
[22:40:27]Cdr_Khevok: Ciamli, you go work with Higgs.
[22:40:34]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She facepalms and sighs.:: You idiots! Get back here! You're gonna freeze to death!
[22:40:46]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  From the ice walls, monstrous ice creatures appear.  They are large and made of ice, slow moving but menacing if they manage to capture you.      =/\=
[22:41:15]LtJg_NightWing: @ ;;checks the warming supplies in the pack;;
[22:41:16]LtJg_Higgs: @ Uhh...
[22:41:26]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::glancing between Esdan and Higgs repeatedly::
[22:41:31]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Being the tallest of the group, moves towards the ice creatures to lure them away ::
[22:41:32]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  They appear glassy, wearing chiseled loin cloths, and wielding ice hammers.  Six stand before a great ice wall.      =/\=
[22:41:52]LtJg_Higgs: @ Well that's chilling...
[22:42:02]USFNazir: # Never fails.  Send in a klingon...
[22:42:06]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::peering at the ice creatures::
[22:42:16]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::sees movement beyond the ice:: Hey!  Hey! ::looks around at the rescuees::
[22:42:20]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::feels compelled to step forward also, being half-Klingon::
[22:42:34]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::pointing towards the wall and the blobs of bodies beyond the thick ice:: I see something!
[22:42:35]CaptCerseiNaal: # They were doing so well.  ::sighs::
[22:42:35]LtJg_NightWing: @;;gets  her  phaser;; Phasers should melt the ice if needed
[22:42:59]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Ice monsters start to charge after the rescuers.      =/\=
[22:43:01]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ A single phaser won't.  Do we have a way to combine their energy?
[22:43:09]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She stops taking the lead.::
[22:43:21]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::grabs Higgs behind her and fires at the ice monster::
[22:43:37]Cdr_Khevok: @ Merge phasers on the closest ice being. Melt it first.
[22:43:45]LtCmdrBryton: # ::chuckles:: Five credits says they won't get the team.
[22:43:45]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ Security, on me!
[22:43:55]Cdr_Khevok: @ If we stop it, the others may pause.
[22:44:00]USFNazir: # ::he smirks:: You're on.  They're working together.
[22:44:19]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::glances toward Marielle and then the ice::
[22:44:22]Cdr_Khevok: @ On my mark. Now!
[22:44:35]LtCdrShepherd: ::moves to the ice wall and begins to bang against the ice with his fist:: We're in here!  We're in here!
[22:44:35]LtJg_NightWing: @;;finds  a mylar warming blanket in the  gear and forms it into a  parabolic mirror  form;;  Fire here and we direct the concentrated phaser  fire  onto them
[22:44:50]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::follows and pounds on the ice::
[22:44:52]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Continues to monitor the surroundings ::
[22:44:55]LtJg_Higgs: @ Sir, can you keep them busy? I want to take a small team inside! Those of us not combat geared!
[22:45:03]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glances around:: I know we checked pockets and everything, but does anyone have any tools?  Anything?!
[22:45:12]Cdr_Khevok: @ Yes, Higgs. Proceed.
[22:45:20]DrErikVaeros: ::blinks, feels his pockets, slowly turning blue::
[22:45:29]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The first focused phaser blast melts one ice monster, but five still approach.      =/\=
[22:45:44]Cdr_Khevok: @ Aim for the next one.
[22:46:02]LtJg_NightWing: @;; hands off the blanket mirror to another and goes to help Higgs;;
[22:46:05]Cdr_Khevok: @ That one went fairly fast. Focus on the two closest ice monsters.
[22:46:09]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::approaches Marielle and offers his hands - his fingers are tools::
[22:46:10]DrMavelleKivo: # ::sits up and stares at the clock::  They have ten minutes.  I did not expect them to make it this far.
[22:46:31]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::aims and fires::
[22:46:40]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::pewpew::
[22:46:44]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She points at two other people, Boerne and Nightwing.:: Let's go. We don't have much time. Keep your picks at the ready. We don't have ranged weaponry, but tricorder shows a currently otherwise empty cave.
[22:46:48]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  The first ice monster is turned to a puddle, but begins to form slowly.  It rebuilds from its puddle, misshapen, but clearly growing larger with each passing second.      =/\=
[22:46:54]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Continues to monitor the surroundings ::
[22:47:05]LtAmeenaCiamli: @ ::watches with wides eyes:: Commander ...
[22:47:17]Cdr_Khevok: @ I see it.
[22:47:22]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::had hidden behind a rock, but finds his courage:: Can we set up an electrical field?  Melt one and shock the rest?!
[22:47:33]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Focuses his phaser on the first ice monster ::
[22:47:34]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ Create fire!
[22:47:53]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ :;strips his winter gear until he's down to his uniform.
[22:48:14]DrErikVaeros: I don't know what the hell is going on out there!
[22:48:18]LtJg_NightWing: @;; pounces Esdan and wraps him  up  in his coat
[22:48:22]Cdr_Khevok: @ We have no way to create fire.
[22:48:24]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::hearing the comotion but not sure what is happening::
[22:48:28]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::shivering against the cold and the silence::  Yes we do!
[22:48:32]LtjgEsdanOtretal: Strip and use your phasers!
[22:48:37]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She begins to lead Boerne and Nightwing into the cave entrance::
[22:48:41]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::tosses her phaser toward Elkhorn, also strips to her uniform and throws the clothes toward Esdan::
[22:48:57]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::throws off Nightwing's jacket into the pile and uses his phaser::
[22:48:58]Cdr_Khevok: @ Melt the ice in front of them, creating a parabolic mirror, focusing the phaser beam on it to reflect on them.
[22:49:03]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::he is turning blue::
[22:49:04]Cdr_Khevok: @ On the ice monsers.
[22:49:06]LtJg_NightWing: @ AMBER get your winter gear back on!
[22:49:17]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ Create a molotov cocktail!  Light the coat and throw it over them!
[22:49:27]LtJg_Higgs: @ Nightwing, Beoerne, let's go!
[22:49:28]DrMavelleKivo: # Well.... That is one way to do it?  ::frowns::
[22:49:42]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ Oh, this is brilliant.  ::deadpan and frowning as she shakes her head::
[22:49:43]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She's already close to the entrance itself.::
[22:49:46]LtJg_NightWing: @:; uses another blanket on Esdan to warm him  up;;
[22:49:54]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Follows Higgs ::
[22:49:56]USFNazir: # ::he starts laughing, his head falls onto the table and rests on his folded arms, his hand bangs against the surface:: Oh my gods.  These people are amazing.
[22:50:08]USFNazir: # ::he is laughing like crazy::
[22:50:13]CaptCerseiNaal: # ::rubs her hand down her face::  How much longer?
[22:50:14]LtjgEsdanOtretal: # ::throws the blanket into the fire::
[22:50:31]LtjgEsdanOtretal: (@)
[22:50:35]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::She scans the cave interior. Being inside seems to help the tricorder get the layout.::
[22:50:44]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Takes off his parka, ignites it, and tosses it on the nearest standing ice monster ::
[22:50:52]LtJg_Higgs: @ This way. ::She all but jogs::
[22:50:55]DrMavelleKivo: # ::stares at the chronometer:: 5 minutes.
[22:51:06]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Jogs with Higgs ::
[22:51:17]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::darts toward the blanket and grabs the corner before throwing it toward an ice monster:: Die!
[22:51:19]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Slowly but surely, the team who had rushed after Esdan find themselves out of their winter gear and in their under garment uniforms.      =/\=
[22:51:44]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Tosses her coat toward the remaining crew to fight off the ice monsters ::
[22:51:46]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::Around a few bends, the lifesigns on the tricorders are growing stronger.::
[22:51:55]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Hypothermia sets in quickly for those without the proper gear.  THere is no wind, but the ice retains the cold.  Skins begin to blister and turn blue and bodies begin to feel warm despite how they're cold.      =/\=
[22:52:01]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::resumes walking since he can't help, kinda spiraling into his thoughts::
[22:52:04]Cdr_Khevok: @ @ :: Starts shivering, but uses his Vulcan mind to control his body ::
[22:52:18]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ Hurry up and fire phasers at the ice!
[22:52:37]Lt_Boerne: @ :: Fires her phaser at the ice wall ::
[22:52:40]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::takes off running after Higgs and Boerne and Nightwing::
[22:52:42]LtJg_NightWing: @;;keeps  trying to  deal with the   others while retaining her winter  gear and trying to keep the others warm with blankets;;
[22:52:55]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Moves closer to the burning clothes to get some warmth ::
[22:53:02]LtRaynaElkhorn: @ ::has two phasers and starts a steady beam concentrated with Berne's::
[22:53:35]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  The ice monsters have died/melted from the flames.  Puddles creep towards the fire.      =/\=
[22:53:41]LtAmberLynnBriggs: @ ::suddenly shivering like mad:: Holy frozen tits!
[22:53:57]LtJg_NightWing: @;;adds her phaser to help  dig a trench between the fire and the  melt;;
[22:54:00]USFNazir: ((ROFL))
[22:54:09]Cdr_Khevok: @ Cut a path around those clothes to keep the water away.
[22:54:14]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The concentrated phaser fire begins to make a significant dent in the ice wall.      =/\=
[22:54:33]Cdr_Khevok: @ Then run towards the other team at the wall.
[22:54:40]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::sees a concentrated area of heat in the ice:: They got us!
[22:54:42]LtJg_Higgs: @ ::The last bend, they made it in and found the team inside... disrobed. She'd ask questions later. She all but ripped her pack off and yanked te thermal blanket out.::
[22:54:48]LtJg_Higgs: Found you!
[22:54:52]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::shivering, teeth clattering:: THey have us!
[22:54:55]DrbaTaliaRavel: Start kicking at the wall!
[22:55:12]LtJg_Higgs: All of you, stand up, sit on this blanket. Nightwing, Boerne, get your blankets out, wrap them up. Start the warm packs.
[22:55:13]LtJg_Higgs: @
[22:55:26]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The phaser blast melts a hole in the ice.  At that very moment, the crew is transported from the ice cavern to the Kupier Station.  The directors are transported to the cargo bay to meet them.      =/\=
[22:55:26]Lt_Boerne: @ Aye, sir.
[22:55:47]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::suddenly in the cargo bay and warming up, still shivering from the darkness in his thoughts::
[22:56:02]Cdr_Khevok: :: Shivering and almost frozen, materializes in the cargo bay ::
[22:56:04]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::blinks and drops her arms, releasing the phasers::
[22:56:05]DrMavelleKivo: # ::cannot help but laugh as she stares at the cold officers::
[22:56:07]LtJg_Higgs: ::And suddenly the blanket unfurled on the cargo bay floor::
[22:56:24]LtJg_NightWing: @;;gets the warming packs going as they are transported to the station;;
[22:56:29]LtAmberLynnBriggs: ::hands covering her chest, rubbing harshly as her teeth chatter::
[22:56:37]CaptCerseiNaal: ::standing beside Kivo::
[22:56:39]DrMavelleKivo: #  Congratulations Aldrin crew.  You've managed to survive and to save your crew.  This mission is deemed a success...
[22:56:44]LtJg_Higgs: Keep warming them up. We're safe now, but they still need to get their body temp up.
[22:56:46]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::not phased by the cold a bit::
[22:56:48]Lt_Boerne: :: The affects of the injection begin to wear off, and her empathic abilities slowly start to work ::
[22:57:09]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gets the blankets around them and gets someone NOT hypothermic to buddy warm them;;
[22:57:19]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::moving around to help everyone get warm::
[22:57:30]DrMavelleKivo: Medics are at the ready for your recovery.  To our telepaths and empaths, know that the effects of the neural agents will last an additional 21 hours.  
[22:57:46]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Dr Kivo and nods ::
[22:57:51]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::deep frown as his gaze lifts toward Mavelle::
[22:58:02]LtJg_NightWing: ;;holds up three fingers;;
[22:58:14]LtJg_Higgs: :: She took off her coat, and slung it over Vaeros, who looked the most miserable, blue, and almost about to pass out, with the warming blanket beneath the coat.::
[22:58:21]DrMavelleKivo: We understand this is difficult, but necessary.  You must learn to be able to function without your telepathy or your empathy.  There may be missions that will cause you to lose your senses.  Train with that in mind.
[22:58:27]Lt_Boerne: I seem to have ... :: The effect returns :: Never mind.
[22:58:39]CaptCerseiNaal: Well done.  We were all impressed by your marked improvement over the last mission.
[22:58:41]Lt_Boerne: Aye, sir.
[22:58:52]USFNazir: ::he is still laughing:: And highly amused.
[22:59:03]LtJg_Higgs: ::Higgs gave a bit of a weary glance at the directors before returning to focus on the cold people.::
[22:59:05]LtCmdrBryton: ::grumbling as he hands off five credits to Nazir::
[22:59:29]DrMavelleKivo: ::glances at Naal:: I believe your next session will be in three days.
[22:59:29]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::quick glance toward Nazir, furrows his brows as he shuffles toward Marielle::
[22:59:36]CaptCerseiNaal: ::nods in agreement::
[22:59:51]LtJg_Higgs: You alright?
[22:59:58]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::hugs Marielle, tackles her to the ground:: You're saved!
[23:00:01]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps working on getting  people to share their bodyheat with the cold ones;;
[23:00:12]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::tackled to floor::
[23:00:14]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::grabs Esdan and bodily removes him from Marielle::
[23:00:29]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:00:33]LtJg_Higgs: ::She gave a bit of a dirty look to Otretal, and simply sighed. She'd worry about that later::
[23:00:35]LtJg_NightWing: ;;paused;;
[23:00:42]LtJg_Higgs: ::Paused::
[23:00:47]LtCdrShepherd: ::paused::
[23:00:51]LtCmdrBryton: ::paused::
[23:00:54]DrErikVaeros: ::paused::
[23:00:56]Cdr_Khevok: :: Paused ::
[23:00:57]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::paused::
[23:00:59]Lt_Boerne: :: Paused ::
[23:00:59]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::pause::
[23:01:00]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::paused::
[23:01:27]CaptCerseiNaal: All right!  Well done!
[23:01:35]USFNazir: ::he slides back into place next to Naal and drapes an arm over her shoulder::
[23:01:55]CaptCerseiNaal: ::drops her arm to allow Nazir's arm to slide off her shoulder::  You can't imagine how much fun it was to watch!
[23:01:55]Cdr_Khevok: :: Nods groggily toward Cersei ::
[23:02:36]CaptCerseiNaal: Any questions?
[23:02:51]LtJg_Higgs: ::Raises he hand::
[23:02:53]LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[23:02:54]LtJg_Higgs: her**
[23:02:59]CaptCerseiNaal: Higgs?
[23:03:17]LtJg_Higgs: Are we going to have another potential multi-joint log like with last week's scenario?
[23:03:45]CaptCerseiNaal: We can.  I'll resend the link to the same document and we'll just write on top.
[23:03:51]LtJg_Higgs: Mmmkay
[23:04:02]CaptCerseiNaal: Nightwing?
[23:04:15]--: DrMavelleKivo (Mibbit@4B08FB1A.623E5B2.4EE32656.IP) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:04:19]LtJg_NightWing: can we see how you'directors' would  do  in the same situation?
[23:04:32]Cdr_Khevok: Yeah!!!
[23:04:33]Cdr_Khevok: LOL
[23:04:41]USFNazir: ::he smirks::
[23:05:01]CaptCerseiNaal: We've been through the training, Lieutenant.  And we're here.  What do you think the answer is?
[23:05:06]CaptCerseiNaal: ::smile::
[23:05:30]LtJg_NightWing: then can we see the  vids?
[23:05:36]Lt_Boerne: Hehehe
[23:05:41]LtJg_Higgs: I suspect the answer is "no, that's classified"
[23:05:50]CaptCerseiNaal: That'll do.
[23:05:56]USFNazir: ::he boops Higgs on the nose:: That's right my beautiful giant.
[23:06:05]CaptCerseiNaal: Any other questions?
[23:06:12]LtJg_Higgs: >.<
[23:07:25]--: spearhorse (Mibbit@mib-BAEB9AFC.**) leaves #USS_Aldrin
[23:07:31]CaptCerseiNaal: ::nods at the silence:: You'll be checked by medics in the lounge.
[23:07:47]CaptCerseiNaal: Commander, scatter them if you will.
[23:08:02]USFNazir: DISMISSED
[23:08:09]CaptCerseiNaal: !sim off
[23:08:09]M-5:     =/\=   USS Aldrin - 201708.21 2308:09
[23:08:09]M-5:     =/\=   Log  Closed

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