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  Commander Yari Nazir, SD
USS Aldrin Simulation Record - SD: 201708.07
Login Sim Log: USS Aldrin - 201708.07 USS Aldrin Log, SD: 201708.07
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[22:01:34] M-5:     =/\=  USS Aldrin
[22:01:34]M-5:     =/\=  201708.07 2201:34 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:01:34]M-5:     =/\=  MB: Mission Brief.  SD 1708.07 at
[22:01:34]M-5:     =/\=  Present: LtRaynaElkhorn, DrErikVaeros, LtjgEsdanOtretal, LtJg_Higgs, CaptCerseiNaal, LtJg_NightWing, DrMavelleKivo, Lt_Boerne, M-5, LtAmeenaCiamli, LtCmdrDeniaud, Cdr_Khevok, USFNazir, DrbaTaliaRavel, DirectorBryton, LtSaariTanaja, LtAmberBriggs, DrTytianMallister, LtCdrShaeLinRhaik, FstLtGideonSalieri, LtCmdrShepherd
[22:01:54]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::AA::
[22:01:57]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::AA::
[22:01:58]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::AA::
[22:02:01]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::AA::
[22:02:04]LtJg_Higgs: ::AA::
[22:02:06]DirectorBryton: ::AA::
[22:02:07]Cdr_Khevok: :: @@ ::
[22:02:08]Lt_Boerne: :: @@ ::
[22:02:09]DrErikVaeros: ::AA::
[22:02:10]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::AA::
[22:02:14]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::AA::
[22:02:17]LtAmberBriggs: ::AA::
[22:02:18]LtCmdrShepherd: ::AA::
[22:02:21]LtJg_NightWing: ::AA::
[22:02:23]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::AA::
[22:02:30]LtSaariTanaja: ::AA::
[22:02:37]DrTytianMallister: ::AA::
[22:02:52]CaptCerseiNaal: Look at alllllll the names.  Whaaat?
[22:03:23]USFNazir: ::he stands beside Naal and throws his arm over her shoulder, pulls her close::
[22:03:40]CaptCerseiNaal: ::drops her shoulder to let Nazir's arm drop off::
[22:03:47]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks over at Nazi and growls ::
[22:03:50]CaptCerseiNaal: Any questions about the brief?
[22:04:00]CaptCerseiNaal: ::glad K'hevok remembers that much::
[22:04:26]DirectorBryton: ::whispers to Elkhorn:: There he goes again :;shakes head to the captain::
[22:04:43]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::nods, rolls her eyes::
[22:04:57]Cdr_Khevok: (( LOL ))
[22:05:15]LtJg_Higgs: None from me, ma'am
[22:05:42]CaptCerseiNaal: Okay.  En route to facility.  Let's go.
[22:05:58]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:06:21]---: DrTytianMallister is now known as DrXianKalmaku
[22:06:33]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::packing up the last of her items in her new office; seems like she keeps moving offices::
[22:06:51]DrXianKalmaku: ::in Science, going over things::
[22:07:04]LtJg_NightWing: ;;in Sickbay, going through all the incoming  crew's physicals;;
[22:07:31]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::walking the ship::
[22:07:36]LtJg_Higgs: ::She stood ready in the sickbay for disembarking to the facility. Over her shoulder was slung a simply satchel with a few items, much fewer than the typical field pack.::
[22:08:14]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::sitting at Operations::  We'll be approaching the asteroid field within five minutes.
[22:08:21]LtJg_NightWing: ++ Nazir ++   NightWing to Commander Nazir, When convenient I need you  in Sickbay for your physical
[22:08:21]DrErikVaeros: ::in his office, sulking for not getting the girl::
[22:08:35]Lt_Boerne: :: At the Science console on the bridge ::
[22:08:45]USFNazir: +Nightwing+ Now is not the time doctor.  We're about to enter the asteroid field.
[22:08:56]CaptCerseiNaal: ::sitting in the chair, nods toward Rayna:: Thank you, Lieutenant.
[22:09:07]LtJg_NightWing: ++ Nazir ++   I DID say when convenient
[22:09:14]Cdr_Khevok: :: In Engineering, reviewing the logs with all the changes ::
[22:09:32]LtAmberBriggs: ::would love to be at Helm for the asteroid field!  too bad is on the facility::
[22:09:49]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::reluctantly walking the halls with Ciamli::
[22:09:57]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  The Aldrin sits at the edge of the Essaar asteroid belt near Calanara.  Rocks zoom about madly and the gravity is wonky.      =/\=
[22:10:15]USFNazir: (Those in the facility please use @.)
[22:10:23]LtAmberBriggs: @
[22:10:42]DrbaTaliaRavel: @ ::looking over the crew manifest::
[22:10:46]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looked a little on edge. She had made all the preperations she could for leaving the ship, made sure that for the time being all patients were processed and filed, and for the moment, had little to do::
[22:10:55]DrMavelleKivo: @  ::shakes her head and frowns at Bryton:: Honestly.  Do you think this is a good idea?
[22:10:56]Lt_Boerne: :: Reviewing the information about the astroid belt ::
[22:10:58]LtSaariTanaja: @ ::is on board a ship that's docked at the facility::
[22:11:09]DirectorBryton: @ ::shrugs:: It's not my call.  I go where I'm told.
[22:11:16]Lt_Boerne: :: Turns toward the Captain :: Sir.
[22:11:17]LtJg_NightWing: ;;finishes  up with the last  of the latest round and grabs a  couple of cups of coffee to share with Riley;;
[22:11:21]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::looking over the crew manifest as well::
[22:11:48]LtJg_Higgs: ::She gladly accepts the brew, the smell of a good roast actually bringing a manner of calmness to her.::
[22:11:50]Cdr_Khevok: :: Taps on the console to bring up the latest diagnostics ::
[22:11:52]LtJg_Higgs: Thank you.
[22:11:59]USFNazir: ::he looks to Naal:: We will need to pilot the Aldrin manually.  Perhaps Cmdr. Khevok would be able to do so?
[22:12:11]USFNazir: ::he grins, a glint in his eye:: We should see what he can do.
[22:12:30]DrbaTaliaRavel: @ DrTytianMallister> ::is helping Ravel with the manifest::
[22:12:49]CaptCerseiNaal: ::small frown, considering she knows that K'hevok is not quite himself::
[22:12:54]Lt_Boerne: Captain, the gravity around the asteroid belt is fluctuating.
[22:13:17]LtJg_NightWing: I hoped I could  find you  here, I wanted to tell you  how  proud I was of the way you handled yourself in the last incident with the Plague we faced, you wee  fantastic
[22:13:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::after packing up the last bit of her office, steps out of engineering... no longer an engineer::
[22:13:23]LtJg_NightWing: were*
[22:13:45]CaptCerseiNaal: ::nods toward Boerne and raises her hand in acknowledgement:: Coordinate with Lieutenant Elkhorn to keep the deflector arrays stable.
[22:13:56]Lt_Boerne: Aye, sir.
[22:14:01]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::stumbles on Gideon and smiles:: Allô Gédéon.
[22:14:19]CaptCerseiNaal: ::taps her badge:: +K'hevok+ Commander K'hevok, report to the bridge.
[22:14:23]LtJg_Higgs: ::She smiled and looked downward towards the woman who was in charge of Medical.:: Thank you. It was... I couldn't have done it withou you.
[22:14:34]LtCmdrShepherd: @ ::shrugs:: I just hope there are cute women.  And that Nazir hasn't gotten to them.
[22:14:41]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::smiling upon seeing Marielle, forgetting that Ameena was beside him:: Ciao El.
[22:14:48]Cdr_Khevok: ++ Bridge ++   Aye, sir. On my way.
[22:15:06]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::shudders:: He should be quarantined to an all male-ship.
[22:15:24]USFNazir: ((I'm right here.)
[22:15:36]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::steps closer to the engineer:: Do you need help with anything?
[22:15:56]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::carrying books in her arms and blushes at his sudden closeness, glances at the woman behind her:: Oh.  You're busy.
[22:16:04]LtJg_NightWing: and I couldn't have done  it without you
[22:16:25]Lt_Boerne: :: Turns to LtRaynaElkhorn ::
[22:16:38]LtJg_Higgs: ::She sips the armoatic blend and takes a sip, slurping the beverage.:: Well, we're in this mess together, right?
[22:16:42]Cdr_Khevok: :: Nods to the Engineering crew as he leaves Engineering ::
[22:16:47]LtJg_Higgs: ::She grinned::
[22:16:47]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::reaching for the books as he blinks and glances toward Ameena, quickly focuses on Marielle:: No, not at all.
[22:16:58]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stops ::
[22:17:02]LtjgEsdanOtretal: @ ::smirks:: Come on, Doc.  He ain't that bad.
[22:17:10]LtJg_NightWing: looks  like
[22:17:14]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::sultry smile:: He's just telling me about the security team.
[22:17:32]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::slight nod toward Boerne::
[22:17:34]Cdr_Khevok: Lt ... Salieri, is it? Yes, please take command of Engineering.
[22:17:45]LtJg_NightWing: ;;smiles and lightly hugs her ;;
[22:17:54]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::doesn't look convinced, and a little worried, steps back a half step and shakes her head:: I'm sorry.  I didn't-
[22:18:30]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::glances toward K'hevok with another blink, looks down at Marielle with a brow raised:: Yes sir?
[22:18:32]LtCmdrDeniaud: Ens Nobody> ::blinking at Khevok:: Uh.  I'm Ensign Parvenu Nobody, sir.  ::blinks:: Lieutenant Salieri is security...
[22:18:37]Lt_Boerne: Le't see what we can do to make sure we are not bombarded by any of these asteroids. Maybe there is a pattern to their apparent  randomness.
[22:18:47]LtJg_Higgs: ::She hugs her co-worker back and then goes to lean against the wall.:: So. Know anything about where we're headed? I got wind of where it is but I couldn't find any information on it.
[22:18:52]Cdr_Khevok: :: Exits the TL and enters the Bridge ::
[22:19:00]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::chuckles quietly and shakes her head:: No, no pattern.
[22:19:30]LtJg_Higgs: ::sip::
[22:19:59]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::glancing between Marielle and Gideon before stepping closer to the male officer::
[22:20:01]USFNazir: ::glances at Khevok and motions to the helm:: Commander.  If you don't mind manually setting the engines and piloting? We'd love to see your skill.
[22:20:14]LtJg_NightWing: no I don't, Riley, sorry;;sips her coffee as well
[22:20:21]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::blinking at Ameena and barely bites back a frown:: I-  I should get going.
[22:20:28]CaptCerseiNaal: ::slight nod toward K'hevok:: Lieutenants Boerne and Elkhorn will be assisting.
[22:21:07]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::takes the books from Marielle:: No, I'll help.  ::glancing toward Ciamli:: Lieutenant, Ensign Nobody can give you a tour of Engineering.
[22:21:12]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Nazir, raises an eyebrow, then nods ::
[22:21:25]USFNazir: ::he raises a brow and looks at Naal, he thinks ~Well.  This may be a problem if you coddle him.~::
[22:21:31]Cdr_Khevok: We will see ... I will see what I can do.
[22:21:45]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::hums softly as she glances toward the engineer, eyeing Parvenu from head to toe::
[22:21:57]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::blinking between Ameena and Nobody and Gideon, not sure what's happening::
[22:22:00]LtJg_Higgs: ::She raised a leg to rest her foot against the lower part of the wall - her artificial leg - looking towards the door they'd be heading out when it was time.:: Makes you wonder, doesn't it? New CO, new XO who came from a rescue mission... and things change for the different.
[22:22:04]DrErikVaeros: ::grumps::
[22:22:28]Cdr_Khevok: :: Sits at the helm and looks it over for a moment ::
[22:23:10]Cdr_Khevok: :: A sudden look of acknowledgement crosses his face ::
[22:23:16]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::nods:: At your word, Commander.
[22:23:28]LtJg_NightWing: I know, there's something funny going  on and I'm not laughing
[22:23:37]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::approaches Bryton and the others::
[22:23:42]Cdr_Khevok: :: Starts tapping on the console very fast, then turns toward Cersei with a smile ::
[22:23:47]Cdr_Khevok: Ready!
[22:24:02]LtJg_Higgs: ::Another sip on her coffee::
[22:24:13]DirectorBryton: @ ::looks at the chronometer:: They're late.
[22:24:14]Lt_Boerne: :: Looks at Elkhorn with a puzzled look ::
[22:24:16]CaptCerseiNaal: ::small and encouraging smile, nods::  Engage, Commander.
[22:24:18]LtJg_NightWing: ;;sips her coffee too;;
[22:24:31]LtJg_Higgs: Well, we'll see soon enough. I just know we're going offship again for... something.
[22:24:31]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ Their helmsman may have grown cold feet.
[22:24:46]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::sighs, just wants to go back home:: Any word about Erika?  Have they found her?
[22:24:50]LtAmberBriggs: @ I really wish I'd been able to get out there!  ::excited to watch the ship come in::
[22:24:57]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns and taps on the helm console, and starts maneuvering through the asteroid belt like it isn't there ::
[22:24:59]LtJg_NightWing: yeah, well it's going to be interesting
[22:25:09]LtJg_Higgs: Hey, maybe we did such a good job with that rescue mission they're throwing a party for us in the remote reaches of space where nobody uninvited can get to. ::There was sarcasm to the joke::
[22:25:15]DirectorBryton: @ ::shrugs:: Need to know, and I apparently don't need to know.
[22:25:27]LtJg_NightWing: yeah, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
[22:25:35]LtJg_Higgs: Think they'll have icecream?
[22:25:52]LtJg_Higgs: ::She grinned, making typical snarky conversation to simply pass the time.::
[22:25:59]LtJg_NightWing: dunno but we can always make some
[22:26:07]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::decides that she would rather seduce Gideon when he's alone, moves to grasp Parv by the arm:: Come, Ensign.  Show me the warp core.
[22:26:11]Lt_Boerne: Do you have any thoughts about the gravitational fields?
[22:26:20]LtJg_Higgs: ::She waved a hand dismissively.:: Nah. I'm not in the mood for something so sweet.
[22:26:32]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Khevok is able to guide the ship through the asteroid field.  Banking left hard left or hard right to avoid flying rocks.      =/\=
[22:26:50]LtJg_NightWing: ok, maybe later
[22:26:59]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::slides to the side then to the other side as the ship moves:: Whoa!
[22:27:10]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::books go flying and smashes Ameena in the face ... IN THE FACE::
[22:27:17]Lt_Boerne: :: Hanging on to the console as the ship goes through the asteroid belt ::
[22:27:19]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::holds onto Marielle ... to steady her, having let go of the books::
[22:27:45]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::yelps in surprise and glares toward the engineer, holding her hand to her cheek::
[22:27:50]Cdr_Khevok: :: Maneuvers around a fast flying asteroid ::
[22:28:14]LtJg_Higgs: ::while it wasn't super extreme, she could feel the movement of the ship.:: Madre de dios.. what are they doing up there?
[22:28:25]LtAmberBriggs: @ ::points a finger on the glass:: Look!  There she is!
[22:28:36]Cdr_Khevok: :: Taps to drop 50 meters azimuth to duck under an asteroid ::
[22:28:39]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  As the clever Klingon moves the ship, the facility comes into view.  It is a floating starbase in the heart of a cluster of rocks.  Spacedocks with ships are hidden among them.      =/\=
[22:28:45]LtJg_NightWing: probably some asteroid field
[22:29:22]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  The Kupier Facility is large, able to house roughly 100 officers of various talents.  At seeing the Aldrin, they hail the ship.      =/\=
[22:29:32]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::hailing the station for clearance to dock::
[22:29:38]Cdr_Khevok: :: Slows the ship down somewhat as they approach the facility ::
[22:29:39]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::hums:: We're being hailed.
[22:29:50]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::glances up at the sudden light flashing:: Looks like they're here.  Let's go.
[22:30:10]DirectorBryton: @ ::watches Mav walk away:: Damn.  Even at 50, she's still hot. ::sighs::
[22:30:17]CaptCerseiNaal: One quarter impulse, Commander.  ::nods toward Rayna:: On screen.
[22:30:30]LtCmdrShepherd: @ ::smirks:: You sound like Nazir.
[22:30:41]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::scoffs after Marielle and bites back her comment::
[22:30:44]DirectorBryton: @ ::mumbling:: No need to be rude.
[22:30:59]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::worries about Gideon, missing the scoff:: You okay?
[22:30:59]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: @ ::following the others:: You did sound like Nazir.
[22:31:01]Cdr_Khevok: One quarter impulse, Aye, sir.
[22:31:18]FstLtGideonSalieri: Yeah, yeah.  ::reassuring her with a smile:: You?
[22:31:27]LtJg_Higgs: Who puts a destination for a starship *inside* an asteroid field?
[22:31:32]LtAmberBriggs: @ ::almost skips as she follows the others::
[22:31:43]DrbaTaliaRavel: @ ::looks up as the others enter the control room::
[22:31:48]DirectorBryton: @ ::rubs the back of his head, grumbling and moves with the group::
[22:32:12]LtJg_NightWing: someone that wants to  have a secure facility with little overt defenses
[22:32:22]Lt_Boerne: :: Looks at Elkhorn :: That was an ... interesting ride.
[22:32:30]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::steps up to the console, and her face appears on the Aldrin::
[22:32:36]LtJg_Higgs: I mean it would have to mean we're almost there then right? I mean, otherwise we'd just go around. We're not in combat, the alerts haven't gone off... you think we're where we're going, if that's the case?
[22:32:43]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::chuckles quietly and nods::  It usually is.
[22:32:54]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  The face of Mavelle Kivo appears on the view screen.      =/\=
[22:33:04]USFNazir: @ ::he grins at seeing the 50-year old Mavelle Kivo on the screen:: Hello beautiful.
[22:33:20]USFNazir: ((strik that @.  I got trigger happy))
[22:33:31]CaptCerseiNaal: ::stands, small smile toward the woman as she nods:: Ambassador.
[22:34:01]LtRaynaElkhorn: I've already requested clearance to dock.  ::offhanded to Cersei::
[22:34:03]LtJg_NightWing: I think that's EXACTLY where we are going smells something like Covert Ops  or Department 31 to me
[22:34:21]LtJg_Higgs: ::She gave a raised brow and a smirk:: I think you're being paranoid.
[22:34:34]DrMavelleKivo: @ ::nods and looks at Naal.  She is a woman in her fifty's with long brown hair, purple eyes, and happy wrinkles, ignores Nazir:: Captain.  If you could please link the controls of your ship to the facility.  We will guide you to port.
[22:34:47]Lt_Boerne: :: Scans the surrounding area for any abnormalities ::
[22:34:56]LtJg_NightWing: ;;giggles;; It could  be worse, it  could be the Tal'Shiar
[22:35:03]DrMavelleKivo: @ And if you would please inform your crew to be ready for transport.  Our transporter chief is ready for you.
[22:35:12]CaptCerseiNaal: ::another nod and she lifted her hand toward Rayna:: Of course.  I'll get back to you shortly.
[22:35:17]LtJg_Higgs: ::She simply shrugged, and finished the last of her coffee.::
[22:35:45]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::engages the link and locks the helm console::
[22:36:06]LtJg_NightWing: ;;finishes the last of the coffee as well and  holds her hand out to get the  other  mug to take  it  back to the Doctor's lounge;;
[22:36:24]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  Captain Naal addresses the Aldrin in a ship wide communication.  "This is Captain Naal.  Prepare to transport."      =/\=
[22:36:34]USFNazir: =/\=      ACTION:  Before Naal is even able to finish announcing it to the crew, every single body on the Aldrin is transported off the ship and into a large cargo bay area.  They are surrounded by officers who line the walls, with a group near the only exit that doesn't lead to outer space.      =/\=
[22:36:36]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks a little startled as the helm is taken over :: What the ...
[22:36:54]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beamed apparently::
[22:37:01]CaptCerseiNaal: ( Facility can drop @. )
[22:37:09]DrErikVaeros: ::grumps as he sits on the floor that is not in his office::
[22:37:10]LtJg_NightWing: ;;replaces the  mugs and sighs as  she gets ready for the familiar tingle of the transporter;;
[22:37:14]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::standing on the wall, looking over the crew::
[22:37:27]LtJg_Higgs: ::She had just pushed off the wall, and was about to follow Nightwing, but was surprised at the abruptness of it all::
[22:37:27]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::standing against the wall, watching as the crew of the Aldrin materialize::
[22:37:29]Lt_Boerne: :: Feels the transporter effect, looks around as the cargo bay appears ::
[22:37:31]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::crosses her arms as she looks over the gathered people::
[22:37:42]DirectorBryton: ::standing beside Mavelle, arms crossed::
[22:37:43]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::folds her arms over her chest::
[22:37:57]LtCmdrShepherd: ::next to Bryton::
[22:38:05]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::grabs Marielle's uniform behind her as he tenses::
[22:38:12]Cdr_Khevok: :: Growls slightly as he is suddenly transported ::
[22:38:16]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::looking over the Aldrin crew::
[22:38:20]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looks around, somehwat curious, and then spots Nightwing very nearby.:: Looks like we're here then.
[22:38:33]CaptCerseiNaal: ::steps forward after placing a comforting hand on K'hevok's arm::
[22:38:39]LtJg_NightWing: ;;sighs as she appears on the station by Riley;; looks like
[22:38:50]LtSaariTanaja: @ ::still on other parts of the facility, so::
[22:39:16]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns to look at Cersei and smiles :: We're glad you are here.
[22:39:17]DrMavelleKivo: ::has a kind face but looks to be the one in charge, hands held behind her and looks over the group, speaking loudly enough to fill the large spce:: Welcome to the Kupier Facility, ladies and gentlemen.  
[22:39:23]DrXianKalmaku: ::soft grumble at the suddenness of the transport::
[22:39:39]LtJg_Higgs: ::She turns to look at the speaker::
[22:39:53]DrMavelleKivo: For the next couple of weeks, you will be undergoing training and bonding with your new crewmates.  You will be challenged and tested.
[22:40:34]DrMavelleKivo: Those who fail, will be escorted off the facility without warning.  Those who pass will have the distinct pleasure of joining the new Aldrin at her launching.
[22:40:55]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looked a little curious. Maybe a little annoyed. Not that she was going to be training, but at the way they were told pretty much nothing about this.::
[22:40:56]Cdr_Khevok: :: Lets out a little chuckle and quietly whispers :: Challanged?
[22:41:48]LtJg_Higgs: What kind of training? ::She asked quietly to herself::
[22:42:03]DrMavelleKivo: ::she motions to the men and women gathered around them:: Your things will be left on the Aldrin and you will be provided with new uniforms for the interim.  
[22:42:04]LtJg_NightWing: ;;growls softly at the woman's superciliously dictatorial tone;;
[22:42:07]Lt_Boerne: :: Follows Dr Kivo's every move ::
[22:42:31]DrXianKalmaku: ::slight nod toward Bryton as she heads toward the man::
[22:42:49]DirectorBryton: ::looks at Xian, nods in greeting::
[22:43:09]DrMavelleKivo: ::pulls out a tablet, it is a motion mirrored by her peers::
[22:43:20]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::standing closer to Marielle as he looks over the gathered officers::
[22:43:30]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::tablet out already::
[22:43:50]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::pulls out a PADD and glances down at the roster::
[22:43:56]DrMavelleKivo: You've been assigned to barracks with your fellow officers and have been granted limited access of the facility.
[22:44:13]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Cersei with a puzzled look :: new Aldrin?
[22:44:29]CaptCerseiNaal: ::small smile as she nods toward K'hevok::
[22:44:31]DrMavelleKivo: If you are found where you should not be-  ::her eyes sweep over the crowd:: You will be removed immediately and placed into custody.
[22:44:48]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::ducks and hides, pretty sure that warning was to her::
[22:44:54]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::gently pinches Marielle's side::
[22:45:29]DrMavelleKivo: ::then smiles:: With that unpleasantness done, please.  Take a moment to mingle with your new colleagues as we escort you to your new home for the next few weeks.
[22:45:39]DrMavelleKivo: ::steps aside and the doors finally open behind her::
[22:45:53]LtJg_Higgs: ::Teh directness of it made her a little more than wary. Even the academy she had so recently come from didn't have it quite so strict sounding. She turned towards the door that opened then::
[22:46:19]LtJg_Higgs: ::She leaned towards Nightwing.:: I take it that means there is no icecream afterall.
[22:46:22]USFNazir: ::he isn't too bothered by the announcement and makes his way towards the group::  Mav.  You look as beautiful as-
[22:46:33]DrMavelleKivo: Shut it, Yari.  ::smacks his hand off her::
[22:46:48]LtJg_NightWing: ;;goes with Riley, momentarily rocked by the woman's abruptness;;
[22:46:49]Lt_Boerne: :: For some reason her symbiont seems a little overactive ::
[22:46:50]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: Security and Tactical officers to me.  ::called out to the crowd::
[22:47:00]DirectorBryton: ::snickers and hangs back until he sees familiar blue uniforms::
[22:47:13]DirectorBryton: ::nods at Nightwing and Higgs as they near:: Doctors.
[22:47:18]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::glances toward the blonde woman before looking at Marielle::
[22:47:23]LtJg_NightWing: Sir?
[22:47:33]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::approaches Bryton and the others, Mallister in tow::
[22:47:45]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::saunters toward ShaeLin::
[22:47:50]DirectorBryton: ::waves the tablet in his hand:: I will be the one observing you.
[22:48:00]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::smiles at Gideon:: Go on.  
[22:48:00]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looks around for a brief moment, seeing how people are being assigned, and she looks for who their attachment might be. It didn't take long.:: Good evening, sir.
[22:48:02]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::heads toward Amber:: Hey, kid.
[22:48:29]FstLtGideonSalieri: I'll see you later.  ::small smile::
[22:48:41]USFNazir: ::he chuckles and turns after receiving a tablet and waves it in the air:: Engineering with me ::he calls out::
[22:48:51]DrXianKalmaku: ::still with Bryton::
[22:48:57]LtJg_Higgs: Sir, I apologize for asking so soon, but what exactly is it that we are doing here? We've been given... a very limited briefing.
[22:49:00]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::rolls her eyes to the ceiling and curses before making her way towards the commander::
[22:49:00]LtJg_NightWing: ;;nods;; Very well sir, I would like to get a couple of things from my quarters onboard the Aldrin  if permitted
[22:49:09]CaptCerseiNaal: ::urges K'hevok toward Nazir and then makes her way toward Mavelle::
[22:49:10]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Cersei :: That would be ... us
[22:49:35]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::the Karmanori are with him as they approach ShaeLin::
[22:49:40]Cdr_Khevok: :: Walks over toward Nazir and looks down at him ::
[22:49:49]DirectorBryton: ::he looks at Higgs briefly before looking at Nightwing and shakes his head:: No can do.  Your training begins now, which means you are to remain on this facility.  Anything you've brought with you will be confiscated.
[22:49:52]LtAmberBriggs: ::hugs Rayna::
[22:50:22]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::looks over everyone gathered, still tense::
[22:50:24]Lt_Boerne: :: To herself :: OK, what about science?
[22:50:41]DrXianKalmaku: ::waves at Boerne and motions her over::
[22:50:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::She almost lokos dissapointed, but unslings her satchel.:: Very well. Where shall I place this for the time then, sir?
[22:51:03]LtJg_Higgs: looks*
[22:51:05]USFNazir: ::he grins at the commander:: Alright.  Let's walk and talk.  ::he motions to the door::
[22:51:08]Lt_Boerne: :: Notices Kalmaku and smiles as she walks over ::
[22:51:18]DirectorBryton: Leave them here.  They'll be returned to your previous post.
[22:51:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::stands closer to Khevok, hoping he'll pull the big bad Klingon routine and keep Nazir too busy to flirt::
[22:51:48]Cdr_Khevok: :: Follows Nazir's motion and walks toward the door ::
[22:52:04]DrErikVaeros: ::stuffs his hands into his pockets and sulks, finally makes his way towards Bryton::
[22:52:05]Lt_Boerne: Good to see you again.
[22:52:10]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looks around for an appropriate spot, noting a table nearby for collected items, and placed it atop.:: You said training begins now. What kind of training?
[22:52:18]LtJg_NightWing: ;;sighs;; very well but please make sure that you water the plants in my quarters at least once a week they're  from  home
[22:52:33]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::glances at the officers::  We begin early tomorrow.  
[22:52:39]DirectorBryton: ::raises a brow:: Do I look like a gardener to you, Lieutenant?
[22:52:58]DrbaTaliaRavel: ::ventures a glance toward Erik Vaeros::
[22:53:04]Cdr_Khevok: :: Looks at Deniaud and smiles ::
[22:53:06]LtJg_NightWing: no but  obviously you are over others that can do so
[22:53:16]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looked between them both. This escalated quickly. She remained silent.::
[22:53:40]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::smiles, thankful to have him as a buffer::
[22:54:06]DrXianKalmaku: ::soft chuckle as she watched NightWing and Bryton::
[22:54:10]DirectorBryton: ::shakes his head:: This is not some pleasure cruiser of a mission.  There are no times for plants.  If they die, you'll manage.
[22:54:35]LtAmberBriggs: ::walks with Rayna out the door of the bay::
[22:54:37]DrErikVaeros: ::catches the tail end of the conversation:: Don't need to be an ass about it.  She just wants to water her damn plants.
[22:55:05]DirectorBryton: ::looks at Erik and then looks down at the PADD:: Doctor Vaeros, correct?  You're not a Starfleet officer.  Why are you here?
[22:55:11]DrbaTaliaRavel: You could ask whoever pissed in your Cheerios to assist.  ::raises a brow at Vaeros::
[22:55:13]DrErikVaeros: To be a pain in your ass, apparently.
[22:55:17]Cdr_Khevok: ~~~ Cers... Cersei... I ... I can communicate to you like this? ~~~
[22:55:18]LtJg_NightWing: With all respect sir if they die then you will have lost a  link to a planet that is no more due to Minara's supernova
[22:55:29]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::arm in arm with Amber::
[22:55:47]CaptCerseiNaal: ~Yes, love.  Sparingly.  People can hear.~
[22:55:50]DirectorBryton: ::shrugs:: That is not my concern.  My concern is your training.  Not your plants.
[22:55:55]USFNazir: ::he motions:: Come on.  Let's go.  ::he walks::
[22:56:13]USFNazir: ::he leads the way:: I expect you two to come out of this with flying colours.  Don't disappoint me.
[22:56:22]DrXianKalmaku: ::nudges NightWing gently:: Don't worry.
[22:56:22]LtJg_Higgs: ::While they were talking, she looked around to get a better look at the facility. Bay doors over there, more doors that way... some consoles.. this place was drab.::
[22:56:31]Cdr_Khevok: :: Takes slow long strides and easily keeps up with Nazir ::
[22:56:33]DirectorBryton: ::motions for them to join as he leads the way::
[22:56:35]LtJg_NightWing: thank you
[22:56:46]LtJg_Higgs: ::She then follows.::
[22:56:54]LtCmdrShepherd: ::smirks as he catches up to the engineering group, looks at Deniaud then Nazir::
[22:57:03]Cdr_Khevok: :: Chuckles :: I hope you don't disappoint us.
[22:57:12]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::was daydreaming, quickly runs to join the engineers::
[22:57:20]LtJg_Higgs: Sir, if I may... What kind of training are we all undergoing here?
[22:57:27]USFNazir: ::he grins:: I never disappoint.  Just ask your wife.
[22:57:52]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=      ACTION:  During the course of conversations, it's revealed that everyone will be assigned a room on a single deck and they are not to leave the deck.      =/\=
[22:58:00]DirectorBryton: Proper ones.  ::tone is flat::
[22:58:00]LtJg_NightWing: ;;would LOVE to give Bryton a High Colonic and send him on a 50 klick hike at double time;;
[22:58:31]Lt_Boerne: Dr Kalmaku, I must say, this has raised some ... concern by my symbiont.
[22:58:33]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::motions toward the sec/tac officers to follow::
[22:58:41]LtJg_Higgs: Proper.. training...Would I be allowed some elaboration?
[22:58:57]DrXianKalmaku: Captain Naal survived it.
[22:58:57]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stops walking :: Sir!!
[22:59:00]DirectorBryton: As your missions will reflect a need to know basis, your training will follow the same pattern.
[22:59:20]USFNazir: ::he smirks then hides it before he turns around to look back at Khevok:: Yes?
[22:59:22]LtJg_Higgs: ::This was going to get very annoying very quickly, but she simply sighed.:: Yes sir.
[22:59:25]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::describing what will take place in the morning as they walk::
[22:59:44]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::bumps into Shepherd when their group suddenly stops walking::
[22:59:47]LtCmdrDeniaud: Uh.  Sorry.
[22:59:58]Cdr_Khevok: If you intend for me to participate in any of this, then I expect... no, I demand civility toward my wife.
[23:00:06]LtCmdrShepherd: ::grins down at the woman:: You can walk into me at any time.
[23:00:14]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stand with his arms firmly folded ::
[23:00:23]USFNazir: ::he chuckles:: Good luck with that.  ::keeps walking::
[23:00:30]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::watching everything with a hint of a frown::
[23:00:51]Cdr_Khevok: :: Turns and starts walking away from Nazir ::
[23:00:52]LtAmeenaCiamli: ::arm in arm with Sreagon, much to Dasre's disapproval::
[23:00:59]USFNazir: ::stops in front of the doors and starts telling them which rooms are theirs:: Deniaud.  Here.  Khevok.  Here.  Shepherd.  Here.
[23:01:10]Lt_Boerne: :: Nods to Kalmaku :: That is comforting.
[23:01:24]LtCmdrShepherd: Higgs.  Room 6.  Nightwing.  7.
[23:01:29]DrXianKalmaku: ::small smile, squeezes her arm::
[23:01:50]USFNazir: Yeah?  So?  
[23:01:57]LtCmdrShepherd: You put me between women.
[23:02:04]LtJg_NightWing: ;;goes in to her room to get away from the walking rectum;;
[23:02:04]USFNazir: ::he raises a brow::
[23:02:10]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looked at her friend:: Well, looks like this room is mine.
[23:02:12]LtCmdrShepherd: ::he grins:: I'm just saying thank you.
[23:02:20]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stops and stands his ground ::
[23:02:21]LtCmdrShepherd: ::before he disappears into his room::
[23:02:35]USFNazir: ((Few more seconds guys.  Thank you for your patience))
[23:02:40]LtCdrShaeLinRhaik: ::showing everyone their rooms::
[23:02:40]LtJg_NightWing: ;;hopes the rooms connect;;
[23:02:49]LtJg_Higgs: Sir? Uh... Director? What time and where do we meet at least to begin when we do?
[23:02:49]Cdr_Khevok: (( No problem :-D ))
[23:03:07]DrMavelleKivo: ::in the hallway:: Dinner will be an hour.  Be sure to change into your new uniforms.
[23:03:13]CaptCerseiNaal: =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:03:22]LtJg_NightWing: ;;paused;;
[23:03:24]LtJg_Higgs: ::Paused::
[23:03:26]Lt_Boerne: :: Paused ::
[23:03:26]DrMavelleKivo: ::hands::
[23:03:27]Cdr_Khevok: :: Paused ::
[23:03:29]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::pause::
[23:03:32]LtjgEsdanOtretal: ::paused::
[23:03:33]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::pause::
[23:03:42]DrErikVaeros: ::paused::
[23:03:53]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::paused::
[23:03:58]DirectorBryton: ::paused::
[23:04:01]LtCmdrShepherd: ::paused
[23:04:02]LtCmdrShepherd: ::
[23:04:05]CaptCerseiNaal: All right.  The intrigue begins.
[23:04:35]Cdr_Khevok: Is intrigued about the intrigue.
[23:04:45]LtJg_Higgs: intrigueception.
[23:05:07]CaptCerseiNaal: Time between sims is twelve hours.  We
[23:05:21]CaptCerseiNaal: We'll begin next week bright eyed and bushy tailed for some training!
[23:05:35]Cdr_Khevok: Awesome.
[23:06:03]LtJg_Higgs: woot!
[23:06:04]CaptCerseiNaal: Any questions?
[23:06:13]LtJg_Higgs: None here.
[23:06:18]Cdr_Khevok: None
[23:06:24]LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[23:06:43]CaptCerseiNaal: NightWing?
[23:07:07]--: LtAmeenaCiamli (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:07:15]LtJg_NightWing: are the uniforms made out of the same materials that the rest of  the Starfleet uniforms made  from?
[23:07:16]--: LtSaariTanaja (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:07:23]--: DrbaTaliaRavel (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:07:27]--: LtAmberBriggs (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:07:31]--: ShockSmoothie (Mibbit@mib-A611894D.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[23:07:38]CaptCerseiNaal: Yes.  
[23:07:48]CaptCerseiNaal: Click on it, I swear there's a pic.
[23:07:57]LtJg_Higgs: in otherwords, uniforms to identify trainees.
[23:07:58]--: ShockSmoothie (Mibbit@mib-A611894D.**) leaves #USS_Aldrin
[23:08:16]LtJg_NightWing: ok was wanting to make sure that there were no contact dermatitis problems  due to allergic reactions
[23:08:20]--: ObiWanKenobi (Mibbit@mib-A611894D.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[23:08:34]USFNazir: We'll provide the photograph in an information email.
[23:08:37]Lt_Boerne: Cadet Uniforms?
[23:08:40]CaptCerseiNaal: Yes.
[23:08:44]CaptCerseiNaal: Any other questions?
[23:08:50]USFNazir: Aye.  You are back to cadets for the duration of a few weeks.
[23:09:00]--: ObiWanKenobi (Mibbit@mib-A611894D.**) leaves #USS_Aldrin
[23:09:31]USFNazir: We must repeat that you are to stay on your deck.  You have an individual room for privacy and have free reign within your deck.  Rooms are small and basic.
[23:09:46]USFNazir: There is a basic gym and a small gathering area/sitting room.
[23:10:18]USFNazir: Access to the turbolifts are limited as are your computer access.
[23:10:40]CaptCerseiNaal: All of this will be repeated in an email.
[23:11:02]CaptCerseiNaal: If there's nothing else.  ::nods toward Nazir::
[23:11:18]--: LtCdrShaeLinRhaik (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:11:22]--: DrXianKalmaku (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:11:26]USFNazir: DISMISSED!
[23:11:33]CaptCerseiNaal: !sim off USS_Aldrin
[23:11:33]M-5:     =/\=   USS Aldrin - 201708.07 2311:33
[23:11:33]M-5:     =/\=   Log  Closed

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