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  Ensign Riley Higgs, SD
Duty Log - Higgs - Observations

Duty Log - Ensign Riley D. Higgs

Stardate 1704.18


A curious folk, these people. Red skinned like lobsters, wild hair, yet they have a wonderful sense of etiquette. Very religious, to the point of zealotry, to which even a few of their members seem to be ranked as such. In fact, one of them I believe, Izan was his name? One of them lead us in prayer during a rather hearty meal. I'm not sure how I feel about so audibly joining them in their prayer in a religion I am not wholly familiar with, to a god I know nothing about.

The food is wonderful, however, and fully flavorful and fresh. Vegetables mostly, much like a hearty salad, though the flavor is a fair bit different than what I would experience in human cuisine. A cursory check with the tricorder did in fact verify that the meal was edible for us among the Aldrin crew. A good thing too, as it might seem poor conduct to not engage in the meal that these people had so joyfully constructed and given for their celebration.

A few things do concern me, however. I've been keeping my eyes on Lieutenant Deniaud, as her interactions with something unseen and unheard by literally everyone else have me and a number of other individuals worried for her. From what I've gathered, she's a brilliant engineer. It'd be a shame to lose her to a mental disorder. Unfortunately, it appears to be something we can't even diagnose properly, as scans only reveal activity in her brain, but do not give any indication whatsoever as to what it is, or it's source. Speaking of Deniaud, I haven't seen her for a time…… I should look for her when I get a chance.

Further, Ambassador Cersei came down with a tremendous coughing fit to which I am attempting to gain the ability to examine her. What is stopping me are these people and their…… well, zealotry. Their healer, a Shaman, is one whom they obviously have great respect and admiration for. But unless I can find a way to politely prove that his assistance is not needed, I fear that our cover could potentially be at at risk.

I am working on a plan. I simply require a little time, if needed, to prove that I understand the herbology and medicinal ways better. For that, I hope to have the chance to hunt for some herbs, alone. My tricorder will grant me much favor with this. I just require some time.

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