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  First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander ShaeLin Rhaik, SD
Mental Training.
( This takes place the morning after Off and before the sim on 8/28. )

Even being physically exhausted and sated at the same time had proven ineffective to help him sleep.  Gideon had apologized many times to Marielle when his outbursts would startle them both from slumber.  Still, she hadn’t asked him to leave.  “Just a few more hours,” he rationalized.  The neural inhibitor would wear off soon.  It was his only solace aside from the diminutive physicist’s arms around him.  After three instances, he finally resolved to remain awake so that at least she could get some sleep.  For hours, his eyes stared dully at the window and his thoughts drifted.

When 0600 rolled around, Gideon gently disentangled himself from Marielle and slid out from under the covers.  He was silent as he collected his uniform and put on his slacks.  He brushed stray tendrils of hair from her face and pressed a kiss to her temple.  “I’ll see you for dinner,” he assured her quietly.  “Thank you.”  The security chief left the woman to her slumber.

By the time he reached the gymnasium, it was empty save for one person.  He had expected to see the rest of the security and tactical officers present.  His gaze searched the space as he approached her.  Gideon had worked with ShaeLin Rhaik several times, but it had been as part of team training.  This would be the first time they worked one on one.  “Commander,” he greeted her respectfully.  The security chief stood in front of her, relaxed into parade rest, and watched her.

The blonde woman was several inches taller than the half-Bajoran officer and her hazel gaze focused on him in her silence.  ShaeLin watched him for a long minute as she breathed steadily - the only indication that she was not a statue.  The form of her body was well hidden by the uniform she wore.  Finally, she blinked and nodded toward Gideon.  “Lieutenant,” she addressed him with a slightly raised brow.  “I must commend you on how well you’re taking the absence of your empathic skill.”  The Corolian paused as she stepped back and turned to pick up a hypospray from the console behind her.  She faced the security chief.  “But it seemed to hinder you still.”  She offered him the small device.

His brows furrowed slightly but he nodded in agreement.  “It’s pretty well part of who I am, commander,” he explained.  Gideon glanced down at the hypoinjector and the faintest glimmer of hope moved through him.  ‘Hopefully this is the luenalin.  El would appreciate being able to sleep the whole night through.’  He reached for it and picked it up from ShaeLin’s palm.  He rolled the tube in his fingers to inspect the device.

“It’s theragenazine.  The same drug we used yesterday to suppress your empathic abilities.”  She held her hands behind her back as she watched his reaction.  “You must learn to survive without them.  Administer it,” ShaeLin ordered him in a soft but cold voice.

Gideon tensed as he lifted cobalt to meet hazel.  It took everything in him to not wail in despair and it was difficult to keep the emotion from his features.  ‘No, by the Gods!  Don’t make me suffer through this any more,’ he silently begged her.  His fingers tightened around the hypo and he hesitated to lift the device.  He swallowed as his lips pulled down into a frown.  “Commander-”

She cut him off sharply.  “I gave you a direct order, Lieutenant.”  Her brow raised as she tilted her chin to regard him.  ShaeLin watched as his body snapped to attention and Gideon lifted the hypospray to press it against his neck.  “You’ll administer every morning before training.”  The director paused before taking a step forward and leaning close to speak quietly to the security chief.  “You’d better learn real quick, Lieutenant.”

The Betazoid mix slid the device into his pocket and stared at ShaeLin.  His eyes had glazed over and he had to suppress the shudder that wanted to move down his spine.  ‘Fanculo!  Questo non è giusto!  Non riesco a sopravvivere così!  Perché stai facendo questo a me?’ he whined to himself as he waited for further direction.  The emotional silence became once again overwhelming to him and Gideon wanted nothing more than to curl into a fetal ball.  When the director turned and bid him follow her out of the gymnasium, the security chief lifted his hands to comb his fingers through his hair.  He cradled his head momentarily before pushing himself into motion.  ‘Perché stai facendo questo?’ he repeated as he looked up at the retreating woman.  He sighed heavily and shook his head. 

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