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  Commander Yari Nazir, SD
USS Aldrin Sim Log - SD: 1707.24
Login Sim Log: USS Aldrin - 201707.24 USS Aldrin Log, SD: 201707.24
[22:00:22] M-5:     =/\=  USS Aldrin
[22:00:22]M-5:     =/\=  201707.24 2200:22 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:00:22]M-5:     =/\=  MB: MISSION BRIEF: EXTRICATION [Part 3 - Stardate 1707.23] at http://brd.sector001.com/161-861
[22:00:22]M-5:     =/\=  Present: M-5, Lt_Boerne, USFNazir, Cdr_Khevok, LeviVanVranken, LtCmdrDeniaud, DrErikVaeros, LtJg_Higgs, LtJg_NightWing
[22:00:29]LtCmdrDeniaud:       ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:00:35]Cdr_Khevok: :: @@ ::
[22:00:39]LtJg_Higgs: ::AA::
[22:00:39]Lt_Boerne: :: @@ ::
[22:00:46]DrErikVaeros: ::AA::
[22:01:00]LtJg_NightWing: ::AA::
[22:01:11]LeviVanVranken: ::smirks:: Who put the little girl in power?
[22:01:23]Cdr_Khevok: LOL
[22:01:31]LtJg_Higgs: you're unconscious, shh.
[22:01:37]USFNazir: ::he shrugs, leans against the wall, and crosses his arms across his chest::
[22:01:51]LtJg_NightWing: ;; gives Vranken a  knockout shot;;
[22:01:56]LtCmdrDeniaud: Good evening everyone.  How are we today?  How was your week?
[22:02:12]Cdr_Khevok: ~~~ LOL ~~~
[22:02:20]LtJg_NightWing: It would be  better if I could  get this chair fixed
[22:02:28]LtJg_Higgs: The week was alright. Didn't catch the Articuno from the pokemon raids, but oh well. Otherwise, working hard so in the end I can be happy hardly workin.
[22:03:29]LtCmdrDeniaud: Eep.  Well, it sounds like a mixture.  I hope you get comfortable soon Nightwing.
[22:03:42]LtCmdrDeniaud: A few of our friends are missing, but they assure me they'll be joining as soon as possible.
[22:03:59]LtCmdrDeniaud: Did everyone get a chance to read the mission brief?
[22:04:10]LtJg_Higgs: Briefly.
[22:04:18]--: CoffeeNinja (Mibbit@mib-F75D7F22.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:04:28]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::eyes CoffeeNinja::
[22:04:45]Cdr_Khevok: Yes.
[22:04:49]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::pokes and wonders if it is who she believes it to be::
[22:04:53]--: CoffeeNinja (Mibbit@mib-F75D7F22.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[22:04:55]LtJg_NightWing: yes
[22:05:32]LtCmdrDeniaud: Ah.  Sadly, it wasn't who I thought it was.  Any questions before we begin?
[22:05:47]LtJg_Higgs: I'm... mildly confused by what just happened
[22:05:55]LtCmdrDeniaud: Please explain?
[22:06:03]LtJg_Higgs: in PM's
[22:06:13]--: CoffeeNinja (Mibbit@mib-F75D7F22.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:06:47]LtJg_Higgs: No further questions.
[22:06:51]LtCmdrDeniaud: Seeing as there are no questions, let's get this show on the road.
[22:07:30]LtCmdrDeniaud: To recap, it's been 48 hours since infection.  USFNazir, Ambassador Naal, Lt. Elkhorn, and Levi VanVranken are isolated in the medical bay.
[22:08:05]LtCmdrDeniaud: With Agent Van Vranken separated from the other officers because he's a dangerous man.  He is in cuffs.
[22:08:16]LtCmdrDeniaud: It goes without saying, I am also isolated.
[22:09:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: Those infected are beginning the second stage of the virus.
[22:09:28]Cdr_Khevok: ~~~ Who just said that? ~~~
[22:09:54]LtCmdrDeniaud: If there are no other questions....
[22:10:27]Lt_Boerne: None
[22:10:37]LtCmdrDeniaud: =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:10:40]LtJg_NightWing: ;;in sickbay, working on engineering some nanites to counter any mutation in the virus and work on destroying the infective agents but not the ones afflicted with the  disease;;
[22:11:04]USFNazir: ::he is sitting on the biobed, pale in the face but otherwise still handsome and dashing::
[22:11:19]LeviVanVranken: ::same as Matty::
[22:11:33]LtJg_Higgs: ::As like Nightwing, She is working ona project as well, in this case genetic forecasting.::
[22:12:10]Lt_Boerne: :: In sickbay, assisting in any way she can ::
[22:12:14]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::lying down and hiding under the quilt Gideon had transported for her, curled up in the fetal position, coughing::
[22:12:15]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeping the sickbay labs in a  constant state  of decontamination to  prevent the escape of the virus to the rest  of the ship;;
[22:12:51]Lt_Boerne: :: Scanning through all well known and vaguely known medical entries in the computer ::
[22:13:11]DrErikVaeros: ::sitting in a chair just beyond the force field, close as possible, watching Ellie:: Come on Bright Eyes.  Why don't you drink some water? ::pointing to the glass by her bed::
[22:13:41]Cdr_Khevok: :: Stirring slightly, vaguely aware of multiple presences around him and him ::
[22:14:07]--: FstLtGideonSalieri (Mibbit@9F9A0059.FEDFDDDA.5B6D2CDB.IP) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:14:10]LtJg_Higgs: Cana, can you  adjust the diodes for a more cytoadenine heavy molecular two step change?
[22:14:21]--: LtRaynaElkhorn (Mibbit@9F9A0059.FEDFDDDA.5B6D2CDB.IP) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:14:31]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::glances at Higgs, nods, runs off to do as told::
[22:14:36]--: AmbCerseiNaal (Mibbit@9F9A0059.FEDFDDDA.5B6D2CDB.IP) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:15:28]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::peeks over the quilt and hazy emerald glances at Erik and shakes her head:: I don't want to.  ::coughs::
[22:15:28]LtJg_NightWing: ;;watches one of the nanites  chew up a virus nucleus before it can  mutate further and makes a  note of which  one that was;;
[22:15:50]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::on the bridge::
[22:15:57]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::cough, cough::
[22:16:13]LeviVanVranken: ::sitting on the biobed, glaring at Deniaud:: Hey.  Little girl.  Take these off me. ::cough cough::
[22:16:19]LtJg_Higgs: ::She takes a few notes, and sets up for a few more entries to calculate the projected changes. Observing the computer's accelerated calculations , she was in the process of eliminating unlikely strands of changes.::
[22:16:33]DrErikVaeros: ::lifts head and glares at the agent:: Shut your mouth. ::hisses::
[22:16:42]LtJg_Higgs: Ugh, almost there, I know it... I wish we had more time!
[22:16:44]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::rolls her eyes and shifts to her other side::
[22:16:50]LtJg_Higgs: Cana, bring the diode back a click.
[22:16:54]LtJg_NightWing: Riley, check what happens with Nanite batch 24987 and tell me if I'm dreaming
[22:17:08]USFNazir: ::he is quiet as he turns his attention to Erik::
[22:17:28]LtJg_Higgs: ::She all but ran to observe the batch Nightwing was looking at::
[22:17:37]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::nods to Higgs, moving the diode back::
[22:17:54]LtJg_NightWing: ;;sets  up another slide with the virus and the nanites;;
[22:17:54]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::chin dips as she starts coughing harshly::
[22:18:07]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::hiding her face under her blanket as she coughs, coughs, coughs and wheezes::
[22:18:08]LtJg_Higgs: Hrmm...
[22:18:19]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::just sent back a response to Starfleet HQ, reminding them that they have critical patients and can't be diverted from their trip back to Earth::
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[22:18:51]LtRaynaElkhorn: Now there's a fun one.  ::said to Nazir::
[22:19:03]LtJg_Higgs: That's good... how fast can we produce something like that though? We will need a few million to take care of everyone, no?
[22:19:23]USFNazir: ::he wearily looks at Rayna, taking big haggard breaths:: Yeah?  Better than me? ::he gives her a weak smile::
[22:19:33]Lt_Boerne: :: Looks at NightWing and Higgs :: SI may be able to help with the replication.
[22:19:39]LtJg_NightWing: I have about 15Bill ready  to  go in the replicator right  now
[22:19:41]DrErikVaeros: ::eye twitch::  Keep it in your pants!
[22:19:46]LtRaynaElkhorn: Oh, yeah.  ::smirking::
[22:20:02]USFNazir: ::he pouts and then looks at Erik:: No way.  He looks small.
[22:20:04]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::sees the others being sick, cough, cough::
[22:20:06]LtJg_Higgs: ::She steps back to briefly look at her current progress on her own front. Fifteen? How? Didn't you just create this batch?
[22:20:16]LtJg_Higgs: her own front:: *
[22:20:19]LtRaynaElkhorn: He has passion.
[22:20:22]USFNazir: ::he pinches his fingers together in show of what he means::
[22:20:33]DrErikVaeros: ::growling:: I ain't small!
[22:20:47]LtJg_NightWing: I had a batch ready  just needed to program in the lot number instructions
[22:20:52]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::glances at Erik with a 'don't kid yourself' look::
[22:21:06]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::the coughing grows more incessant, hiding her face under the quilt::
[22:21:20]AmbCerseiNaal: ::sitting on the edge of her biobed, being strong in order to watch K'hevok from behind the forcefield::
[22:21:43]LeviVanVranken: ::sighs and glares at Rayna and Matty, slides off the biobed and walks around his little makeshift cell::
[22:21:50]LeviVanVranken: ::leans against the walls and edges to keep from falling over::
[22:21:51]--: CoffeeNinja (Mibbit@mib-472BF7BE.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:21:52]LtJg_Higgs: Right, better be quick, and hope that none of the strand have mutated since your programming.
[22:22:05]LtRaynaElkhorn: At least you're bigger than Levi.  ::raises a brow and shrugs::
[22:22:17]LtJg_NightWing: I've also  programmed them to  mutate with the strains
[22:22:20]USFNazir: ::he snickers:: Everyone is bigger than Levi.
[22:22:38]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::hums softly and nods::
[22:22:39]DrErikVaeros: ::ignores the agents, instead watching Marielle, concern on his face:: Hey... Bright Eyes?
[22:23:15]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::peeks over her quilt and blood stains the covers::
[22:23:25]LtJg_NightWing: ;; gets into a glove suit and gets the  hypos ready and beamed in there for the ones in isolation;;
[22:23:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::She shook her head as the console beeped where she was working.:: To think this kind of virus exists... Wait a moment, I think we're onto something... Strains 326 and 128 have a 90% probability of leading into the next series of changes and mutations.
[22:24:12]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::the coughing fit grows louder and more severe::
[22:24:22]AmbCerseiNaal: ::blinks as she looks over at NightWing::
[22:24:40]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::glances back at the sound of laughing and moves into action:: Docs!  It's Ellie!
[22:25:22]LtJg_NightWing: ;; gives Marielle a large  dose of tri-ox as well as a  cough suppressant and something to help with the internal bleeding;;
[22:25:23]DrErikVaeros: ::chair slides back as he quickly stands:: Bright Eyes.  Hey.  Hey.  Breathe.
[22:25:41]USFNazir: ::he watches the engineer:: Shame.  I thought she'd last longer.
[22:25:43]LtJg_Higgs: Looks like... it's caught up to the current strain on 15 crossovers...This has to be it! Cana, I'll look at her soon, get back to the array, start producing the batches I give you and I need it yesterday!
[22:26:12]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::slides off the biobed, smacking Nazir on the shoulder as she walks over to Marielle::
[22:26:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::looks between the isolation area and Higgs, obviously conflicted, nods:: Okay.  Okay.  ::works over the samples::
[22:26:23]LtJg_NightWing: Riley  send it in here by transporter immediately  when you do
[22:26:25]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::oh, cough, cough::
[22:26:39]USFNazir: ::he chuckles:: It's still acceptable if her body is still warm!
[22:26:44]Lt_Boerne: :: Continues to scan through the medical records ::
[22:26:47]LtJg_Higgs: Doctor Nightwing has a plan that will at least slow it down if it doesn't stop the spread entirely, but this should be there for any missed mutations, and finish the job!
[22:27:02]LtCmdrDeniaud: (Eew)
[22:27:09]AmbCerseiNaal: ::rolls her eyes at Nazir::  
[22:27:32]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::groans as she rolls to her side, blood spilling from her lips through every cough::
[22:27:34]LtJg_Higgs: batch sample 1264 and 1342. Vial 1.
[22:27:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::She continues to read off a variety of numbers to Cana::
[22:27:51]Cdr_Khevok: :: His right hand moves slowly, making it's way to his left shoulder ::
[22:27:52]LtJg_NightWing: ;; gives everyone else tri-ox to help their breathing saving VanVranken for last
[22:28:12]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::grumbles at the hypo::
[22:28:13]LeviVanVranken: ::coughing blood, his body collapses to the ground::
[22:28:43]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::looks up from her microscope, handing vial one to Higgs:: What do you want me to do with 3 and 4?  They're reacting weird.
[22:28:43]Lt_Boerne: :: Starts coughing ::
[22:28:46]AmbCerseiNaal: ::glancing back at K'hevok, her eyes wide as she notices the subtle movement in his arm::
[22:28:57]LtJg_Higgs: How so?
[22:29:04]LtJg_NightWing: ;; gives  VanVranken  the coagulant  and cough suppressant;;
[22:29:47]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::moves to the side and allows Higgs to take  a look:: It appears as if the RNA is mutating to counter your attempts.
[22:29:50]Lt_Boerne: :: Takes a deep breath, clears her throat, and continues scanning the logs ::
[22:29:53]DrErikVaeros: ::looks worried::
[22:29:57]LtJg_Higgs: ::She accepts the first vial and shoves it into a hypo and places it onto a predesignated space for local transport.::
[22:30:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::glances back at Ellie and frowns as she considers calling Giddy::
[22:30:44]USFNazir: ::he stares at Marielle:: Hey.  Beautiful.  Don't die on us.  I've got questions and dinner planned.
[22:30:48]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looks at the microscope, and smirks.:: Aha. I see what you mean. Looks like we're going to add the forecast changers a little ahead of schedule.
[22:30:57]LtJg_NightWing: Riley try adding the nanites to the stuff you  have to see what happens
[22:31:05]AmbCerseiNaal: ::slides off the biobed, despite her weakness, and moves to the forcefield:: ~K'hev.~
[22:31:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::nods in appreciation to nightwing, but her coughing doesn't stop, her colour is practically gone::
[22:31:26]LtJg_Higgs: Mix it in, ratio of 4:5, favor to origin.
[22:31:35]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beep beep beep .... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp::
[22:31:40]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::running the ship, would be of no use in Sickbay::
[22:31:55]LtRaynaElkhorn: Hey Doc!
[22:32:08]LtJg_Higgs: Dammit! Doctor Nightwing, can you try to stabilize her! I'm almost ready! I need a few more seconds!
[22:32:11]LtJg_NightWing: ;; starts doing CPR on Elle immediately ;'
[22:32:28]LtCmdrDeniaud: (Sick doc!  That's against protocol lol)
[22:32:47]LtCmdrDeniaud: (All the bloody coughs lol)
[22:32:49]Lt_Boerne: :: Takes a PADD, copies some data to it, and takes it to NightWing ::
[22:33:17]AmbCerseiNaal: ::blinks as she glances toward Marielle, frowning at the sight of her:: ~Oh, K'hev.~
[22:33:22]Cdr_Khevok: :: His hand stops moving ::
[22:33:22]LtJg_Higgs: I want a metabolic stasis field on the other isolated members, slow them down as much as possible!
[22:33:38]LtJg_Higgs: Cana! How's that mixture coming?
[22:33:40]LtJg_NightWing: ;;is  busy  doing CPR  on Elle and using the medications  on  hand;; Take it to Riley
[22:34:11]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::nods, hands shaking as she attempts to get the mixture together:: It's- It's-  
[22:34:19]Cdr_Khevok: ~~~ Ce... ~~~
[22:34:24]LtJg_Higgs: Easy, trelax. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, Cana.
[22:34:45]Lt_Boerne: Aye.
[22:34:59]Lt_Boerne: :: Takes the PADD to Riley ::
[22:35:03]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps using the triox  on a  "continual drip" while she keeps the compressions  going and additional cardiac stimulants;;
[22:35:14]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::stands up from the chair and starts to pace the bridge::
[22:35:24]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looks over to look at the padd.:: You're going to have to read it to me, Beorne, My hands are not free.
[22:35:43]LtJg_Higgs: Cana, the vaccine?
[22:35:46]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::can do the mouth breathing part::
[22:36:00]Lt_Boerne: Yes sir.
[22:36:01]AmbCerseiNaal: ~K'hev!~  ::her mental voice cried with joy::
[22:36:09]LtJg_NightWing: ;;tries to send her  healing energy into Elle to help stabilize her;;
[22:36:15]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beeeeeeeeeeeep::
[22:36:43]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beeeeeeeeep beep beep (effects of healing energy) beeeeeeeeeeep::
[22:36:43]LtJg_Higgs: ::She's busy calibrating the auto injectors for exact ratios and quantities. Time wasn't favoring them.::
[22:36:47]LtJg_NightWing: Dammit Elle you're NOT going, Don't let  the bastard win
[22:36:58]LeviVanVranken: ::convulsing over here::
[22:37:09]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::no one gives a rat's behind::
[22:37:15]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps  pouring the energy  into her as best she can;;
[22:37:19]USFNazir: ::he looks at Levi and frowns:: Hey.  We need someone there!
[22:38:00]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::glances back at Ellie before looking at Higgs:: I've got L4 countering after the RNA changes.
[22:38:03]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps working qne
[22:38:04]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::has a Peterson moment and doesn't care::
[22:38:18]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> I don't-  I think this is the best we've got?
[22:38:27]LtJg_Higgs: Perfect. Send that data to the replicator, give me the vial, stat!
[22:38:31]DrErikVaeros: ::pulling out his hair:: Bright Eyes!
[22:38:31]LtRaynaElkhorn: He deserves it.
[22:38:51]LtJg_NightWing: and is  focused on her and keeping her  here;;
[22:38:51]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::oblivious::
[22:38:53]--: CoffeeNinja (Mibbit@mib-472BF7BE.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[22:38:57]USFNazir: ::he hisses in irritation:: He's got to pay.  Give him the antidote first
[22:39:12]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::takes in a breath finally, but it is weak and sad and pathetic::
[22:39:23]LtJg_Higgs: ::She shoves it into the autoinjector, and all but launches it into the transporter.:: Nightwing! Give this to her!!
[22:39:38]LtJg_NightWing: ;;adds  more tri-ox to the drip to help her breathing;;
[22:39:54]LtJg_Higgs: ::She sends it into the forcefield via local transport.::
[22:40:00]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gets  the  hypo and injects it into Elle;;
[22:40:11]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep  .... pause::
[22:40:24]DrErikVaeros: ::leaning against the force field, shimmer under her palms::
[22:40:31]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beep beep beep::
[22:40:42]LtJg_Higgs: Cana, replicate that data, and produce as much as you can. I only forecasted the mutations so far, I don't know how long before the virus surpassses it!
[22:40:52]LtJg_NightWing: ;;keeps sending her the healing energy;;
[22:40:54]Lt_Boerne: I found some information about a similar situation on Mu Maenali VII. Not exactly the same, but they had good results with the same procedure that Cana is...
[22:41:37]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> ::takes a breath and nods, moves towards the replicator:: Is it working?!
[22:41:51]Cdr_Khevok: :: His hand continues moving slowly toward his right shoulder, just above the collar bone ::
[22:42:02]LtJg_Higgs: We'll find out soon enough! If this doesn't work, nothing will, give me another vial!
[22:42:05]LtJg_NightWing: ;;is  keeping a running check on Elle through their link;;
[22:42:12]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::beep beep beep, takes a breath::
[22:42:21]LtJg_Higgs: Nightwing, incoming!
[22:42:44]LtJg_Higgs: ::Another local transport:
[22:42:50]LtJg_NightWing: ok two doses you guesstimate?
[22:43:02]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::shows signs of improvement::
[22:43:03]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gives Elle the second dose;;
[22:43:10]LeviVanVranken: ::ded::
[22:43:16]USFNazir: ::he curses:: Dammit!
[22:43:27]LtJg_Higgs: Do it. I'm sending more for the rest of the patients as well.
[22:43:39]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::breaths get stronger and stronger::
[22:43:47]AmbCerseiNaal: ::heavy coughing fit, collapsing onto the floor::
[22:43:47]LtJg_NightWing: get the other vials in here ASAP
[22:43:58]LtJg_Higgs: Cana, let's go, girl! You're gonna earn that leavetime today!
[22:44:04]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::dried blood; looks like the walking dead::
[22:44:09]Lt_Boerne: :: HOlds out her hands :: I'll help.
[22:44:27]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::whirls to face Cersei:: Hey, Doc!
[22:44:39]LtJg_NightWing: ;; gets the next two vials and pumps them into the Ambassador and  hands  the others to Boerne;;
[22:44:49]LtCmdrDeniaud: Cana> I'll take a damn shot.  ::moves quickly, watching the readings carefully as the virus seems to be permanently paused::
[22:44:50]AmbCerseiNaal: ~K'hev, wake up wake up.  I love you!~
[22:45:20]Lt_Boerne: :: Takes the vials and injects them into the patients ::
[22:45:30]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gets some washcloths and  starts  cleaning up Elle;;
[22:45:53]DrErikVaeros: ::collapses into his chair and groans in complaint::
[22:45:54]LtJg_Higgs: Doctor Nightwing, please let me know when all patients have been vaccinated and nanited?
[22:46:35]USFNazir: ::he collapses onto bed::
[22:46:38]Cdr_Khevok: :: His hand finally reaches it's destination, where it grips the point where his neck and shoulder meet, and he grips it in a Vulcan pinch ::
[22:47:10]Lt_Boerne: :: Takes a bio scanner and scans the patients ::
[22:47:18]LtJg_Higgs: Cana, replicate a large container. I'm going to ventilate it as a mist into the shielded off section to hopefully decontaminate that section of sickbay. By the end of the day, I want to make the forcefield irrelevant.
[22:47:18]LtJg_NightWing: will do  might want to give the whole crew   shots as well for vaccination purposes;; checks to make sure that everyone in Isolation was given the shots;;
[22:48:14]Lt_Boerne: :: Turns to Higgs and nods with a little smile :: It's working.
[22:48:29]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::thanks NightWing::
[22:48:44]LtJg_Higgs: Computer. Assess quarantined section of the sickbay. Scan for any traces of non-dormant viral RNA.
[22:48:47]Lt_Boerne: :: Nods to NightWIng ::
[22:49:16]LtJg_NightWing: ;;gets VanVranken's  body and shoves it  into a  hermetically sealing body bag for disposal;;
[22:49:27]FstLtGideonSalieri: # ::pacing the bridge, ladeda::
[22:49:28]LtCmdrDeniaud: =/\=      ACTION:  Computer: All traces of pathogen is dormant.      =/\=
[22:49:40]Cdr_Khevok: :: His body goes entirely limp, with no perceptible heartbeat or respiration ::
[22:49:41]LtJg_Higgs: ::She took a smile that turned into a grin, her eyes a little moist:: It is working.... Obrigado Deus, está funcionando ...
[22:49:53]USFNazir: ::he watches Nightwing, makes a mental note to retrieve the body before it is burnt::
[22:49:57]--: LeviVanVranken (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[22:50:10]AmbCerseiNaal: ::lifts her eyes and glances over to K'hevok's biobed::
[22:50:19]LtJg_NightWing: Thanks everyone , I don't know how many more we'd have lost without you
[22:50:24]AmbCerseiNaal: ~K'hev?~
[22:50:28]DrErikVaeros: ::glances at Khevok:: Hey!  We've got a problem here!
[22:50:46]DrErikVaeros: ::seeing that Ellie is okay, moves towards the commander's side:: Hey!  WRinkle face!  Wake up!
[22:50:57]LtJg_Higgs: ::She looked all happy and giddy and gleeful...until her eyes landed on VanVranken.::
[22:51:03]LtJg_NightWing: ;;looks over to Erik;; what's up now/
[22:51:18]LtJg_Higgs: Dammit...
[22:51:18]Cdr_Khevok: (( Wrinkle face LOL ))
[22:51:41]LtJg_NightWing: ((lol lobster head)
[22:51:42]AmbCerseiNaal: ( I snorted. )
[22:51:43]DrErikVaeros: ::grabbing a tricorder and runs it over Khevok::
[22:51:50]Cdr_Khevok: :: His eyelids flutter just slight enough to be noticed ::
[22:52:07]LtJg_Higgs: Okay. Everyone. Good work. Let's... yeah. Doctor Nightwing. Should we start getting things cleaned up?
[22:52:10]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::sits up, blood on uniform, but face cleaned thanks to NW::
[22:52:27]LtRaynaElkhorn: Yeah, can we get out of here?
[22:52:29]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::glances around weakly:: Augh.  What hit me?
[22:52:43]LtJg_NightWing: yes Riley and everything disinfected
[22:52:46]LtJg_Higgs: :::She walked softly towards the section the VanVranken was laying.:: We almost saved everyone...
[22:52:51]DrErikVaeros: ::uses his fingers to pry the commander's eyes open::
[22:52:57]LtJg_NightWing: that virus we were  out to fight
[22:53:15]DrErikVaeros: ::Looks at Khevok:: You in there grumpy face?
[22:53:52]LtJg_Higgs: Okay. Yeah let's... clean up. ::She began delegating nurses and other personnel for cleaning and other tasks.::
[22:54:32]LtJg_NightWing: Elle you and everyone else on your  little side trip are  still to be quarantined  for a few  more  days
[22:54:37]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::watches the medical team::
[22:54:41]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::whines:: Noooo.
[22:54:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: I just want to go home.
[22:54:56]LtJg_Higgs: ::Finally, she walked over to the forcefield.:: Hey... So, if it's alright, I'd like to leave the field up for a short while. As Nightwing said, for observational purposes...
[22:55:19]LtCmdrDeniaud: ::pouts but understands:: Twenty-four hours?
[22:55:19]AmbCerseiNaal: He's okay!  It's a Vulcan thing!  ::resting her hands on the forcefield after standing::
[22:55:26]LtJg_NightWing: I'll tell Gideon to come down and  keep you company
[22:55:31]DrErikVaeros: ::glances back at Cersei::
[22:55:48]FstLtGideonSalieri: ( Thanks, Night. )
[22:56:06]LtJg_Higgs: I understand your lament, Commander, but until we can be completely certain... If I may ask, now that the crisis is over... Who is the person you brought with you? ::She points to Nazir::
[22:56:09]DrErikVaeros: ::releases hold of Khevok so he can do his vulcan voodoo::
[22:56:11]LtJg_NightWing: 96 I WAS thinking a week
[22:56:27]AmbCerseiNaal: ::slow nod, pained to see him in the trance, but knows that he is doing what he can to heal himself::
[22:56:38]USFNazir: ::he sits up and looks at Higgs:: Hello tall dark and beautiful.
[22:57:05]LtJg_Higgs: ::For a moment she glances at Nazir, and then proceeds to turn her attention back to Ellie.::
[22:57:22]USFNazir: ::he looks at Higgs from toe to head and head to toe:: Oh you've crushed my heart, baby.
[22:57:36]LtCmdrDeniaud: Uh.  That seems excessive doc.
[22:57:41]LtCmdrDeniaud: Forty-eight?
[22:57:50]LtRaynaElkhorn: It does, Doctor.  I like twenty-four.
[22:57:57]USFNazir: ::he looks at Nightwing:: I could have the both of you.  Dinner?
[22:58:00]LtJg_NightWing: I think we can agree on that
[22:58:12]LtJg_Higgs: ::She smirks, looking to Nazir:: Oh, crushed your heart did I? Shame, suppose that means I should put you under and perform an overly invasive surgery, no?
[22:58:29]USFNazir: ::he grins at Higgs:: Be as invasive with me, beautiful.
[22:58:48]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::blinks and glances between Nazir and Higgs::
[22:58:50]Cdr_Khevok: :: He moves his lips slightly ::
[22:58:53]LtJg_Higgs: Oh, you should be warned, I don't like to use aneasthesia.
[22:59:05]LtRaynaElkhorn: And rusty spoons, right?
[22:59:15]LtJg_NightWing: Riley what about  those fifteen boyfriends of yours back  on Risa?
[22:59:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[22:59:29]LtJg_NightWing: ;;paused;;
[22:59:41]LtRaynaElkhorn: ( Why yes.  What about those fifteen boyfriends? )
[22:59:43]LtJg_Higgs: ::She taps her artificial leg.:: You don't want to play my games. People lose things.::
[22:59:46]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::pause::
[22:59:50]LtJg_Higgs: ::Paused::
[22:59:55]LtJg_Higgs: what boyfriends?
[22:59:59]LtCmdrDeniaud: So -SO- happy I paused where I did.
[23:00:05]Cdr_Khevok: ::Paused ::
[23:00:15]Lt_Boerne: ::Paused ::
[23:00:19]LtCmdrDeniaud: Thank you everyone for a great plot.
[23:01:12]FstLtGideonSalieri: ::claps::
[23:01:15]FstLtGideonSalieri: Well done.
[23:01:31]LtJg_Higgs: So this was awesome. Go med team!
[23:01:40]LtJg_NightWing: by the way Elle, You, Rayna, Boerne and Cersei are  off duty for the next week
[23:01:45]LtCmdrDeniaud: Time between sims is 19 days.  We'll be on Earth.
[23:01:52]LtRaynaElkhorn: A week!!?
[23:02:04]LtJg_Higgs: Whelp. Doctor's orders, you heard the lady.
[23:02:40]LtCmdrDeniaud: Before we break for the week.
[23:02:42]LtRaynaElkhorn: ::has a mild mental breakdown::  Ugh, a week.
[23:02:53]LtCmdrDeniaud: I wanted to say a special thanks to Nightwing and Higgs.  Great job on those duty logs.
[23:02:59]LtJg_Higgs: we'll bring your board games.
[23:03:02]LtCmdrDeniaud: Thumbs up, you two!
[23:03:06]LtJg_NightWing: you're welcome
[23:03:16]LtJg_Higgs: =D Nightwing, I did like that log. Good job!
[23:03:23]LtJg_NightWing: thanks
[23:04:04]LtCmdrDeniaud: THere will be a number of logs heading out in the next 7 days.
[23:04:21]LtCmdrDeniaud: There will only be one that requires your attention.  As it deals with the command staff of the Aldrin.
[23:04:35]LtCmdrDeniaud: Starting next week, two others will be taking charge.
[23:05:07]LtCmdrDeniaud: Any questions?
[23:05:15]LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[23:05:18]--: DrErikVaeros (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[23:05:22]LtCmdrDeniaud: Yes, Nightwing?
[23:06:27]LtJg_NightWing: more of a comment than a question. I'd like to  praise  my colleagues on the Medical and Science teams for helping find the answers to this plague. I couldn't have done it alone
[23:06:33]LtCmdrDeniaud: Here here.
[23:06:37]LtJg_Higgs: ::RH::
[23:06:42]LtCmdrDeniaud: Yes, Higgs?
[23:06:55]AmbCerseiNaal: ::claps for the medical and science teams::
[23:07:20]LtJg_Higgs: I would like to extend apologies to Doctor Nightwing. This is her medical bay. I kinda... took over today and barked out orders and stuff. For that, I apologize for overstepping your command of the bay.
[23:07:34]LtCmdrDeniaud: Sounds like a great log in the making.
[23:07:35]LtCmdrDeniaud: ;)
[23:07:45]LtJg_Higgs: Actually...
[23:07:48]LtCmdrDeniaud: With that said.
[23:07:49]LtCmdrDeniaud: !sim off USS_Aldrin
[23:07:49]M-5:     =/\=   USS Aldrin - 201707.24 2307:49
[23:07:49]M-5:     =/\=   Log  Closed

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