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  First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud, SD
Unpleasant Surprise. DL by FstLt G Salieri
Login ( Many thanks to Marielle Deniaud for assisting with NPC Ryan Winnetka. )

DL - Salieri/Deniaud (writing as NPC)
SD 201707.12
Unpleasant Surprise

After the first four hours planetside, Gideon had gotten in contact with the Aldrin to start setting up a change in shifts.  It was apparent that they were going to be on Barat II for quite a while and he needed to be on board the properly warn the next wave of officers about the Cardassians.  He was transported onto the Aldrin, with Jonathan Battey taking his place on the surface.  The hard switch in shifts wouldn’t take place for another four hours.  He received an update once he stepped onto the bridge and was surprised to see that Lieutenant Elkhorn was not at Operations.  The Bajoran mix pushed aside the thought and kept Lieutenant junior grade Ryan Winnetka in charge so that he could focus on assigning his officers to the next shift.

The Chicago native nodded in greeting as Gideon made his way towards the tactical station.  “How is it down there?” he asked softly.

The security chief glanced around the bridge and cleared his throat quietly before responding to Ryan in the same hushed tone.  “Looks pretty bad.  It’s a really nasty virus.  Haz mat suits were definitely necessary.”  Gideon paused before looking up from the console.  “You okay to take a double to stay up here?”

Winnetka nodded and he glanced around the bridge.  “Is Ellie okay with you pulling a double to go back down there?”

He blinked and furrowed his brows as he gave the Chicago native a sideways glance.  “I hadn’t intended to ask her permission,” Gideon grumbled.  “You think she’s that much of a stickler for the rules?”

He raised a brow.  “Prim and proper Ellie?”  Winnetka glanced at the chair.  “I mean.  If it wasn’t her in the chair, you’d inform the captain or commander, right?”

The security chief shrugged a shoulder as he raised a hand to wave dismissively.  “Commander K’hevok told me to stop asking after the second week.”  Gideon averted his gaze back to the console.  Ryan knew that he tended to work more to keep himself occupied.

He nodded quietly and glanced around quickly.  “Well, you should at least tell her,” he paused, “as a friend so that way I don’t have to deal with her worrying about you.”  Winnetka grinned knowingly.  “She should be back on the shift change, so she’ll notice if you’re not here.”

Gideon blinked and raised his brows as he lifted his eyes from the console.  “She returned over three hours ago.”  His body tensed but somehow he managed to stay in place.  His fingers moved over the console without him even having to think of it.  Cobalt looked down at the display and he saw that Marielle was not on board the Aldrin.  “Uh,” he breathed in confusion.  He tapped onto the glossy surface again to get another listing of the officers not on board the Aldrin.  Aside from the members of the away team, there were three names.  Ambassador Cersei Naal, Lieutenant Rayna Elkhorn, and Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniuad.  The security chief blinked again and his brows furrowed.  He began to type more commands into the console.

Winnetka watched his superior officer and he glanced down at the console.  “What is it?” he asked quietly.

“They’re missing from internal sensors,” he murmured to keep his voice low.  He dropped his elbows onto the console and lowered his head into his hands as he pulled his fingers through his hair.  Gideon grumbled quietly.

“Missing from the sensors?  How are they missing from the sensors?”  Ryan frowned and he looked down at the scrolling information.  “Maybe they just went back down to the surface to help without you realizing it?”  He glanced around and cleared his throat.  “I think that means you’re in charge of the Aldrin at the moment.”

“Yeah, so I give myself permission to pull a double.  Get your butt up here and start looking for them.”  The security chief shook his head and straightened as he moved around to take over the big chair.  He immediately pulled up the information he’d been looking over onto the arm console.  “Check transporter logs for anything out of the ordinary,” he ordered without looking back at his junior officer.

The Chicago native couldn’t help but smirk as he looked at Gideon.  His chin dropped as he began to type in the proper commands in efforts of finding the women.  He furrowed his brow.  “The internal sensors seem to think they transported down to the surface, but I can’t locate them on the planet.”  Winnetka frowned, his brows furrowed in confusion.  His hands moved quickly over the screen.  “There’s no record of the transport coordinates or anything.”

“Start scanning from the settlement and ring outward.  There must be some trace of them.”  The security chief frowned as he continued to look over the information on the arm console.  He sighed as he could only confirm Ryan’s information.  ‘Where did you go?  Why did you go without saying anything?  This is beyond overprotectiveness.  What are you doing, El?’  Gideon frowned as he rubbed his hand over his jaw.  Cobalt irises remained fixated on the display and the chatter on the bridge failed to reach him.

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