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  First Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud, SD
[DL-1704.17] Fst. Lieutenant Deniaud, Mariëlle A.
Login First Lieutenant Deniaud, Mariëlle A.
Assistant Chief of Engineering, USS Aldrin NCC 65358-B
Duty Report File No.: 022307-MAD-00034
Stardate: 1704.17

I meandered through the alien settlement alone - or as alone as I could be considering my security detail - while the inhabitants of the planet entertained our away team. Lieutenant junior grade Ryan Winnetka remained by my side. Ever present. Ever watchful. I couldn’t even command him to keep at a greater distance.

In my irritation, I found my way into a building and it turned out to be the settlement’s religious structure. The church was simple. Within a few minutes, I was approached by two men in robes and I was informed that they were waiting for me and they later addressed me by name. Lieutenant Winnetka attempted to have me return to the away team, but I needed to know why Dylan was reaching out to me. Since we entered the church, I hadn’t heard his voice. One of the figures appeared surprised that I was willing to accompany them.

I attempted to command the security officer to return to the away team, but he declined. When the lieutenant attempted to reach for his phaser, the hooded religious authorities moved into action and was able subdue Mr. Winnetka with a touch of his hidden weapon.

More of the hooded men appeared and they carried Lieutenant WInnetka while I was led outside through a back entrance. We moved deeper into the forest and directed to a door. I watched the figure type in a sequence of code into a hidden panel on a large tree. Within seconds, a door appeared and I followed them down the spiraling staircase. The journey was long and mostly silent.

I was told that I could remove the prosthetics that gave me the native’s appearance. It was a great relief to pull my hair down from its insane beehive hairstyle and to remove the detailing that made me look like a villain from a fairy tale. It was a relief to look human despite my copper-red complexion.

Eventually, we entered a large room with a large wall that was painted with a beautiful mural, the story foreign to me. Still incapacitated, Lieutenant Winnetka was left to one corner. One of the hooded figures informed me that the mural depicted my arrival. When I asked for an explanation, he began to explain the images. He indicated to his deity - a bright light - and his “other half” - another bright light. He moved to an archaic depiction of a female - one that did look oddly like me - and indicated that the other bright light had essentially taken humanoid form.

It seems they believe that I am this- This physical manifestation of their god’s other half.

Before I could ask for more of an explanation, his voice filled the room and it certainly wasn’t in my head.

End log.
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