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  Commander Yari Nazir, SD
USS Aldrin Simulation Record - SD: 1708.14
Login Sim Log: USS Aldrin - 201708.14 USS Aldrin Log, SD: 201708.14
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[22:02:38] M-5:     =/\=  USS Aldrin
[22:02:38]M-5:     =/\=  201708.14 2202:38 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:02:38]M-5:     =/\=  MB: Mission Brief.  SD 1708.14 at
[22:02:38]M-5:     =/\=  Present: LtJGEsdanOtretal, LtJg_Higgs, LtRaynaElkhorn, DrXianKalmaku, CaptCerseiNaal, DrMavelleKivo, LtCdrBryton, M-5, LtAmeenaCiamli, Lt_Boerne, Cdr_Khevok, USFNazir, LtCmdrDeniaud, DrTytianMallister, LtCdrShaeLinRhaik, FstLtGideonSalieri, LtCdrShepherd
[22:02:46]DrMavelleKivo: ::AA::
[22:02:50]LtCdrShepherd: ::AA::
[22:02:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::AA::
[22:02:52]LtCdrBryton: ::AA::
[22:02:55]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::AA::
[22:02:56]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::AA::
[22:02:56]Cdr_Khevok: :: @@ ::
[22:02:59]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::AA::
[22:03:00]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::AA::
[22:03:02]Lt_Boerne: :: @@ ::
[22:03:03]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::AA:
[22:03:06]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::AA::
[22:03:09]DrXianKalmaku: ::AA::
[22:03:12]DrTytianMallister: ::AA::
[22:03:15]USFNazir: ::he sidles next to the captain and keeps close::
[22:03:36]CaptCerseiNaal: ::gently clears throat:: Good evening, everyone.
[22:03:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: Evening, Captain.
[22:03:48]CaptCerseiNaal: Has everyone read the mission brief?
[22:03:52]USFNazir: Evening, beautiful.
[22:03:53]Cdr_Khevok: Yes
[22:03:57]LtCmdrDeniaud: Aye.
[22:04:00]DrMavelleKivo: Yes.
[22:04:02]Lt_Boerne: Aye
[22:04:03]LtCdrShepherd: Of course.
[22:04:05]LtCdrBryton: Yes.
[22:04:05]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::nod::
[22:04:08]LtJGEsdanOtretal: Yup.
[22:04:18]CaptCerseiNaal: Are they any questions?
[22:04:36]LtJGEsdanOtretal: No, ma'am.
[22:04:39]LtJg_Higgs: None here.
[22:04:40]LtCdrBryton: No.
[22:04:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: Nope.
[22:05:11]DrMavelleKivo: Nada.
[22:05:17]CaptCerseiNaal: All righty.  Let's get this show on the road.
[22:05:18]Cdr_Khevok: None
[22:05:36]Lt_Boerne: Aye
[22:05:41]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:05:50]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Officers and crewmen file into the cargo bay as they join their colleagues.  The murmur of the crowd becomes silent as the starbase’s commanding officer steps out to address the group.      =/\=
[22:06:10]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::waiting in the cargo bay already::
[22:06:20]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::quietly waiting among her peers::
[22:06:23]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::also already there::
[22:06:31]DrXianKalmaku: ::waiting::
[22:06:40]DrTytianMallister: ::waiting::
[22:06:51]LtJg_Higgs: ::It definitely had been reminding her of the academy, the rules, the lack of personal belongings... it didn't seem to bother her so much, being still semi-fresh.::
[22:07:15]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::hands behind his back, feeling better than he expected without the luenalin::
[22:07:20]USFNazir: ::he leans against the wall as he speaks with the other directors::
[22:07:24]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::arrives late::
[22:07:31]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::super excited to be here, yo::
[22:07:34]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stands attentively, watching the officer approach the podium ::
[22:07:42]LtJg_Higgs: ::She stands ready in her training uniform::
[22:07:50]CaptCerseiNaal: ::standing near Mavelle::
[22:07:53]LtCdrBryton: ::whispers to Nazir:: So, which one have you had?
[22:08:05]USFNazir: ::he eyes the crew and begins pointing::
[22:08:06]Lt_Boerne: :: Standing hear Dr Kalmaku ::
[22:08:10]DrMavelleKivo: Mav> Good morning.  ::glances to the side and nods to the officers step forward with several packs:: I trust your two days have allowed you to recenter yourselves.  Your training begins today.  
[22:08:35]DrMavelleKivo: our ability to remain on the Aldrin will depend on how you cope and how you perform individually and as a crew.  You’ve been provided with everything you will need to survive the next twelve hours.  Are there any questions?
[22:08:45]DrMavelleKivo: ((Your, even))
[22:08:52]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::shaking her head toward Nazir::
[22:09:21]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Phaser rifles with only one setting, high stun, are passed around to the security officers.  A simple tool kit filled with a tricorder and a sonic generator are passed to engineers.      =/\=
[22:09:22]LtCdrBryton: ::speaking softly:: You're slipping.  That's not even half of the crew yet.
[22:09:28]LtJg_Higgs: ::She raised a brow at the wording. "To survive". It made her wonder just what exactly they had in mind, since they had so little information on just what was planned.::
[22:09:41]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  A small black pack filled with a medical tricorder, a single hypospray with a pain suppressant, and a cellular regenerator are passed to medical officers.  A small black pack filled with a tricorder, a handheld microscope, and phase modulator are passed to science officers.      =/\=
[22:09:56]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::quick check on the phaser rifle::
[22:10:12]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::listening quietly, staying close to her kinda maybe sorta sleeping buddy::
[22:10:26]LtJg_Higgs: ::she eyeballed the small kit she was given. It was hardly more than what was given to a school nurse.::
[22:10:26]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::also looking over the phaser rifle, slight frown upon seeing only one setting::
[22:10:28]Cdr_Khevok: :: Takes the tool kit and inspects it ::
[22:10:38]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::appreciating Marielle's closeness::
[22:10:41]USFNazir: ::he wants to be a sleeping buddy::
[22:10:51]Lt_Boerne: Takes the black pack and looks over the contents ::
[22:10:59]DrXianKalmaku: ::humming as she glances over the contents of her pack::
[22:11:02]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glances at the toolkit and frowns, her brows furrow in confusion::
[22:11:49]LtCdrShepherd: ::in the group of officers waiting in the cargo bay; takes a good look at the kit::
[22:11:50]LtJg_Higgs: Just one treatment worth... Better make it count...
[22:11:54]DrTytianMallister: ::studying the two items in his bag, hums softly::
[22:11:59]LtJg_Higgs: ::she mumbled to herself that::
[22:12:01]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::grumbling:: This isn't much, is it?
[22:12:05]DrMavelleKivo: ::glances around as the crew inspects their stuff::
[22:12:15]DrMavelleKivo: ::nods to some faceless person in the distance::
[22:12:26]DrXianKalmaku: Super survival mode!  ::whispered to herself::
[22:12:39]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  With a nod from Doctor Mavelle, the Aldrin crew are transported from the cargo bay.  They find themselves in the middle of a lush jungle.  The air is thick and humid.  There is the sound of life, birds and insects.      =/\=
[22:12:52]LtJg_Higgs: ::She closed up her bag, and fastened it to her person just as they transported out::
[22:13:09]LtJg_Higgs: ::Surprise!::
[22:13:13]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks around the area ::
[22:13:18]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  (Please use @) On the Kuiper Starbase, the commanding officers of the Aldrin and the department directors have moved to the conference room to watch the crew on their first training exercise.  They are joined by Dr. Mavelle Kivo.      =/\=
[22:13:43]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::on edge as he grumbles at the lack of warning, immediately studying their surroundings:: Stay close.
[22:13:47]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glances around at their new surroundings, ignoring the murmur among the crew::
[22:13:49]Cdr_Khevok: @ :: Looks around the area ::
[22:13:55]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::phaser rifle in hand, glancing around::
[22:13:56]LtJg_Higgs: [[away team uses @ or base team?]]
[22:14:06]CaptCerseiNaal: ( Base team uses @. )
[22:14:08]DrMavelleKivo: ((Base team @))
[22:14:29]DrXianKalmaku: ::humming quietly to herself as she scans the area with her tricorder::
[22:14:33]DrMavelleKivo: ((Only directors and Naal; the rest of you minions are on the planet.  Doing minion things.))
[22:14:40]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Trees climb towards the sky and create a thick canopy above the crew.  The foliage is lush and dark green, the leaves thick and wide.  Full pink blossoms with bright petals and a fragrant scent stand tall among the rich greens.      =/\=
[22:15:06]LtJg_Higgs: ::Jungle. The directors had not gone with them. They were alone. This is what they meant by survival.:: Okay, I think I am beginning to understand...
[22:15:36]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::clears throat as she looks at Khevok:: Sir.  You're the highest ranking officer.  Your orders?
[22:15:41]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::shakes his head at not having a tricorder handy:: Any lifesigns?
[22:15:53]LtCdrBryton: @ ::looks at Nazir, smirks:: This should be entertaining.  I’ve got five credits your department folds first.
[22:15:53]Lt_Boerne: :: Holds her black bag close to her person ::
[22:15:54]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::watching in silence::
[22:16:05]USFNazir: @ ::he raises a brow at Bryton:: I got a Klingon-Vulcan hybrid, the chick that broke into the Hermes’ super secret room, and a damn Orion.  ::his grin grows:: An Orion, Eli.
[22:16:18]Cdr_Khevok: :: Clears his throat ::
[22:16:22]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::arms folded over her chest as she watches::  The Orion will cost you.
[22:16:40]LtJg_Higgs: ::She shuffled the tricorder from her pack she had.:: Ahh.. lifesigns... mostly small creatures. Birds most likely. Nothing that looks directly threatening at the moment.
[22:16:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::looks at Khevok::
[22:16:46]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::phaser rifle at the ready as she scans the area::
[22:17:04]DrXianKalmaku: ::drawn to one of the pink blossoms, scanning::
[22:17:10]LtJg_Higgs: This place reminds me of some of the forests back home. Avoid the overly colorful things, they might be poisonous.
[22:17:14]DrTytianMallister: ::remains toward the middle of the group::
[22:17:15]LtCdrShepherd: ::turns to look at the Vulcan-Klingon hybrid and thinks what an odd combination - id vs. logic::
[22:17:33]LtJg_Higgs: ::She begins to scan some of the foliage and plant life as if to confirm or deny her statement.::
[22:17:36]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::keeping close to his chief and sighs::
[22:17:40]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::stirs her spoon in her tea and she glances at Cersei, a kind smile on her lips:: I’m sure your crew will do well, Captain.  This is simply a preliminary exercise-  To see what requires work.  But, everyone has an exemplary record.  I’m not at all concerned.
[22:17:44]Cdr_Khevok: Let's break into groups, with each group having at least one member of each department.
[22:17:56]CaptCerseiNaal: @ ::watching the Aldrin crew on the large viewscreen in the conference room::  I look forward to seeing what needs work.  I can’t claim them as mine just yet.  ::small smile toward Kivo::  It’s only been a couple weeks.
[22:18:08]Cdr_Khevok: That way, each group will have a complete set of instruments.
[22:18:10]DrMavelleKivo: @ And in those few weeks, what have you observed? ::sips her tea and looks up to watch the video feed::
[22:18:26]CaptCerseiNaal: @ They work well together, have a good camaraderie.  My only concern is how they react under pressure.  ::directs her gaze to the screen once again::  Under real pressure.
[22:18:43]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::hums quietly:: That was relatively good thinking on the Commander's part.
[22:19:23]Cdr_Khevok: :: Furrows his eyebrows :: And let's do this quickly.
[22:19:36]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::nods:: You heard the Commander ::calling out to the others::
[22:19:36]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::frowns at the idea of splitting up, but the highest ranking officer has spoken::  Our objective is survival.  If we split up, it would be easier to pick us off.
[22:19:39]LtJg_Higgs: Yes sir. ::She begins to move towards a group that seems to be lacking in medical::
[22:19:41]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Phaser fire erupts from the west.  A short volley destroys the foliage around the team.      =/\=
[22:19:49]LtJg_Higgs: Everybody down!!
[22:19:50]FstLtGideonSalieri: Everyone down!  Find cover!  ::quickly moves behind a tree, phaser ready to return fire as he watches everyone move::
[22:20:02]LtJg_Higgs: ::She ducks behind a tree.::
[22:20:05]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::yeah, ducks behind a tree::
[22:20:06]USFNazir: @ Ah.  There he goes.  The local hero.  ::he smirks and leans back into his chair::
[22:20:10]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::drops to the floor in an instant; doesn't need to be told twice::
[22:20:14]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns toward the direction of the phaser blast as he ducks down ::
[22:20:24]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::back against a tree, leaning around to see if she can spot the source::
[22:20:28]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::ducks quickly and scrambles to a tree, breathing becomes ragged::  Merde!  What sort of training exercise is this?! ::screaming in frustration::  Where the hell are we?!
[22:20:30]DrXianKalmaku: ::on the ground!::
[22:20:43]Lt_Boerne: :: Flattens on the ground quickly ::
[22:20:46]DrTytianMallister: ::also on the floor, not about to get shot today::
[22:20:48]LtCdrBryton: @ ::chuckles and looks at Nazir as he points to Deniaud:: That chick doesn’t do well on the field.
[22:20:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::She begins to look on the tricorder for lifesigns that might indicate the exact location of the phaserfire.::
[22:21:11]USFNazir: @ ::he ignores Bryton:: She’ll be fine after some work.  ::he turns and taps his finger lightly on the padd resting on the table as he notes his observations::
[22:21:20]Cdr_Khevok: :: Calls out behind him :: Any readings?
[22:21:39]FstLtGideonSalieri: Nothing visible.
[22:21:53]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::quietly curses in Italian not having a tricorder::
[22:22:01]LtJg_Higgs: Affirmative! So far two signatures roughly 200 meters out!
[22:22:06]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::calling out over the phaser fire to reach Khevok and the engineers:: Hey!  Grab your tricorders!  Start working on creating a temporary shield!
[22:22:14]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::keeps low, flipping open the kit and staring inside::
[22:22:18]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::slight nod toward the screen::
[22:22:21]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Small projectiles whistle through the air.  Darts find their marks in Saari Tanaja, Xian Kalmaku, Rico Suave, and Tytian Mallister.  Seconds pass before the collapse.      =/\=
[22:22:35]DrXianKalmaku: ::yelps and then X.X::
[22:22:46]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::yelps as darts zip past her and miss::
[22:22:48]DrTytianMallister: ::same::
[22:23:02]LtCdrShepherd: ::blinking at the insane level of screaming and ducks under the foliage::
[22:23:18]FstLtGideonSalieri: Stay down!  Security!  Provide cover!
[22:23:25]FstLtGideonSalieri: Karmanori>  ::pewpewpew::
[22:23:29]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::keeps close to his chief, practically hugging the woman:: Chief!  What do we do!  ::trembling:: I don't want to die!
[22:23:44]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::calling out to Khevok:: Sir!  Your orders?!
[22:23:46]LtJg_Higgs: ::The lifesigns on her tricorder were chaos. She'd only just begun setting in the signatures to mark friend and foe when everything went nuts. A few of the lifesigns looked to falter already.:: Shit...
[22:23:59]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::visually searching for the source of the fire::
[22:24:00]Cdr_Khevok: Let's see if we can get those sonic generators to generate a force field.
[22:24:15]FstLtGideonSalieri: Enemies at eight o’clock!  Security fan out!  Get a perimeter secured!  ::leans around a tree and fires a cover shot for his officers to move::
[22:24:26]LtCmdrDeniaud: :ducks as she grabs the sonic generator and uses it over her own; a shimmer of light appears in front of Khevok before a dart hits him:: I got a temporary force field working!  Engineers, set your sonic drivers and change the polarity of your tricorders to -0.45! ::attempts to bat away Esdan::
[22:24:37]USFNazir: @ ::sigh:: The youngin' is going to be a problem.
[22:24:42]LtJg_Higgs: Commander! 4 men down! Going to get to them!
[22:24:42]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Darts continue to fly and strike Esdan Ortretal, Erik Vaeros, and Marielle Deniaud.  Within seconds, the officers collapse.      =/\=
[22:25:01]FstLtGideonSalieri: Can we get a force field of some-  ::glances toward Marielle and sees that she’s fallen::  No!  ::panicked look at the people who have fallen::
[22:25:03]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::feels a pinch in her neck and is out for the count  X.X::
[22:25:07]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns toward the collapsed crew ::
[22:25:21]Cdr_Khevok: Check for life signs.
[22:25:24]LtCdrBryton: @ ::chuckles:: They're dropping like flies.  
[22:25:27]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::swallows against the despair and steels himself to continue working::  Jessup, Winnetka to the south!  Ciamli, Battey to the north!  Get an eye on our enemies!
[22:25:50]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::advancing forward with cover fire::
[22:25:54]LtJg_Higgs: Sir, might I request we pick up our fallen and make a retreat to cover??
[22:26:03]Cdr_Khevok: Yes!
[22:26:14]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::gasping in fear as he shakes Deniaud's body... hands a little roamy::
[22:26:46]LtCdrShepherd: ::screams out to Khevok:: Open up your tricorder firewalls!  I can try and link them!
[22:26:52]USFNazir: @ ::he looks smugly at Bryton:: Got a shield up before she got taken down.  ::he jots down some notes then he watches Gideon carefully::
[22:27:07]Cdr_Khevok: :: Takes his tricorder and opens the firewall ::
[22:27:10]Cdr_Khevok: Done!
[22:27:14]LtJg_Higgs: ::It was at this point she was glad she regularly worked out. Picking up a nearby body, she'd drag them behind a tree before moving to take on the next.::
[22:27:14]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::arms still folded over her chest as she watches, her hazel eyes moving over the security/tactical officers as they struggle to pinpoint where the attacks are coming from::  But still taken down.  She does you no good now.
[22:27:29]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::as a dart comes flying by, drapes over the Chief woman::
[22:27:37]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::okay... get off me you little perv::
[22:27:46]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::nope::
[22:27:50]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::seriously, before I kick your ass::
[22:27:52]Cdr_Khevok: Set all tricorders  as Shepherd asked.
[22:27:59]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::nope::
[22:28:12]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::it's on - when we get back::
[22:28:27]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::oooo so scared... not::
[22:28:33]USFNazir: @ ::he motions to the screen:: She got the other engineers working on it.  They know it’s possible now.  ::he shrugs::  But, you’re right.  She’s going to need work.  She’s all brain and no action.
[22:28:39]LtJg_Higgs: ::Next body get after the first.:: Stay low, use the foliage to hide your location. harder to hit what can't be seen! Dammit Vaeros... why are you so damn heavy...
[22:28:40]Cdr_Khevok: :: Grabs one of the fallen and follows Higgs ::
[22:28:59]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::phaser rifle firing out to provide cover::
[22:29:08]CaptCerseiNaal: @ They all need work.  ::watching K’hevok and shaking her head slightly::
[22:29:20]Lt_Boerne: :: Takes the phase modulator out and connects it with the tricorders ::
[22:29:26]LtCdrBryton: @ I like my cyborg.  ::motions to Higgs and smiles; jots down notes on his padd::  Asher’s getting here today.  It’d be nice to get him to look at that leg of hers.  Look at her move.
[22:29:40]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ One well placed phaser blast or shock of electricity renders her useless.  ::speaking without emotion::
[22:29:54]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::protects Deniaud's body, death grip hug::
[22:29:57]LtJg_Higgs: ::Finally getting him to behind a tree, she lets him flop down and she kneels over him.:: Cover me, I'm going to see what's in theese darts!
[22:30:31]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Those hit by the dart share the same symptoms.  Their breathing has slowed and their bodies become clammy as colour drains from their faces.      =/\=
[22:30:38]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks around to the crew with phasers :: Cover him
[22:30:56]LtCdrBryton: @ ::shrug:: You can say that about anyone.  At least if she takes one in the leg, she can hop around and still function.  ::waves at one of the sec/tac officers:: Can you say that about any of yours, Shae?
[22:30:58]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::providing cover fire so his Karmanori can fan out::
[22:31:09]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ Not yet.  ::slight frown to herself as she considers their individual training::
[22:31:21]Cdr_Khevok: All those with tricorders and phase modulators, continue to build a makeshift shield.
[22:31:48]LtJg_Higgs: ::Tricorder out, she discovers that the darts aren't killing them, merely incapacitating them.:: It's a tranquilizer! Gods it's like Pulmozine but it's different! But they're not dead! Let's get to cover and I can try to get them back up!
[22:31:58]LtCdrBryton: ::uses Deniaud's code and sets the tricorders to create a small force field in the clearing::
[22:32:16]LtCdrBryton: ((Well.  Crap.  Wrong one.))
[22:32:28]LtJg_Higgs: [[whoops]]
[22:32:31]USFNazir: ((Whomp whomp.))
[22:32:58]Cdr_Khevok: :: Nods to the others to help Higgs ::
[22:33:17]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns toward the direction to where the darts are coming from ::
[22:33:22]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Thanks to the force field, the darts ping off the invisible shield and the crew are given a small reprieve.  There is roughly 10 minutes before the power will flicker out and leave the crew vulnerable again.      =/\=
[22:33:50]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks around the area ::
[22:34:05]LtJg_Higgs: ::It was similar to a training excersize back at the academy. It was more medically focused, but medicine under fire.:: Okay. Keep the cover going. I need to see what I can do...Cripes, a regenerator and a pain killer...
[22:34:14]---: DrTytianMallister is now known as DrbaTaliaRavel
[22:34:29]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::helping to bring everyone to the same area, scanning::
[22:34:30]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  In the moment of peace, 55% of the crew are out of commission.  Their breaths are shallow but steady.  They are burning warmer than normal and their skin is clammy.      =/\=
[22:35:03]LtJg_Higgs: ::Her tricorder did show her that the lifesigns were otherwise stable. Nothing that would put them out permenantly, might even wear off on it's own. But how long would that take? Too long::
[22:35:10]Cdr_Khevok: OK, we need to construct a camouflaged lean-to to deflect the darts.
[22:35:33]USFNazir: @ She’s innocent.  ::he nods to Higgs as he watches:: File reads that she has a hard time with being in the middle of a war zone.  That’ll be a problem.
[22:35:46]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looking at the tricorders and phase modulators ::
[22:35:52]Cdr_Khevok: We don't have long!
[22:35:54]CaptCerseiNaal: @ ::watching with a neutral expression::
[22:35:57]LtCdrShepherd: How are we going to do that, Commander? ::moves in with his kit::
[22:36:13]---: DrXianKalmaku is now known as LtAmberLynnBriggs
[22:36:38]LtJg_Higgs: How the hell am I supposed to use a cellular regenerator to... Wait.
[22:36:40]LtAmberLynnBriggs: ::leaning against a tree as she scans for enemies::
[22:36:42]Cdr_Khevok: With your teeth, if you have to.
[22:36:50]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::sits up and looks down at Deniaud, brushes back her hair::
[22:36:57]Cdr_Khevok: What do we have to cut underbrush?
[22:37:01]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::... a little creeped out::
[22:37:12]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::really wants to go out and look, but can't expose herself::
[22:37:21]LtJg_Higgs: ::An idea began to form in her head. While it wasn't exactly a great substitute, it was all she had.:: Maybe I can stimulate the adrenal gland to help cope with it...
[22:37:31]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::I'm seriously going to bust a cap in your knees::
[22:37:41]LtCdrBryton: @ ::frowns and nods in agreement:: Response time is too slow.  ::watches Nightwing and Higgs:: They're fairly quick on her feet.  She just sprung into action instead of cowering.
[22:38:01]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::X.X 'Save me Higgs.  Save meeeeeee.'::
[22:38:12]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::twiddles thumbs in her subconscious::
[22:38:13]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks st the phasers :: We have only a couple of minutes left.
[22:38:22]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::looks down at her PADD and she reads through the bios of the crew again::
[22:38:39]LtCdrShepherd: ::looks at Khevok:: How shall we modify?
[22:38:54]DrbaTaliaRavel: They're going to be stable if we do nothing, but we won't be able to move.
[22:39:04]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  The force field begins to flicker as the batteries begin to die.      =/\=
[22:39:07]LtJg_Higgs: ::The regenerator, while it wasn't meant for the task at hand, she had linked through the tricorder to stimulate the cells in the adrenal glands in Erik Vaeros's body.
[22:39:10]LtJg_Higgs: ::
[22:39:32]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Another volley of drugged projectiles falls into the area.  Cana Graves, Nobody Parvenu, Mark Huntsman, Tasse Mero, Dasre Lebaun, and Sreagon are hit.      =/\=
[22:39:44]LtJg_Higgs: ::Adrenaline could be used in a pinch to battle light poisons, anaphylactic shock, etc. Might help revive them.::
[22:39:47]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::cursing:: Down!  Everyone down!
[22:39:55]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::swearing to herself in her native tongue::  They’re not seeing the bigger picture.
[22:39:58]Lt_Boerne: :: Looks up to see if there is enough sunlight for her to use her microscope in reverse to burn branches ::
[22:40:13]LtJg_Higgs: Down?? Hell let's move to a different location! They know we're here!
[22:40:27]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::providing fire toward the origination of the darts::
[22:40:30]DrMavelleKivo: ::looks up at Shae::  This is their first attempt.  You couldn’t quite blame them for not setting up a perimeter the moment they materialized.  ::shrugs:: They don’t teach for exploration and diplomacy missions.  Though, I'm surprised they missed the flowers.
[22:40:33]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::pewpewpew::
[22:40:38]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ It’s basic security protocol.  They’ve been doing soft stuff for too long.  ::points toward Gideon::  He’s the only one with promise.  The others are too distracted.
[22:40:52]LtAmberLynnBriggs: We can't move so many without drawing heavier fire!
[22:40:54]Cdr_Khevok: What if we all fall to the ground as if we have been hit? If they see no movement, they may stop.
[22:40:56]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::covers Deniaud's body again::
[22:41:12]DrbaTaliaRavel: We'd need to get everyone back on their feet to move.
[22:41:17]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Several darts hit Esdan in the behind.  The kid's done.      =/\=
[22:41:33]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::uh, apparently done; draped over the hot researcher::
[22:41:37]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::HAPPY DANCE::
[22:41:46]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::chuckles:: It may come as a surprise to you, but for the rest of us, the universe isn’t a cruel and horrible place.  When we appear on some planet, we don’t expect to be attacked.  Nine out of ten times, that is the case for a typical crew. ::sips her tea::
[22:41:56]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::shoves Esdan from Marielle so he doesn't smother the engineer::
[22:42:06]USFNazir: @  ::he looks at Mav and he chuckles:: No offense, Ambassador, but the Aldrin will not be embarking on typical missions.
[22:42:12]CaptCerseiNaal: @ Let’s wrap this up.  Too many people have dropped.  They’ll be overrun.  ::shifts her gaze from the viewscreen to Mavelle::  I suggest we do a couple days of individual and departmental training before the next exercise.
[22:42:22]LtJg_Higgs: ::She frowned as a realization hit her.:: Oh gods... do they really mean to...
[22:42:28]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::looks at Naal and nods:: Shall we attempt three or four days before the next exercise?  That should be plenty of time for some improvement.
[22:42:29]Cdr_Khevok: All right, everyone stay down. I'm going towards the arrows.
[22:42:43]FstLtGideonSalieri: Commander!  You'll be hit!
[22:42:46]USFNazir: @ ::he sits up:: Did he just say he's going towards the arrows?
[22:42:48]CaptCerseiNaal: @ Three days.  I’d like to meet with the three of you before dinner to discuss your assessments.  ::nodding toward Nazir, Bryton, and Rhaik before glancing back at Kivo::  You’re welcome to sit in, Ambassador.
[22:42:58]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stands and starts walking toward the arrows ::
[22:43:10]LtJg_Higgs: The fallen ones! The darts are not deadly! carry the crew as a shield, and let's get the frak out of here!!
[22:43:11]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::reaches for and grabs K'hevok back behind a tree::
[22:43:18]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::chuckles:: How kind of you to invite me.  ::unable to keep from smirking:: Especially considering I run the facility and your training.  ::leans forward and presses her finger on the panel on the conference table, speaking to the officer:: Go ahead and lock on their signals.  Bring them back- ::watches the screen and furrows her brows at Khevok::
[22:43:18]Cdr_Khevok: We've recovered from similar problems.
[22:43:27]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::slow blink toward Higgs::
[22:43:34]LtCdrBryton: @ ::laughs aloud at Higgs:: Oh yeah.  Her.  I like her.
[22:43:40]CaptCerseiNaal: @ With all due respect, you’re not going to be on missions with us.  Your input will be appreciated, but I need to formulate plans with my people.  ::gone were the smiles and soft expression::
[22:43:49]LtJg_Higgs: It's dark, I know, but they won't die! We need to move!
[22:43:57]LtJg_Higgs: We aren't going to win like this!
[22:44:00]USFNazir: @ ::stares at Higgs:: Dammit.  I owe you five credits, Eli.
[22:44:11]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::.... I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS, HIGGS!::
[22:44:17]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Higgs :: Are you sure?
[22:44:23]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::seriously, that's rude::
[22:44:51]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looked terribly distressed.:: I don't see any other way. they have numbers we can't see, and they know where we are. we have no intel on them. We need to get safe.,
[22:45:06]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::lifts her hand off the panel and ends the transmission, lowers her teacup, and pushes her chair back as she stands:: They're using the bodies as shields.  It's time we talk to them.
[22:45:11]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks around at the few who are still standing ::
[22:45:27]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  A few minutes after the ambassador’s command, the crew of the Aldrin are transported from their jungle and back into the cargo bay.  Upon materializing, any crew that were once drugged have regained consciousness.      =/\=
[22:45:49]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  As the team is transported back to the cargo bay, the directors are transported as well.  So that they don't need to walk.      =/\=
[22:45:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::She had Vaeros on her back by that point::
[22:46:21]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::blinks as they are transported, immediately makes his way to Marielle to check that she's all right::
[22:46:32]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::sighs heavily and shakes her head::
[22:47:03]DrMavelleKivo: :: her tone becomes flat as she addresses the crew:: Your performance has been recorded. ::pausing as she looks out into the crowd:: Over half of your crew would be dead if this was a real operation.  Where did you go wrong?
[22:47:13]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks around at his surroundings :: ghuy'
[22:47:26]LtJg_Higgs: ::She is panting and breathing heavily. Not from the strain of Erik, heavy as he was. She set him down gently, and sat down next to him.::
[22:47:28]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::powers down the phaser rifle, handing it to the officers who made the rounds to collect everything::
[22:47:48]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::wakes up slowly, blinking and groaning::
[22:48:02]Cdr_Khevok: QI'yaH
[22:48:14]CaptCerseiNaal: ::watching for her crew to answer::
[22:48:15]DrMavelleKivo: ::still waiting for an answer::
[22:48:35]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::sits up slowly and grumbles:: What happened?
[22:48:38]LtJg_Higgs: W-we... We didn't get... we didn't check out surroundings.
[22:48:41]LtJg_Higgs: our*
[22:48:47]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Kivo ::
[22:48:51]FstLtGideonSalieri: We didn't secure our location.  ::kneels beside Marielle::
[22:48:53]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Higgs ::
[22:49:05]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Salieri ::
[22:49:07]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::slight nod in agreement::
[22:49:09]DrMavelleKivo: ::nods at Higgs:: Yes.  ::nods at Salieri:: Yes.
[22:49:17]CaptCerseiNaal: ::small frown::
[22:49:35]LtJg_Higgs: She made an effort to stand, and she laughed weakly.:: Minimal supplies to survive. Training mission. no details... Should have been red flags.
[22:49:59]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Kivo :: I take full responsibility for not taking the proper precautions.
[22:50:14]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::quietly to Marielle:: Tranquilizing dart.  Ready to stand?
[22:50:25]DrMavelleKivo: ::looks at Khevok then at Naal:: I'll leave his retraining to you.  Or will that be a problem?
[22:50:34]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::nods::
[22:50:41]CaptCerseiNaal: No problem, Ambassador.
[22:50:56]Cdr_Khevok: We are still...
[22:50:57]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::watches Salieri and Deniaud, sighing wistfully::
[22:51:09]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::cool stare at her security people::
[22:51:16]Lt_Boerne: :: Hands her black bag to the collector ::
[22:51:24]LtJg_Higgs: ::She helped Vaeros to his feet.::
[22:51:27]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::helps her to stand, his arm around her shoulders::
[22:51:31]LtJg_Higgs: You okay?
[22:51:32]DrMavelleKivo: ::looks out into the crowd:: Return to your assigned deck for further instructions.  Medical teams will be waiting in the common areas.  Leave your kits here.
[22:51:46]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::pulling people to their feet as they become more lucid::
[22:52:00]Cdr_Khevok: :: Puts his kit on the proper table ::
[22:52:11]Lt_Boerne: ::Helping people stand ::
[22:52:14]DrMavelleKivo: ::holds her padd and glances at Naal, Nazir, and the directors:: I’ll report to Admiral Schmidt.  I'm going to go call my husband.  ::a soft laugh:: I hope he hasn’t burnt down the house without me around. ::shakes her head as she walks out of the room::
[22:52:30]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::standing and grumbles:: Why does it feel like someone squished me?
[22:52:40]LtJg_Higgs: ::After helping the Draconian to his feet, she'd offer him an apologetic look and head to place the kit down and head to the common area.::
[22:52:48]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glances at Higgs and nods in her direction::
[22:52:50]CaptCerseiNaal: ::slight nod toward Kivo, looks to the directors:: Dinner, be prepared to discuss training ideas.
[22:52:53]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns to Cersei with a strained look on his face ::
[22:52:58]LtCmdrDeniaud: We failed miserably, didn't we?
[22:53:10]--: LtCdrShepherd (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:53:27]CaptCerseiNaal: ::meets K'hevok's gaze and gives him the slightest of nods::
[22:53:29]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns toward Deniaud :: We failed you.
[22:53:47]LtCdrBryton: ::chuckles:: I just won 5 credits.  Today was a good day.
[22:54:00]CaptCerseiNaal: You're dismissed.  Get checked out and relax.  Tomorrow begins individual training.
[22:54:04]USFNazir: ::he eyes Khevok, eyes narrowing:: You'd think a Klingon would do better.
[22:54:13]Cdr_Khevok: We ... that is, the two of myself, should have been more attentive.
[22:54:22]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: I believe more of my people were alive than either of yours.
[22:54:43]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::shakes her head at Khevok:: Nonsense, Commander.  We had no idea what to expect.
[22:54:45]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Nazir and raises an eyebrow ::
[22:54:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::The kit was placed down and she stared at it. Gears were turning in her head. Already she was trying to think of all the uses she could get out of nothing but a regenerator and a painkiller.::
[22:54:56]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::heading out of the cargo bay::
[22:54:58]USFNazir: ::he looksat Shae:: You weren't part of the bet.
[22:55:16]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: Bragging rights are better than credits.
[22:55:27]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::smug and condescending look at Nazir::
[22:55:44]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns back to Deniaud :: That's just it. We had no idea, so we should have expected the worst.
[22:56:15]LtCmdrDeniaud: :sighs and nods in understanding:: We'll do better the next time.
[22:56:41]USFNazir: ::he grins:: Can't argue with that.  Celebrate later?
[22:57:06]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::soft scoff:: Bad enough I have to endure dinner with you.
[22:57:08]Cdr_Khevok: :: Raises an eyebrow toward Deniaud :: Yes.
[22:57:13]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::escapes the cargo bay::
[22:57:15]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[22:57:27]Cdr_Khevok: :: Paused ::
[22:57:27]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::pause::
[22:57:34]Lt_Boerne: :: Paused ::
[22:57:45]LtJg_Higgs: ::paused::
[22:57:59]CaptCerseiNaal: First training under our belt!  What do you think?
[22:58:02]LtJGEsdanOtretal: ::paused::
[22:58:20]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::got hit with a dart; clearly .... not happy::
[22:58:22]Cdr_Khevok: Pretty cool
[22:58:33]LtJg_Higgs: I think it's going to be hard for me to NOT incorporate real life training scenarios into simplot as an innocent fresh from academy doctor.
[22:58:40]Cdr_Khevok: Shows me that I'm not thinking straight.
[22:59:08]LtJGEsdanOtretal: I got to be a blanket.  I'm happy.
[22:59:40]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::grumble:: Someone's scrubbing the decks with an old fashioned toothbrush.
[22:59:41]FstLtGideonSalieri: You're going to be wearing some bruises.
[23:00:21]USFNazir: ::he slides in while Gideon is busy and steals Marielle and Higgs and Boerne and Rayna and has his own little harem::
[23:00:21]CaptCerseiNaal: We're going to set up a Google doc for everyone to access if you'd like to write the watching of the video with the crew as a whole.
[23:00:23]Cdr_Khevok: Hey, Deniaud, I've almost done that IRL. I was in the Navy over in VietNam
[23:00:41]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::yeah, I don't think so, have my arm around Marielle's shoulders::
[23:01:02]CaptCerseiNaal: Any questions?
[23:01:06]Cdr_Khevok: None
[23:01:28]--: DrMavelleKivo (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:01:36]Lt_Boerne: None
[23:02:12]LtCdrBryton: None for me, Captain.
[23:02:16]CaptCerseiNaal: Time between sims is 3 days.  There will be individual and departmental training in that time.  If you're interested in writing these trainings please contact me or Nazir and we'll get you squared away.
[23:02:16]--: LtAmberLynnBriggs (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:02:26]--: DrbaTaliaRavel (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:03:11]CaptCerseiNaal: Okay.  ::nods toward Nazir:: Kick'm out.
[23:03:23]USFNazir: DISMISSED.
[23:03:29]--: LtJGEsdanOtretal (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:03:32]CaptCerseiNaal: !sim off USS_Aldrin
[23:03:32]M-5:     =/\=   USS Aldrin - 201708.14 2303:32
[23:03:32]M-5:     =/\=   Log  Closed

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