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  Lieutenant Junior Grade Riley Higgs, SD
DL - Higgs - Relief and Recollection

Duty Log

Stardate 1709.04

Lieutenant Junior Grade Higgs, Riley D.

Relief and Recollection

Weights lifted and dropped, sweat beading on my forehead. Again and again, the bar fell to my chest, heaving the weights back upwards. Down again, arms shaking a little, only to push the bar back up and finishing the set, rocking the bar against the poles making a clatter of metal on metal, only to finally come to a rest in its cradle. By this time, I was feeling a little fatigued, more from the workout than anything.

I know that I was starting to feel a little tired from the training missions that we were going under also. Even with the resting that we were given between missions, it was starting to become wearing. Working the weightset seemed to bring a feeling of normality to the day, since it wasn't the standard exploration missions we had been doing. I sat up and wiped my forehead with the towel and slung it back over my shoulder before thinking back to the scenario.

I thought back to the beach. Setting up the field facility, propping the biobeds, tuning the power generators ...We had barely enough time to set it all up before the masses began showing up, with injuries that ranged from simple exhaustion to near death and partial dismemberment. For

hours we labored. I was beginning to wonder about these training exercises, and was beginning to wonder when they'd finish seeing what we were capable of and actually get to the point of their training, and train us.

I stood up and wiped down the machine, cleaning it up for whoever might be the next one to use it. I looked at the treadmill, planning out my next bit of the workout. A bottle of water near the weight bench came with me to set on the interface of the treadmill, sitting in the preallocated position meant to hold it.

More recollection to the previous missions thus far. They just kept measuring us. They just kept watching us. What is their aim? That I couldn't quite put my finger on. We are told so little on what to expect, save for just a short time before the actual scenario itself. I thought to myself somewhat jokingly that it almost felt like we were going special ops, and given the intelligence on a need to know basis.

The buttons were pressed that turned on the treadmill to a moderate speed, starting off with a brisk walk that would turn into a jog eventually.

It wasn't until several hours into the scenario that we'd been removed suddenly. No warning, no words of issuance, just a sudden appearance into the cargo bay we left from. I was beginning to realize something though, thinking on all the missions so far. Each one seemed to have a certain section that was focused on. The first mission was more for the security departments, with support from the other sections. The second mission was for the reconnaissance for search and rescue. This mission was medically based. That had to mean that the next one should be more science based, perhaps, or engineering. I suppose we'd wait and see. For the time being, I wanted to finish my run and get to bed for the next mission that was going to come. I wanted to be ready.

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