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  Captain Dion Xiaoyen, SD
Captain's Log Stardate 201704.17
Captain's Log
Captain Dion Xiaoyen
Commanding Officer, USS Aldrin
Stardate 201704.17

           Begin Captain's Log,

                 I've had Salieri monitor the progress of the away team. Contact has been very minimal obviously because of the conditions I've been told about on the planet below. I've been looking at my own scans on my console to make sure I also have for my own edification what we should know about what's out there at this time. The away team hasn't reported in at their latest check in time. However, I told Salieri we should remain quiet at this time and not press. There are times where the away teams of Starfleet crews get held up to the point where they can't report on schedule all the time. Plus once again it's an under-industrialized planet. Surely there will be all kinds of eyes on the crew. I just hope that they don't catch them in any ritualistic mess like for example since Boerne and Elkhorn said they're roughly circa 1600's Earth? I remember in my Earth history class, there was a lot of talk of witchcraft and accusations regarding stupid mess like that. If they're down there and get caught up without us knowing what's going on for some reason, we're in trouble. However, I've served with K'hevok in the past. He's someone I know won't let me down. None of the crew on the away team will, I'm sure of it, and to speak deductively, if Deniaud is the target of their pursuits for some reason, I'm sure they wouldn't harm her, especially since they went through so much trouble to get her there. We'll see I guess.

End Log
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