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  First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud, SD
Triumph. JDL by LtCdr Marielle Deniaud, FstLt Gideon Salieri, et al
[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Duty Log
Stardate: 1707.31

The first team to go through the simulation consisted of Evan Oakley, Bridget Jamison, Jonathan Battey, and Sreagon.  They had been close to completing the course, but there were still some issues with the teams really looking out for each other.  The second team followed and failed miserably.  Mark Huntsman, Pierce Takaesu, Bernice Tandy, and Esther Crawford had to stop their attempt after an injury prevented them from continuing, but their progress was abysmal.

Gideon sighed softly to himself as he reset the holodeck for the next team.  He had the idea to keep Jessie Jessup, Rico Suave, Thiross Pynsoe, and Parvenu Nobody together because they seemed to have become close after their visit to the mountain chalet - despite it being due to Tasse’s pheromones.  The security chief had some hope for the next round in the simulation upon noting that they were going next.

Marielle’s shoulders slumped, her chin dipped to her chest.  The PADD tapped against her forehead steadily as she whined softly.  “Three losses,” she lamented as she leaned against Gideon’s arm.  “Three.  The last one sent Mark to the infirmary-  Because Bernice tripped him.  Tripped him!”  She turned and buried her face into his bicep.  “How do they not have this yet?  We’re a joke.  K’hevok is going to take over engineering and he will wonder what the hell I’ve been doing with the department.”

The Bajoran mix shook his head as he reached to caress Marielle’s arm in comfort.  “He’ll see how well your engineers know the ship-  Except that we’re getting a new ship.”  Gideon sighed again as his argument for her success with the department slipped from his grasp.  He shook his head and gave the diminutive woman an apologetic look.

She couldn’t help but laugh and she straightened to push him away from her.  “You’re such a great comfort,” she teased, laughing again.  When she heard phaser fire, Marielle took a small side step to add a professional distance between her and the security chief.  She watched as the doors to the simulated control room opened and the third team entered the space.  

Parvenu Nobody and Thiross Pynsoe pushed forward, phasers at the ready as they cleared the room when they entered.  The pair of engineers took a quick glance over their shoulders to see their teammates following closely behind them.  Parv moved to the left while Thiross moved to the right, each working over the console the moment they reached it.

Jessie Jessup remained at one side of the open door and covered the hallway in one direction while Rico Suave kept his phaser rifle focused down the opposite corridor.  The Brazillian shifted his gaze to his chronometer before searching the hallway.  “We have three minutes,” he informed the team.

“I’ve got power,” the Andorian declared.

“Accessing the computer core,” Nobody announced soon after his fellow engineer.

“We’re still clear,” Jessup called to the engineers.

Marielle leaned slightly to her right.  “Is this happening?” she whispered, unable to hide her hope as she watched the four work in tense but purposeful silence.

The security chief glanced down at the PADD in his hand as he noted the progress of the simulation.  Gideon’s cobalt lifted back to the team and a hint of a grin pulled at the corners of his lips.  ‘C’mon Rico.  You’ve got this.’

“We need to secure the doors!” Rico called as he reached out to Jessup and pushed him into the control room.  The two security officers worked together to lock the door and also provide a barricade with a panel from the bulkhead.  Within moments, large dents began to push into the metal, the horrifying sound of powerful fists echoing in the large room.

“I’ve got power restored complete!”  Thiross’ hands moved swiftly over the console.  “I’m going to try and get a lock-  Transport them out.  How’s the shield you put up, Jay-Jay?”

Jessie nodded once as his head swiveled to look between the door and the Andorian.  “You’ve got time, Thir.  Get the lock.”  The Indiana farm boy returned his focus to the door.

Nobody lifted his hands in the air in triumph.  “I’ve secured the data!” he proclaimed.  “We’ve established full control to the station!”  He whooped in celebration but it quickly died in his throat when the doors burst open.  He ducked quickly, reaching for his phaser.

Suave turned just enough to avoid the door before his body slid into position between Parv and the intruder.  His movements were quick as he snapped off two shots of the phaser rifle.  One shot struck the large creature in the chest and the second hit him between the eyes.  Rico stepped back to better cover the engineers and he nodded toward Jessup.  “Two more unless we can beam them out.”

“I got them!” Thiross assured.  “I’ve transported all enemy lifesigns to the brig.”

“Holy crap,” muttered Marielle softly to Gideon.  “Rico just-”  She turned to the security chief, unable to hide her laughter and her joy.  She turned to the group.  “Oh mes dieux!” she threw her PADD up into the air, not even caring that it fell with a clatter on the floor.  “Tu l’as fait!  Tu l’avez réellement fait!  (You did it!  You actually did it!)”

His hands clapped together once and he shouted in victory while he raised his fists high.  “Yes!  Great job, Rico!”  Gideon whooped before turning to pick up Marielle in a celebratory hug.  The security chief spun her around with his excitement.  “They did it!”

Parvenu moved quickly, rushing towards Rico and wrapping his arms around the Brazilian’s neck.  He planted a solid kiss on the junior security officer.  “My hero!”

Jessie grinned as he watched the two kiss.  He glanced toward the Andorian and raised his brows in suggestion.  The junior security officer pushed the phaser rifle to rest on his back and then lifted his arms toward her.

Thiross tackled Jessup.  Her body was simply a blue blur as she jumped over the console and body slammed into her new boyfriend.  “I forgive you for not saving my life,” she told him with a smile before her fingers disappeared into his hair and she pulled him into a kiss.

Once Gideon had stopped spinning and lowered her to the floor, the chief engineer blinked as she watched the pairs celebrate.  Her fingers curled into his uniform tunic.  “Did I miss something?” she asked softly.  “When did this happen?”

The security chief couldn’t help but chuckle as he nodded his head gently.  “After the chalet, the pheromones,” Gideon explained quietly.  His gaze never moved from the engineer as he waited with silent anticipation for his celebratory kiss.  His arms remained around the diminutive woman.

“Let’s go!” Jessie laughed as he pulled away from Thiross and grabbed her hand.  “Double date!  I’m buying!”

Rico smiled at Parvenu and nodded as his hands slid down the engineer’s shoulders.  “Yeah, let’s go.”  He took the man’s hand and winked.  “I have Gamma tonight, so we need to hurry.”

Parvenu paused before the two chiefs.  “Do we need to write up a report or anything, Ellie?”

Marielle blinked as her gaze fell to the couples, her eyes lingering on the joint hands.  She smiled warmly as she looked up and shook her head at the four junior officers.  “No-  You four have fun.  I want to chat with you and Thiross tomorrow though.  0800.  My office-  Well,  I suppose it’s not my office anymore.  Meet me in my quarters.”

Gideon leaned down and whispered into Marielle’s ear.  “Give them until 1000,” he suggested suggestively.

She giggled, nodding silently to her best friend’s words.  “You know what.  Let’s make it a lunch date?”  The chief engineer watched as the four disappeared behind the sliding doors.  There was a beat of silence before she found her voice.  “Wait.  Did Jessie just say double date?  So-  This is a-  They’re not just-  They’re actually dating?  Dating, dating.”

“Triple date?”  The Bajoran mix gently squeezed her sides.  His smile became impish and he raised a brow at the invitation.

She could only blink, unsure if she’d heard the words correctly.  Marielle laughed awkwardly as she rolled her eyes at him, her fingers releasing his tunic and her palms flattening on his chest.  The engineer pushed him back playfully as she laughed.  “That’s not funny, Gid.  Besides.  Do you really think they want to hang out with their bosses while they’re making kissy faces?”

‘How much more obvious do I have to be?’  Gideon raised his hands in surrender and shook his head.  “Did you really just picture Parv and Rico making out?”  The security chief raised his brows while he waited for the confirmation he knew was coming.

“No.  The idea of one of my favourite engineers making kissy faces while he’s sifting his fingers through Rico’s chest hair does not really appeal to my senses.”  She shuddered.  “All that hair.”

“Well, you’ve described it, so you must have thought it at one point.”  He smirked before he stepped back and bent at the waist to pick up the PADD that Marielle had dropped in her excitement.  “Do we want to have the others come through or just talk over the results over dinner?”  It wasn’t exactly a date because their dinners were an unspoken gathering after the simulations.

“Let’s have the others go through and then we can have dinner to discuss the results,” she answered easily as she took the tablet from him, her fingers brushing along his in the transfer.  “I think I have a fantastic bottle of champagne that we can pop open.”

“Come dici,” he murmured in agreement.  The security chief took his position next to her.  “Computer, reset simulation.”  Gideon picked up his tablet and glanced down at the PADD.  “Winnetka, Mccaslin, Eral, and Tasse are up.”  His shoulders tensed at the mention of the Orion and he grumbled to himself at the idea of being enclosed in the holodeck with the woman.  ‘Though maybe Marielle will get a whiff and I can kiss her neck again.’

“Well, I’d offer to fix the ventilation for the group, but they’re going to need to learn to work with her and she’s got to learn how to control her pheromones.”  Marielle’s hand came up to cover the side of her neck as she recalled the last time the Orion had been trapped in the holodeck.  A shiver moved through her.  ‘That was rather fun until the spell was broken.’  Her chin dipped as she pretended to read her PADD.  She bit back the giggle that wanted to tumble from her lips.  “Let’s get through this quickly.”

“Vorrei davvero che tu la trasferisca, (I really wish you’d just transfer her.)” Gideon murmured under his breath.  It had only been a few moments and his shoulders were already sore from the tension.  The chance at another stolen kiss was not enough of a payoff to keep the Orion on board.  He wondered briefly if the medical staff had anything that he could take to ward off the pheromones.  ‘It’s so stupid to be afraid of a woman.  But I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of what I would do if she cornered me.’  The security chief let his eyes roll up to the ceiling.  ‘Though if El continues to resist me-  No.’  He frowned to himself and lowered his gaze to the door of the control room while he waited for the next team to arrive.

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